More Than Men

My friends, the purpose and meaning of life are no longer hidden from you, and you know why you should follow the way of good rather than the way of evil. Every restraint and restriction, every responsibility, every duty and obligation, however obscure the purpose, are imposed with one end in view, your own ultimate benefit and good. Everything unnecessary or purposeless has been winnowed away and only the sustaining grains remain, nothing not worthwhile has been kept.

Yet there is another reason for following this path, for, by refining and strengthening the soulspirit and awakening all its latent powers each man is potentially a Mangod. He is no longer restricted to this sphere and can even contact Great Beings beyond the mountain, and from them learn the truth.

Life itself is real, but as expressed in the Sphere of Matter and Mortality it is little more than an illusion. The true being lives elsewhere, and where it lives man awakes to eternity, the illusion vanishes and he is confronted with the real. In this sphere man dwells in bondage to a belief in the reality of the illusion, he is attached to passing shadows, he seeks to grasp something of substance in a place where nothing is true, substantial and unchanging. Grind a stone to powder and the powder to a powder of powder, and in the end you will have something tangible. Such is the basis of this unsubstantial place.

My friends, you know too well how few soulspirits are awakened from their slumber on the soft couches of agnosia. Of those who do wake to consciousness are some who did so quickly and lovingly embrace the Great Light. They seek diligently and carefully for the tree of love and eagerly eat its nourishing fruit; those are the noble soulspirits, the truly illuminated among men. A ray of light from the Sphere of The Holy Spirit pours the vigour of renewed spiritual life into them, and they become more than men.

~from “The Book of Lucius,” chapter fourteen: “The Last Forest Teachings”
~”The Book of Lucius” exists only in printed and bound versions of “The Kolbrin”

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