To cast aside the words of experience which guided the Ancients is foolhardy and an invitation to calamity. Therefore, immerse yourself in the writings of the past as in cool waters at the heat of the day, and your spirit will emerge refreshed and strengthened. They will be a steadying oar enabling the vessel of your heart’s desire to alter course and wear against the winds of adversity without capsizing.


The sun is not God, though His creation, for its brightness bestows light and life upon the Earth. It gives warmth to the aged and quickens the child in its mother’s womb. It nourishes the seed and calls forth the green growth. It is the instrument of the High God, His furnace-fire of life. The sun is removed from man at night time, but the True God is always with him. Man never walks alone, he is never unescorted.


Each man’s life should leave its impress on Earth, and each man should depart a better man for having lived. Repine not for lost opportunities, for opportunity does not perish at death. Do your best here and you will do better elsewhere. Be wise here and you will be wiser in another place.


Life is not of the Earth, though is appears thereon. It remains not with the body at death, for it accompanies the soul into the journey beyond the Grim Portal. Death is but the termination of life’s association with the mortal body. The last drawn breath on Earth is a farewell.

Life passes from Earth through the Portal of Death into the existence beyond. Therefore, it is said that the life of man is everlastingly indestructible.

Life alone exists in both spheres but life on Earth is inconsistent. Life is a dancing girl.

~from “The Third Book of the Great Book of the Sons of Fire” within “The Kolbrin”

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