Suffering and affliction are unavoidable if man is to develop into the godlike being intended. He must grow spiritually strong, possessing both courage and compassion, and to do this he cannot be protected from suffering and affliction. Can the over-sheltered plant kept indoors withstand either the sun’s heat or the windy blast? Compassion was awakened in the heart of man only through suffering, and the noble qualities of courage and dedication were roused only through affliction. Those who, in the past, bore their suffering with fortitude became uplifting examples to their fellowmen.

However, it must be remembered that pain and suffering do not, of themselves, develop spirituality. They are not so important, but what is important is the manner in which they are endured, the spirited rising to the challenge and the courageous conquest. The suffering of each man should be an offering dedicated to the uplifting of mankind.

~from “The Book of Wisdom” within “The Kolbrin”

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