Truth is not a quality of Earth but an infusion from the Greater Region beyond the veil, where Truth is manifested in purity. Here on Earth things do not disclose their true nature to the eye, for the things we see with the eye are as the eye sees them, and not as they are in reality and Truth. The eye is a poor interpreter of reality.

To attain Truth man must reach out beyond Earth and himself. While he remains bound to Earth he may perceive the light of Truth only dimly in its reflection from the source afar.

Nevertheless, to strive for Truth must be one of the main aims of life. Therefore, Earth, the wise instructress, teaches man the nature of deceit and places it all about him, that he may observe its ways and learn to distinguish its illusions. It is in the nature of a game wherein man tries to discover what is reality, so far with little success. For the road to Truth lies through the thick forests of illusion and across the wide wastelands of deceit.

~from chapter 34 of “The Book of Morals and Precepts” within “The Kolbrin”

On June 23, 2016, humanity traveled through “the thick forests of illusion and across the wide wastelands of deceit,” carried by the hearts and determination of our sisters and brothers in the UK who have voted to leave the European Union. To our sisters and brothers in the UK: all of humanity thanks you.

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