We’re Going Home

Many light years away from this planet are so many more planets. In every dimension lies millions and millions of planets. There lie so many higher civilizations.

Indeed, they are in many forms and sizes; they are all humans.

While we are proud to be ourselves for what we are and what humans have achieved, many of their invented spacecrafts for personal transportation travel 10 million miles per hour in earth time counting.

But many are advanced spacecraft that travel in a speed of light that are used for long distance purposes.

Many also from those higher civilizations had been in war just like here on earth but that was millions of years ago as a part of their histories. They are now in a higher level of understanding and there are so many of them.

As part of their goal; invention, sharing of knowledge and most of all, they all realize the power of Creation as a source of all life and they respect all life in the Universes and their intention is for the good of all living beings anywhere and everywhere they go.

Not every solar system works in the same way. Many work in many secrets. Many solar systems also don’t need suns and moons for they are designed in many ways.

In every solar system there are guards. They call themselves the Celestial Sons.


There are so many of the them guarding the secrets and many more secrets of the Universes and Galaxies but welcome all humans who begin to realize the light within them as a part of Creation.

Don’t you feel that you’re going home soon?

~excerpts from Albert and the Celestial Sons

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