Wisdom Of The Ancient Masters

Man does not fall into sin, nor lose his soul (solar spark).

In the upper half (Heaven) of the Circle, man is invisible Spirit. In the lower half (Earth) he is vested, robed in a carnal body, thus corresponding with his environment.

He now becomes “lost” in the physical world of change on the tempestuous “Sea of Illusion,” across which he must sail…

The Masters taught that birth in the physical world is the descent of Spirit into Matter; and that death in the physical world is Birth in the Spiritual World, the Born Again process, the return to man’s original status…


The Masters fabulized Incarnation as death and burial of Spirit in Matter. They said, “The Soul becomes ‘cribbed, cabined and confined’ in the limitations of the carnal body, as it loses a dimension of Consciousness at each step on the descending path. It becomes bound in the sensual and palpable, after previously having had the power to range at will throughout limitless space and Universal Thought.”

According to the Masters, when the Spirit descends into its physical temple, on its approach and at the moment of its divulsion from its celestial abode, there ensues an intermediate or preparatory stage, a diminution of Consciousness, termed a swoon.

In the “Tibetan Book of the Dead,” a rare work which the church failed to find and destroy, the celestial body is represented as retrograding step by step into the lower state of Consciousness. Each step downward to incarnation is preceded by a swooning into unconsciousness. This swooning on the descent, from the upper (Heaven) to the lower (Earth) part of the Circle, is comparable to falling asleep.


According to the Masters, incarceration of Cosmic Spirit in the Terrestrial Cross (human body) is the process that forms and fixes as an eternal entity, the Individual Consciousness of each person on the Astral Plane.

That is the purpose of living. That is the reason why man comes into being. That is the Cosmic Process by which Individuality comes out of Universality.

The Masters taught that, as a rule, seven such incarnations are required to accomplish that definite state of Eternal, Individual Consciousness.


The Masters strove for such perfection of Mental Powers in the primary incarnation, that subsequent incarcerations of the Cosmic Spirit in Matter were unnecessary.

~from “Mystery Man of the Bible” by Hilton Hotema

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