One With Divinity

The subconscious mind or self is man’s storehouse of memory. It contains a perfect account of all his experiences and embodies all the history of his consciousness. From the time that man as a spirit was projected from the Godhead this subconscious self has kept his records. Man is today the sum total of those experiences. It is the formative side of his personality, molding his lives according to the directions given by the conscious mind.

The superconscious mind or self is the highest portion of man, for it is the eternal spark of the Divine. It is the spirit enlightener within man, which is his true conscience or guide. When the other two phases of mind, the conscious and subconscious, are in perfect attunement and harmony with this mind, man is master of himself and his conditions. This portion of mind in man is One with Divinity…

~from “Researches In Reincarnation and Beyond” by A.R. Martin

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