The Mother Church, born in darkness, developed in the blood of millions of innocent victims who refused to embrace its false dogma, sustained by instilling the fear of death into the mind of the masses, beholds the brilliant reflection of the Golden Dawn and trembles.

For the sign of the approach of the Golden Dawn heralds the revival of the lost Wisdom of the Ancient Magi, which informs man of the mysteries of Creation that will liberate his mind from the fear of death.


The Lost Wisdom taught man that he is Life, and that Life had no beginning and has no ending. The condition called death pertains only to the body and not to Life. And the body was never alive. It was only the mechanism used by Life to perform its regular duties in the visible world according to the laws of Creation.

THERE IS NO DEATH. The condition called death is the regular creative process that releases the Eternal Ego from its earthly prison. This process is a change that is not understood by man, due to false teaching of the Church, designed to keep man in darkness and ignorance. The Apostle Paul clearly expounded this baffling secret in these words:

“Behold, I show you a mystery: We shall not sleep (in death), but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump.” (1 Cor. 15:51, 52).     _ ;)_

What Paul called change is the liberation of the Divine Ego from its earthly prison, so it can return to its heavenly home. And so Death, when correctly understood, is a blessing, not a curse, and was so regarded by the Ancient Magi.

The Gnostic poet Phocylides declared that, “After we have left our earthly prison we shall be gods, for in us dwell immortal and incorruptible souls.”

A tomb inscription at Petilia, in Italy, which dates back to Fourth Century B.C., said: “It is a glorious mystery which comes to us from the blessed gods; for us mortals, death is not an evil but a good.”

Theognia asserted: “Life in the flesh is but deception and misery.”

Sophocles stated: “The first good thing is to be born, and the second is to die as soon as possible.”

The ancient philosopher Cleombrotus, of Ambracia, threw himself from a tower, that with a single leap he might return to his heavenly home.

Hegasias of Cyrene, surnamed Peisithanates (he who advocates death as a blessing), made a business of teaching that Death is far better than Life. His disciples killed themselves in such numbers that Ptolemy Philadelphus closed his school and banned him from teaching in Alexandria.

~from “The Golden Dawn” by Hilton Hotema
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