Crescent Moon And Star, Ever-Burning Lamp


Crop circle appeared 8 July 2016 adjacent to Stonehenge. Thanks to Hugh Newman for sharing this photo on the web.

“The 7-pointed star (also called the Fairy or Elven Star) represents the Pleiadian Star System, known as the Seven Sisters, & was named after the daughters of Atlas & Pleione. According to Greek mythology, Orion the hunter fell in love with the sisters & their mother. He pursued them relentlessly for seven years trying to win their affections. Eventually, the god Zeus intervened & transformed the seven sisters into doves to help them escape from Orion’s advances. The doves flew into the sky to become the stars we see today. The word “Pleiades” in Greek means “doves.” This mystical star system has been revered throughout antiquity, & has been called the center of the Universe, the seat of immortality, & the home of the Divine.”

Since ancient times, the symbol of a crescent moon and star has been used. Long ago, the Greeks used it to represent the goddess Diana.

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