Man’s state of Consciousness can be no better than the state of his body.

Man’s body, serving as radio and television on the physical plane, is composed of trillions of cells, each cell being composed of millions of atoms, and each atom a miniature solar system, with “planets” in the form of electrons and protons, revolving at tremendous speed round a common center of attraction, the nucleus.

Each atom and each cell in the body is Intelligized by Cosmic Consciousness and Vitalized by Cosmic Force. Through the Infinite Atom man’s Consciousness comes directly from the Cosmic Source, and is limited by his limited capacity to receive and express it.

This is the Secret Power, almost unknown, which rules men and arranges them in many classes, from the highest to the lowest. Those of each class manifest a state of Intelligence according to the condition of their body, the radio. The better the body’s condition, the greater the Intelligence it will manifest. There is no known way to put much Intelligence into the degenerate brain of a dunce.

There in a nutshell is the secret why certain men possess greater powers of Consciousness than others do. It is not a question of attuning ourselves to the “Wisdom of the Ages,” as stated by the advertisements in the magazines, but of improving the state of the body, the instrument of reception and manifestation.

~from “Ancient Secret of Personal Power: Tetragrammaton” by Hilton Hotema

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