To my sisters and brothers around the world:

The artwork that’s archived on this blog is valuable beyond measure. Within each of Valiant’s creations lives an incredible spiritual power that transcends the lower dimensional realms and reaches back to our heavenly home. It was designed by angels.

Valiant’s artwork transmutes dark energy into energy of light. It repels evil. It provides angelic protection. Wickedness cannot exist in its presence. It brings solitude.

And it was meant to be shared with all of humanity to help us in our efforts to return light to such a dark place.

Please, print as many copies of the artwork that you may like and spread them around. Hang copies on your refrigerators, lockers, mirrors, bulletin boards, car windows, telephone poles, work identification cards… anywhere you might feel to be an appropriate place. If you wish, test the artwork. Show a printed copy to a known dark individual and witness the results.

As all of you know very well, the age in which we live is coming to an end and our transition back to the higher dimensions can be made much smoother if we use the gifts from Heaven that have been given to us.

So, please, if you can: print!

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