To the watchers:

Now that I have your attention, let me tell ya something, you bunch of goofballs, you better damn well start turning this thing around. You’ve had centuries of time in order to fix this mess and here we are, in 2017, and what do we have? Nada. Zilch. Bupkis.

You think the Council is oblivious to what’s going on? Please…

(Like I said before, the Council’s patience has grown very thin and they’re NOT happy.)

When this nightmare is over, and, yes, it will come to an end, whether you think so or not, there aren’t very many people who know what’s gonna happen to you but I do, and it ain’t gonna be pretty. Need I remind you of what the Antient Matron said? “’Tis well if he may save his skin…”

And Ceres, dear God in Heaven!, why you chose to hitch your wagon to his star, I’ll never understand but at least you’ve remained sane (or relatively so) throughout the ages. Without you, there’s no telling where in hell we would be. Same goes for you, too, Elizabeth, wherever you are. Only a heroine of the highest order would do what you did.

My initial reflections upon your lives here, Ceres and Elizabeth, were shallow and didn’t have a deep, supporting base of knowledge of your incarnations, so a strike-through of the above comments is in order. I spoke prematurely and shouldn’t have. You’re not heroines. Neither of you. You’re beings who are intervening in something when you shouldn’t be. Not to worry, however. The Eyes of Truth have seen all you’ve done.

So, the clock keeps on ticking, but it ain’t gonna tick forever. Capice?

(By the way, Ceres, I forgot to mention… your daughter, Alexandrina, is beautiful. She’s talented, creative, intelligent, compassionate and has the voice of an angel. And… she looks just like her momma. You should be proud of her. I hope you are and I also hope she chooses a path that’s entirely different from the one you’ve chosen.)

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