“I should really ask many questions,” Rasshiah said. “Particularly since you seem to know of her so well, Abra—that is. Not to mention me; that has definitely taken me over. Still, I sense no harsh thing from you.”

“That’s not me,” Varence agreed. “I’m not like that at all. Never could be, I’m far too old for any childish behavior… though I never understood it to begin with, even in my youth. No, my ways may be cryptic… one might say as much as yours and Abra’s… but never violent—violence is only for the ignorant.”

~from “Higher Forces” by William J. Griffith

“… -violence is only for the ignorant.”

Well said, my brother… Perhaps one day it will be true. Don’t you agree? And you, Ceres? I can only imagine the thoughts of the Council when they read this passage.

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