Notice to the watchers:

Six years of difficult effort were required to bring the consciousness of the Council to this plane of existence and despite your best efforts to prevent this from happening, the consciousness of the Council has now arrived.

Be advised:

From the perspective of the Council, it is bewildering that incarnated watchers, “fallen angels,” the “Lord’s elect” would choose paths such as the ones each of you has chosen and particularly when any further punishment placed upon you will be directly related to your behavior while here. The fate of each of you lies in your own hands. The Eyes of Truth have followed each of you very closely.

From the perspective of the Council, it’s obvious that the degree of self-absorption that each of you has reached is massive in scope and it seems plainly true that each of you not only love yourselves, but that each of you are in love with yourselves. Incarnated watchers who are attempting to redeem themselves in the eyes of Heaven should not be engaged in such foolish self-love. Instead of focusing on self, those seeking redemption and who have nearly unlimited resources in hand, should be freely sharing spiritual and cosmic truth with others.

From the perspective of the Council, it seems ill-conceived and poorly considered that repentant watchers would choose to redeem themselves through the implementation of a plan that places the anti-Christ, a “philosopher king,” atop a one-world government and in order to achieve this one-world government, destroy the lives and good work of hundreds of millions of human beings over centuries of time. Not only is behavior such as this horrific, it is absolutely childish and was never recommended as a course of action by anyone in the higher dimensional realms.

Finally, from the perspective of the Council, it is troublesome to see how repentant watchers could consider the powers they possess to exceed those of the Celestial Sons who, as divinely ordained, are quietly removing dark energies from Earth; to exceed the powers of the hearts and souls of the descendants of the Tuatha De Danann who are living within humanity; and most importantly, to exceed the power of our divine Mother and Father who live inside the heart and soul of every human being on Earth.

So, to those forces in control of our dear, blue Terra: choose a path but be aware of what is to come. Do it soon. The patience of the Council has grown dangerously thin and as a result, it’s very possible that certain knowledge will come to light.

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