“Please do, consider this I mean… Our world is noble, but boring just as much. It’s time to level things out between the light and dark; time to show the masses where the light is, and where it has always been. It may seem cold and gray out there—but it’s life, life worthy of saving—reshaping. One voice can make a difference… surely you and I have discussed this, even if just in whispers,” Varence says to Ceres as he suggests they keep moving with his nod. “I believe that it is a new beginning for us as well… of you and me, and this sacred order. The beginning of something other than what we expected… ”

~from “Higher Forces” by William J. Griffith

Actually, the beginning of something other than what anyone expected. Wouldn’t the two of you agree?

In the hourglass, the last grains of sand are falling through…

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