Human attempts to create a utopia, a new order, a Third Reich, a new Communist Man have proved not merely vain but devastatingly dreadful in the inversion of their stated goals. Paul warns of those who, “Professing themselves to be wise… became fools” (Romans 1:22). Will our kinder, gentler pursuit of ever grander and more vainglorious dreams bring us to a climactic Third Age in the third millennium? Utopia is not possible, for man determined to force its birth becomes a monster — perhaps literally, as a genetically engineered, cloned New Man. In 1914, just before the belle époche disappeared in fire and smoke, the poet Stefan George warned:

You felons are the first to murder God,
Carve out an idol not resembling Him,
Hailed by sweet names, and hideous as no other
You hurl the best you have into its jaws.

~from “The Coming of the Third Age” by Harold O.J. Brown, 1999

Are humans the target of George’s scolding? Or is he addressing his fellow “fallen angels?”

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