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To Zurion, Aresades, the Council and our families on the other side:

Look, everyone, I sincerely hope this place looks as crazy and infantile from your side as it does from ours. In this airtight bag of ill-consciousness we’re living in, the insanity eddying through lobes of billions of brains has become a nasty fever. Anyone with any spiritual knowledge knows that during this time the wheat and the chaff have to be separated, the detritus has to be shoveled out, but, wow… witnessing this process from a front row seat can be unnerving. (And yeah, yeah, I know… I’m preaching to the choir. I can hear it all the way through the veil: “Dude, we’ve been there and done that.”)

Awakened souls have very well-known this stuff was coming but it’s a lot like having a tooth pulled or giving birth to a baby; you don’t know what it’s like until you actually do it. Observing the divine sort through humanity, exposing those who are hollow, displaying openly the shallowness of humanity’s leaders, deconstructing the false foundation of this reality… I think each of us didn’t really know what to expect but one thing we do know is beyond doubt: these spiritual cleansings reach all the way down to the lowest root, and once yanked out, what remains for us to see is the tragic difference between those with a heart and those without one.

So, are we having fun? Um… no. Not really. Not yet.

And as for the “fallen angels?”… it isn’t possible for the day of divine reckoning to arrive too soon.

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