The fact of the Future Life rests on the law that human life runs a cycle similar to water, issuing from the subjective radioactive realm into the objective, palpable life of the body, and retiring again to the invisible astral plane.

Like the invisible vapor rising from the ocean, the Human Ego rises from and leaves the dead body and returns to its eternal astral home, and its positive existence there is unseen.

So, physical science stands firm on its denial of the Human Ego’s subsistence after death on the sheer ground of its invisibility, its disappearance.

Physical science creates the darkness in which it lives and moves by refusing to consider that which the scientist cannot see, feel, smell, examine, weigh and measure.

Ancient Astrology taught that, like the invisible vapor that rises to the sky, so also rises the Human Ego, to return again in due time to the earth, and that it must be subsistent in the interim. For if it did not exist, it could not return.

Knowledge of the fact was what caused the church fathers [incarnated watchers, “fallen angels”] to destroy all ancient scriptures which touched upon that phase of life and man. For if man knew that Life is eternal, the church could not sell him the unscientific, illogical, absurd dogma that he must believe in the gospel Jesus in order to “have everlasting life” (John 3:16). That is the very foundation of the church and its doctrine.

~from “The Soul’s Secret” by Hilton Hotema

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