Since the time when Mirdath, my Beautiful One, died and left me lonely in this world, I have visited in my dreams those places where in the womb of the Future she and I shall come together, and part, and again come together—breaking asunder most drearly in pain, and again re-uniting after strange ages, in solemn wonder.
~William Hope Hodgson

William and Bessie, Clarence and Jeanne, Clovis and Clotilde, Cyrus and Esther, Edward and Doris, Edward and Loulie, Carl and Emma, Frederick and Beatrice, H.G. and Isabel, Hugh and Marozia, Joseph and Jessie, Józef and Otolia, Luca and Alexandrina, Nicholas and Helena, Odaenathus and Zenobia, Randolph and Jennie, Rudolf and Irene, Nicholas and Alexandra, Umberto and Renate, Harry and Ethel, Dean and Alice, Ashoka and Asandhimitra, Bernard and Annie, Frederick and Beatrice, Henry and Susannah, Richard and Dalida, Augustus and Alice, Mehmed and Emetullah, Moses and Fromet, Henry and Elinor, Napoleon and Eugénie, Nebudchadnezzar and Amitis, Thomas and Mary, Clement and Louisa, Johann and Faustina, Edward and Philippa, George and Nina, Varence and Ceres


Joseph Noel Paton, “Quarrel of Titania and Oberon”













On and on it goes until the last grains of sand fall through…
Imagine what the Council will say, my brother and sister. Just imagine…
And a quick reminder: the Council is not happy.

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