Who is ‘they’? They is a cabal of malefactors joined together in the pursuit of self-interest. The thing about self-interest is that eventually it turns into every man and demon for himself and that will be coming along. Who they are is long term Deep State operatives, Zionist hegemonists, committed Satanists and various Materialists who are along for the ride in a relentless snatch and grab and of course, the military industrialists and ranking uniformed members who are actually part of the Deep State in any case but I wanted to mention them. They have an army of supporters who by default are in common interest bound; meaning, the social justice warriors and other Antifa monsters, programmed and programming, the sexual predators and culture morphers, members of the Academe, celebrities from all sorts of venues, the media and the various puppets that operate in the political theaters and every other enterprise that people rely on for one thing or another.

The manipulators are few in number but their influence becomes considerable when you add in all of these others, who assist in the proliferation of their ideology for personal profit. One of the most critical features of the war on humanity is the numbers of those who consciously and unconsciously support the awful progression of events taking place. Like cannon fodder, they don’t draft the game plans or give the orders. They just follow them. This does not make them any less dangerous and it is so much more likely that you will run across one of them rather than the ones who have brain washed or employed them. You pass them in the street all the time. They’re sitting in the pubs, should you frequent such places and shopping in the super markets and malls. They’re wearing Bermuda shorts and Levi’s. Sometimes they wear uniforms; everything from a waitress to a police officer and sometimes you find a human being. God knows, I am always looking. I find them more often than I used to, since I am more human than I used to be. They are as big a problem as the psychopaths that manipulate them through Fear and Desire. Losing that base of influence is, would be… and will be a death blow for them.

~ from (link) Las Vegas; the False Flag Waving and the Gonfalon of the Everlasting by Les Visible

All of the kids had been microchipped in the neck, as babies… the pediatrician in charge had found that one an easy job… undercover…

… they are simply machines… genetic robots with brains resembling ‘rotting vegetation’ within their skulls – run by chip and plug.

We are talking about vast populations of microchipped ‘slaves.’

We are also talking about different mafias, (be they intelligence agencies or independent mafias in the ‘private sector’) ill-programming their own new ‘recruits’ and also trying to poach ‘slaves’ from other mafias.

Some people appear to have much nastier microchips than others – microchips which completely control them… and they are put into you… the higher up you go within the ill cult…

For example, top programmers must have the worst microchips in their bodies… hence the ‘heart microchips’ put in as a ‘ploy’ in terms of ‘hole in the heart’ operations…

[… he knew precisely where he had been microchipped… he consistently pointed this out but nobody was listening… it was taken ‘further proof’ that he was mad…]

The ill cult know what it means when a person ‘starts hearing voices’… they have become attuned to the messages which were only supposed to be ‘read’ by their subconscious minds – yet are now entering their conscious minds. These people are not ‘mad’ and they are not suffering from a psychiatric illness. They are suffering from having been microchipped.

… and then suddenly she had an ‘attack of the voices’… and a psychiatrist was called in… she would stand in the middle of the room and tell whoever it was to ‘go away… I am not listening to you and I won’t do as you say’… she used to put her head down and put a hand up to it… as if she were trying to talk back to her ‘head’ in a way… to the microchip within it… it was as if she had an invisible ‘phone’ and somebody was speaking to her but she couldn’t get rid of the handset… she couldn’t put it down.…

… this is about microchipping and not psychiatric illness.

In a more technical sense – microchipped people are made to feel miserable – to generate negative brain energy – which was networked back to CERN in order to feed the generator with this particular type of energy – so that the Satanists could ‘blow a hole in the universe’ in order to go and attack and overpower G-d… (although they had no idea if they would actually find G-d on the other side or not…)

Research needs to be done into de-microchipping people… and stopping them being microchipped in the first place (a good place to start is dentistry…)

… at some point the press [media] will “out” microchipped teeth…

… and then start dealing with the reality of microchips that cannot be taken out… the one in your vertebrae is not removable…

… you have to destroy the equipment or else if you stop using it – a microchip within the mechanism ensures your heart attack… and a fatal one.


“One of the most critical features of the war on humanity is the numbers of those who consciously and unconsciously support the awful progression of events taking place.”

“We are talking about vast populations of microchipped ‘slaves.'”

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