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The spacecraft that pass the sun are the spacecraft that clean the earth and all evil forces.
The spacecraft beside Venus is a spacecraft not for battle but only for observation.
The decisions of the Celestial beings are all well-arranged.
If you could double many times your vision to see the skies, then you could see what is going on right now.
The battleship spacecraft are in their positions.
The cleaning of evil forces has begun.
If humans still think no one cares about them then you are mistaken.
There will be no nukes to fly anytime, those things will be shot down before they take off into the air.
Any war station will be wiped out as soon as both parties declare war.
Every war machine on earth is a locked-on target.
The help you need is in front of your eyes.
~Albert and the Celestial Sons

Celestial Sons

Who are the 144,000?
What is Life?
Is there death?
What is a Soul?
Who rules the planet?
Who leaves the planet?
Who is POTUS?
Why is this relevant?
Is he here on a Mission?
Who are the players?
Want to play?
What is Love?
Who is asleep?
The kiss for Sleeping Beauty.

To the mad gods and goddesses, to the angels in human form, to the evil ET races, to the inner Earth civilizations, to the dark shadow beings, to the corrupt, soulless humans in positions of power, to the “royal” families of certain bloodlines, to the leaders of the world’s religions, to the legions of military strength, to the shape-shifters embedded within humanity, to the millions of micro-chipped humans, to those housed in deep, underground bases, to any and all who practice evil upon humanity, a simple question: “Who rules the planet?”

And a simple answer: it is NOT you.

What awaits you is far, far beyond your worst nightmare.

Payment is due…

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