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The fact of the Future Life rests on the law that human life runs a cycle similar to water, issuing from the subjective radioactive realm into the objective, palpable life of the body, and retiring again to the invisible astral plane.

Like the invisible vapor rising from the ocean, the Human Ego rises from and leaves the dead body and returns to its eternal astral home, and its positive existence there is unseen.

So, physical science stands firm on its denial of the Human Ego’s subsistence after death on the sheer ground of its invisibility, its disappearance.

Physical science creates the darkness in which it lives and moves by refusing to consider that which the scientist cannot see, feel, smell, examine, weigh and measure.

Ancient Astrology taught that, like the invisible vapor that rises to the sky, so also rises the Human Ego, to return again in due time to the earth, and that it must be subsistent in the interim. For if it did not exist, it could not return.

Knowledge of the fact was what caused the church fathers [incarnated watchers, “fallen angels”] to destroy all ancient scriptures which touched upon that phase of life and man. For if man knew that Life is eternal, the church could not sell him the unscientific, illogical, absurd dogma that he must believe in the gospel Jesus in order to “have everlasting life” (John 3:16). That is the very foundation of the church and its doctrine.

~from “The Soul’s Secret” by Hilton Hotema

Text To Home

To Zurion, Aresades, the Council and our families on the other side:

Look, everyone, I sincerely hope this place looks as crazy and infantile from your side as it does from ours. In this airtight bag of ill-consciousness we’re living in, the insanity eddying through lobes of billions of brains has become a nasty fever. Anyone with any spiritual knowledge knows that during this time the wheat and the chaff have to be separated, the detritus has to be shoveled out, but, wow… witnessing this process from a front row seat can be unnerving. (And yeah, yeah, I know… I’m preaching to the choir. I can hear it all the way through the veil: “Dude, we’ve been there and done that.”)

Awakened souls have very well-known this stuff was coming but it’s a lot like having a tooth pulled or giving birth to a baby; you don’t know what it’s like until you actually do it. Observing the divine sort through humanity, exposing those who are hollow, displaying openly the shallowness of humanity’s leaders, deconstructing the false foundation of this reality… I think each of us didn’t really know what to expect but one thing we do know is beyond doubt: these spiritual cleansings reach all the way down to the lowest root, and once yanked out, what remains for us to see is the tragic difference between those with a heart and those without one.

So, are we having fun? Um… no. Not really. Not yet.


Human attempts to create a utopia, a new order, a Third Reich, a new Communist Man have proved not merely vain but devastatingly dreadful in the inversion of their stated goals. Paul warns of those who, “Professing themselves to be wise… became fools” (Romans 1:22). Will our kinder, gentler pursuit of ever grander and more vainglorious dreams bring us to a climactic Third Age in the third millennium? Utopia is not possible, for man determined to force its birth becomes a monster — perhaps literally, as a genetically engineered, cloned New Man. In 1914, just before the belle époche disappeared in fire and smoke, the poet Stefan George warned:

You felons are the first to murder God,
Carve out an idol not resembling Him,
Hailed by sweet names, and hideous as no other
You hurl the best you have into its jaws.

~from “The Coming of the Third Age” by Harold O.J. Brown, 1999

Are humans the target of George’s scolding? Or is he addressing his fellow “fallen angels?”


To Czar Nicholas II:

The death of Rasputin… who decreed it? From where did the order originate?

The Czarina, the girls, Anna Virubova… they know the truth.

And now, the attempts continue, without success.

Why is it that only within Rasputin has an essence of light become rooted? Why is it that only he understands what awaits all of you?

Games are played but never are they played forever…


To those in Chantilly, a reminder:

In Lord of the Rings… It was about the
Rings of power… circles of power…
Say 3 circles for the Elven Kings…
Like 3 clans or families…
Ireland, Scotland, England…
9 for mortal men doomed to die.
9 families or bloodlines that ruled
The world… Rich or Royal families…
9… though traditionally they claimed
There were 13 power families.
4 bought their way in…

Regardless… The Circles of Men,
Their power paled in comparison.
To the power of the Elves, the Tuatha…
But even more so, paled in comparison
To the power of the 13 Crystal Skulls.
Remnants of an Ancient World.
Before the Time of the Elves…
Of Middle Earth, or the Middle Ages…
13 Crystal Skulls from the 1st
World… A biblical time before
The Great Flood…
When 13 Ancient Masters forged
The Crystal Skulls to Protect the Earth…

You should know…
You don’t have access to all 13 of the Original Crystal Skulls…
I mean, you’re close, you have a nice collection… but in fact you only have 12 of the originals, or at least access to them. What you believe to be the 13th, is actually a master copy…
Designed to deceive those who might not be of sincere measure… just in case.

~in infinite gratitude to the Ancient Masters


This earthly life, which I have given you, should not be viewed in its minute aspect but in the light of infinitude. All the suffering and disillusionment, the futility, the forlorn hopes and wasted efforts, the oppressions and injustices are not without a purpose. That purpose is beyond anything man can understand and infinitely greater than his conception can grasp. The truly awakened man, alone among men, can have any insight into life’s end and goal.

If a man fixes his attention wholly upon one goal or one thing for his own selfish purpose, as if it were an independent, all unrelated to others, thing, then he moves in darkness of ignorance. If he undertakes a task with a confused mind, not considering the outcome or where it will lead him, or the harm it may do to others or himself, then it is an undertaking of evil. There is a wisdom which knows when to go and when to stay, when to speak and when to remain silent, what is to be done and what is to be left undone. It knows, too, the limitations set by fear and by courage, what constitutes bondage and what freedom.

He who does right does it not for Me but for himself; he is the one who benefits, not his God. He who does wrong inflicts himself for it, and he is the sufferer. He who does right does it to his own good and he who works wickedness does it to his own hurt. It could not be possible, in a just creation, that those whose ways are evil should be dealt with as are those who live goodly lives and perform good deeds. The fate of the selfish and that of the unselfish could not be alike. I am the God of Justice, the Maker of the Law.

~from “The Book of Gleanings” within “The Kolbrin,” chapter 15, the Voice of God

Never Forget

To those who are good, to those who are evil and everyone else in between, remember these words from the Celestial Sons:

Celestial Sons
As of now, as you can see, the events on Earth are unfolding.
The concerns of the Celestial Sons are what matter most.
There are many things humans still don’t know about and what lies ahead in these coming times, days and months.
If humans think “those things are not happening or the help will not come,” then you have it wrong in your belief.
There are many things happening right now which you cannot see with any human vision from your eyes.
Things that occur as I speak are very serious enough that newsmen are very hesitant to report to all of you.
They are willing to cover it up with their little entertainments.
The spacecrafts who pass the sun are the spacecrafts who clean the Earth and all evil forces.
The spacecraft beside Venus is a spacecraft not for battle but only for observation.
The decisions of the Celestial Beings are all well arranged.
If you can double many times your vision to see the skies, then you can see what is going on right now.
The battleship spacecrafts are in their positions. The cleaning of evil forces has begun.
If humans still think no one cares about them then they are mistaken.
There will be no nukes to fly anytime, those things will be shot down before they take off into the air.
Any war station will be wiped out as soon as both parties declare war.
Every war machine on Earth is a locked-on target.
The help you need is in front of your eyes.
Many contaminated areas on Earth or in the oceans are already in the cleaning process.
Many species in the oceans are already saved but many also cannot be saved.
Many events will occur but you will not receive any news.
The evil energy forces are on the run.
They will be gone soon.
If the lights are within you then you understand exactly what I mean.
There are no fakes in the Universal Peaceful Community. We are all one with the Light.
Soon you will all see how heavy and powerful is the will of the brotherhood in the heavens.
As of now, the action is on and will continue until it is all finished.
When the timer is up, the light of that word in that corner will go back to the written word on the cloth then all the living light will gather together as very powerful forces that are designed to exterminate all Evil forces energy in the whole World.

To my sisters and brothers around the world: never have we been forgotten, never have we been abandoned, never have we fought alone and there will not be another world war.

To the incarnated watchers, the “fallen angels,” the shadow beings, the dark ET races, the “Illuminati,” the secret societies, the proponents of a new world order ruled by a “philosopher king,” any and all of you with plans to destroy and then rebuild humanity to fit your desires: do you truly believe, within the consciousness of your collective, that your powers exceed those of the forces sent here by our one, infinite Creator; the power of the Celestial Sons?

~in infinite gratitude to the Celestial Sons

(From all of us on our dear, blue Terra: thank you, brother Albert. We will never forget…)


“Please do, consider this I mean… Our world is noble, but boring just as much. It’s time to level things out between the light and dark; time to show the masses where the light is, and where it has always been. It may seem cold and gray out there—but it’s life, life worthy of saving—reshaping. One voice can make a difference… surely you and I have discussed this, even if just in whispers,” Varence says to Ceres as he suggests they keep moving with his nod. “I believe that it is a new beginning for us as well… of you and me, and this sacred order. The beginning of something other than what we expected… ”

~from “Higher Forces” by William J. Griffith

Actually, the beginning of something other than what anyone expected. Wouldn’t the two of you agree?

In the hourglass, the last grains of sand are falling through…


What is evil? Could it be as simple as pernicious selfishness? Could it be the drive for immediate gratification without regard for others? Man’s life is limited; one hundred years or less. But, the souls of angel and watcher are eternal. Consider how much evil can be wrought through the millennia of immediate gratification on an eternal scale.

It continues to be pride that keeps us from seeing the truth of our own nature. Pride itself blinds us to our own pride. Pride, arrogance and selfishness are the seeds and flowers arising from the same root of evil. Evil is the manifestation of the same, all too common, human condition; a condition afflicting angels and watchers alike.

The root and cause of all evil arise from a self-centered viewpoint that takes no one else into consideration. It is the drive to control, dominate and consume. The condition comes from tunnel vision so narrow as to include only the person and his desires. This calls into question the nature of evil.

Does evil have a reasoned intent to hurt, kill and destroy or is there an egomaniacal innocence to evil? Could it be that complete evil is actually a blind selfishness? Does evil not arise from a refusal to consider the life, position or feelings of others? Evil thoughts, actions and feelings are based on fulfilling one’s own desires at the expense or destruction of all others. Feelings and welfare of others do not come into play, nor do they cross the mind of an evil being. The nature of evil is a twisted, childish innocence; a self-centered and myopic view.

~from “Fallen Angels, The Watchers and the Origins of Evil” by Joseph B. Lumpkin


Notice to the watchers:

Six years of difficult effort were required to bring the consciousness of the Council to this plane of existence and despite your best efforts to prevent this from happening, the consciousness of the Council has now arrived.

Be advised:

From the perspective of the Council, it is bewildering that incarnated watchers, “fallen angels,” the “Lord’s elect” would choose paths such as the ones each of you has chosen and particularly when any further punishment placed upon you will be directly related to your behavior while here. The fate of each of you lies in your own hands. The Eyes of Truth have followed each of you very closely.

From the perspective of the Council, it’s obvious that the degree of self-absorption that each of you has reached is massive in scope and it seems plainly true that each of you not only love yourselves, but that each of you are in love with yourselves. Incarnated watchers who are attempting to redeem themselves in the eyes of Heaven should not be engaged in such foolish self-love. Instead of focusing on self, those seeking redemption and who have nearly unlimited resources in hand, should be freely sharing spiritual and cosmic truth with others.

From the perspective of the Council, it seems ill-conceived and poorly considered that repentant watchers would choose to redeem themselves through the implementation of a plan that places the anti-Christ, a “philosopher king,” atop a one-world government and in order to achieve this one-world government, destroy the lives and good work of hundreds of millions of human beings over centuries of time. Not only is behavior such as this horrific, it is absolutely childish and was never recommended as a course of action by anyone in the higher dimensional realms.

Finally, from the perspective of the Council, it is troublesome to see how repentant watchers could consider the powers they possess to exceed those of the Celestial Sons who, as divinely ordained, are quietly removing dark energies from Earth; to exceed the powers of the hearts and souls of the descendants of the Tuatha De Danann who are living within humanity; and most importantly, to exceed the power of our divine Mother and Father who live inside the heart and soul of every human being on Earth.

So, to those forces in control of our dear, blue Terra: choose a path but be aware of what is to come. Do it soon. The patience of the Council has grown dangerously thin and as a result, it’s very possible that certain knowledge will come to light.


To Harry and Grigory: remember this? Surely, you do.

Link to newspaper article.
(Thanks to the Tribune for sharing this online.)

“In mid-1943, Harry Hopkins faced a barrage of criticism from Republicans and the press that he had abused his position for personal profit. One congressman asserted on the House floor that British media tycoon Lord Beaverbrook had given Hopkins’ wife Louise $500,000 worth of emeralds, which Louise denied. Newspapers ran stories detailing sumptuous dinners that Hopkins attended while making public calls for sacrifice. Hopkins briefly considered suing the Chicago Tribune for libel after a story that compared him to Grigory Rasputin, the famous courtier of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, but was dissuaded by FDR.”
~Doris Kearns Goodwin

In the history of our lower dimensional, false reality, from the time of the great flood, amidst the countless stories born from the interactions and relationships of billions of souls on Earth, this episode between Harry Hopkins, the Chicago Tribune and Grigory Rasputin exists as one of the greatest examples of irony ever seen.

Why might that be?

In a previous incarnation, Harry Hopkins was Tsar Nicholas II.

Around and around we go, pawns recycled on a vast board, bent to the desires of “fallen angels” and dark forces, disconnected from our real selves and far from home…


At the time when the sun became hot
At the time when the heavens turned about
At the time when the sun was darkened
To cause the moon to shine
The time of the rise of the Pleiades
~The  Kumulipo


“I should really ask many questions,” Rasshiah said. “Particularly since you seem to know of her so well, Abra—that is. Not to mention me; that has definitely taken me over. Still, I sense no harsh thing from you.”

“That’s not me,” Varence agreed. “I’m not like that at all. Never could be, I’m far too old for any childish behavior… though I never understood it to begin with, even in my youth. No, my ways may be cryptic… one might say as much as yours and Abra’s… but never violent—violence is only for the ignorant.”

~from “Higher Forces” by William J. Griffith

“… -violence is only for the ignorant.”

Well said, my brother… Perhaps one day it will be true. Don’t you agree? And you, Ceres?

Our False Reality

From post Here We Are:

With noble and good intentions that became corrupted, and with redemption in mind, incarnated watchers, “fallen angels,” wrote false historical texts with the purpose of crafting and recording the details of a specific, fictional account of history that would support the foundation of a “watcher-designed” golden age in the future.

As a result, written history is filled with lies, deception and fabrication and should be considered untrue. The timeline of humanity’s history since the great flood is artificially long and needs to be shortened considerably. Any “watcher-designed” golden age would have a foundation based on lies and enabled by the horrific murders of millions of innocent humans.

Click here for proof: Fictional History Notes

All our answers lie in the past…


Knights of the Golden Stone

I. You, my Lords the Knights, shall swear that you will at no time ascribe your order either unto any Devil or Spirit, but only to God, your Creator, and His hand-maid Nature.

II. That you will abominate all whoredom, incontinency, and uncleanness, and not defile your order with such vices.

III. That you, through your talents, will be ready to assist all that are worthy and have need of them.

IV. That you desire not to employ this honour to worldly pride and high authority.

V. That you shall not be willing to live longer than God will have you.

Summa Scientia nihil Scire,


I won my soul, and to what did she give birth for me? You, monster, a son, ha!-a frightful miscreant, a stammerer, a newt’s brain, a primordial lizard! You want to be king of the earth? You want to banish proud free men, bewitch beautiful women, break up castles, rip open the belly of old cathedrals? Dumb thing, a lazy bug-eyed frog that wears pond weed on his skull’s pate! And you want to call yourself my son? You’re no son of mine, but the spawn of the devil. The father of the devil entered into the womb of my soul and in you has become flesh.


I recognize you, Philamon, you most cunning of all fraudsters! You have deceived me. You impregnated my maidenly soul with the terrible worm. Philamon, damned charlatan, you aped the mysteries for me, you lay the mantle of the stars on me, you played a Christ-fool’s comedy with me, you hanged me, carefully and ludicrously; in the tree just like Odin, you let me devise runes to enchant Salome-and meanwhile you procreated my soul with the worm, spew of the dust. Deception upon deception! Terrible devil trickery!

You gave me the force of magic, you crowned me, you clad me with the shimmer of power, that let me play a would-be Joseph father to your son. You lodged a puny basilisk in the nest of the dove.

My soul, you adulterous whore, you became pregnant with this bastard! I am dishonored; I, laughable father of the Antichrist! How I mistrusted you! And how poor was my mistrust, that it could not gauge the magnitude of this infamous act!

What do you break apart? You broke love and life in twain. From this ghastly sundering, the frog and the son of the frog come forth. Ridiculous-disgusting sight! Irresistible advent! They will sit on the banks of the sweet water and listen to the nocturnal song of the frogs, since their God has been born as a son of frogs.


I regret that I must speak such truths to you. Yes, you are laughably sensitive, self-righteous, unruly, mistrustful, pessimistic, cowardly; dishonest with yourself, venomous, vengeful; one can hardly speak about your childish pride, your craving for power, your desire for esteem, your laughable ambition, your thirst for fame without feeling sick. The playacting and pomposity become you badly and you abuse them to the best of your ability.


The dear old God has died, and it is good that way; otherwise he would have had pity on your repentant sinfulness and spared me the execution by granting mercy. You must know that neither a God of love nor a loving God has yet arisen, but instead a worm of fire crawled up, a magnificent frightful entity that lets fire rain on the earth, producing lamentations. So cry to the God, he will burn you with fire for the forgiveness of your sins. Coil yourself and sweat blood. You have needed this cure for a long time. Yes-others always do wrong-and you? You are the innocent, the correct, you must defend your good right and you have a good, loving God on your side, who always forgives sins with pity. Others must reach insight, not you, since you have a monopoly on all insight from the start and are always convinced that you are right. And so cry really loudly to your dear God-he will hear you and let fire fall on you. Have you not noticed that your God has become a fiery worm with a flat skull who crawls red-hot on the earth?

You wanted to be superior! How laughable. You were, and are, inferior. Who are you, then? Scum that disgusts me.

Are you perhaps somewhat powerless? I place you in a corner where you can remain lying until you come to your senses again. If you no longer feel anything, the procedure is of no use. After all, we must proceed skillfully. It really says a lot about you that one needs such barbaric means for your amendment. Your progress since the early Middle Ages appears to be minuscule.


Your inordinate ambition is boundless. Your grounds are not focused on the good of the matter but on your vanity. You do not work for humanity but for your self-interest. You do not strive for the completion of the thing but for the general recognition and safeguarding of your own advantage. I want to honor you with a prickly crown of iron; it has teeth inside that bore themselves into your flesh.

And now we come to the vile swindle that you pursue with your cleverness. You speak skillfully and abuse your capability and discolor, tone down, strengthen, apportion light and shade, and loudly proclaim your honorableness and upright good faith. You exploit the good faith of others, you gloatingly catch them in your snares and speak of your benevolent superiority and the prize that you are for others. You play at modesty and do not mention your merit, in the certain hope that someone else will do it for you; you are disappointed and hurt if this doesn’t happen.

You preach hypocritical composure. But when it really matters, are you calm? No, you lie. You consume yourself in rage and your tongue speaks cold daggers and you dream of revenge.

You are gloating and resentful. You begrudge the other the sunshine, since you would like to assign it to those whom you favor because they favor you. You are envious of all well-being around you and you impertinently assert the opposite.

Inside yourself you think unsparingly and coarsely only what always suits you, and with this you feel yourself above humanity and not in the least responsible. But you are responsible to humanity in everything that you think, feel, and do. Do not pretend there is a difference between thinking and doing. You rely only on your undeserved advantage, not to be compelled to say or do what you think and feel.

But you are shameless in everything where no one sees you. If another said that to you, you would be mortally offended, despite knowing that it is true. You want to reproach others for their failings? So that they better themselves? Yes, confess, have you bettered yourself? From where do you get the right to have opinions of others? What is your opinion about yourself? And what are the good grounds that support it? Your grounds are webs of lies covering a dirty corner. You judge others and charge them with what they should do. You do this because you have no order within yourself because you are unclean.

And then-how do you really think? It appears to me that you even think with men, regardless of their human dignity; you dare think by means of them, and use them as figures on your stage, as if they were how you conceive them? Have you ever considered that you thus commit a shameful act of power, as bad as that for which you condemn others, namely that they love their fellow men, as they claim, but in reality exploit them to their own ends. Your sin flourishes in seclusion, but it is no less great, remorseless, and coarse.

What is concealed in you I will drag out into the light, shameless one! I will crush your superiority under my feet.

Do not speak to me about your love. What you call love oozes with self-interest and desirousness. But you speak about it with great words, and the greater your words are, the more pathetic your so-called love is. Never speak to me of your love, but keep your mouth shut. It lies.

~from “The Red Book Liber Novus” by C.G. Jung, incarnated watcher, “fallen angel”


To the watchers:

One has to admit, 483 years ago, Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell were a formidable, adept team and reunited today, they are, once again.

Around and around we go, as history repeats itself…


To the watchers, a friendly reminder:

“Know ye not that we shall judge angels?”

“God leaves to men the task of punishing the imprudent minister who permits the eye of the profane to look into the mysterious sanctuary.”
~from “The Most Holy Trinosophia” by Comte de St.-Germain, incarnated watcher, “fallen angel”



To the watchers:

Now that I have your attention, let me tell ya something, you bunch of goofballs, you better damn well start turning this thing around. You’ve had centuries of time in order to fix this mess and here we are, in 2017, and what do we have? Nada. Zilch. Bupkis.

You think the Council is oblivious to what’s going on? Please…

(Like I said before, the Council’s patience has grown very thin and they’re NOT happy.)

When this nightmare is over, and, yes, it will come to an end, whether you think so or not, there aren’t very many people who know what’s gonna happen to you but I do, and it ain’t gonna be pretty. Need I remind you of what the Antient Matron said? “’Tis well if he may save his skin…”

And Ceres, dear God in Heaven!, why you chose to hitch your wagon to his star, I’ll never understand but at least you’ve remained sane (or relatively so) throughout the ages. Without you, there’s no telling where in hell we would be. Same goes for you, too, Elizabeth, wherever you are. Only a heroine of the highest order would do what you did.

So, the clock keeps on ticking, but it ain’t gonna tick forever. Capice?

(By the way, Ceres, I forgot to mention… your daughter, Alexandrina, is beautiful. She’s talented, creative, intelligent, compassionate and has the voice of an angel. And… she looks just like her momma. You should be proud of her. I hope you are.)

A Sole “Angel”

On a Higher Spiritual plane, Intervention with primitive life forms is strictly frowned upon, if not forbidden. To break such laws is to fall from grace…and Heaven.
Such is how Angels fall….and become Demons.
Yet Angels, for all their wisdom and Glory cross boundaries and break these laws too…

If decreed by God, then this is Divine Intervention…Then it is flawless and noble. But this is a process orchestrated with the cooperation of every rank of the Higher Beings of Heaven…from the ranks of the Angels, from the oldest to the newest…A great deal is coordinated…If decreed by God, Divine Intervention never fails…

But…If Intervention takes place on the behalf of a sole Angel, acting independently on its own….then things can go terribly wrong. Then there are no Fates or Wheels to guide things….and chaos ensues….Hence the state of the universe at present.
All present struggles can at some point be traced back to intervention on a primitive society without Heavenly consent….Interesting, huh?

~from Valiant’s post, 05 August 2012

Time God

“The world and society in 1913 looked like this: life is completely confined and shackled. A kind of economic fatalism prevails; each individual, whether he resists it or not, is assigned a specific role and with it his interests and his character. The church is regarded as a ‘redemption factory’ of little importance, literature as a safety valve… The most burning question day and night is: is there anywhere a force that is strong enough to put an end to this state of affairs? And if not, how can one escape it?” ~Hugo Ball

“You should worship only one God. The other Gods are unimportant. Abraxas is to be feared. Therefore it was a deliverance when he separated himself from me. You do not need to seek him. He will find you, just like Eros. He is the God of the cosmos, extremely powerful and fearful. He is the creative drive, he is form and formation, just as much as matter and force, therefore he is above all the light and dark Gods. He tears away souls and casts them into procreation. He is the creative and created. He is the God who always renews himself in days, in months, in years, in human life, in ages, in peoples, in the living, in heavenly bodies. He compels, he is unsparing. If you worship him, you increase his power over you. Thereby it becomes unbearable. You will have dreadful trouble getting clear of him. The more you free yourself from him, the more you approach death, since he is the life of the universe. But he is also universal death. Therefore you fall victim to him again, not in life but in dying. So remember him, do not worship him, but also do not imagine that you can flee him since he is all around you. You must be in the middle of life, surrounded by death on all sides. Stretched out, like one crucified, you hang in him, the fearful, the overpowering.”

“But you have in you the one God, the wonderfully beautiful and kind, the solitary, starlike, unmoving, he who is older and wiser than the father, he who has a safe hand, who leads you among all the darknesses and death scares of dreadful Abraxas. He gives joy and peace, since he is beyond death and beyond what is subject to change. He is no servant and no friend of Abraxas. He himself is an Abraxas, but not unto you, but in himself and his distant world, since you yourself are a God who lives in faraway realms and who renews himself in his ages and creations and peoples, just as powerful to them as Abraxas is to you.”
~from “The Red Book, Liber Novus” by C.G. Jung, incarnated watcher, “fallen angel”

“In 1932, Jung commented on Abraxas: ‘the Gnostic symbol Abraxas, a made-up name meaning three hundred and sixty-five… the Gnostics used it as the name of their supreme deity. He was a time god. The philosophy of Bergson, la durée créatrice, is an expression of the same idea.’ Jung described him in a way that echoes his description here: ‘just as this archetypal world of the collective unconscious is exceedingly paradoxical, always yea and nay; that figure of Abraxas means the beginning and the end, it is life and death, therefore it is represented by a monstrous figure. It is a monster because it is the life of vegetation in the course of one year, the spring and the autumn, the summer and the winter, the yea and nay of nature. So Abraxas is really identical with the Demiurgos, the world creator. And as such he is surely identical with the Purusha, or with Shiva.’ Jung added that ‘Abraxas is usually represented with the head of a fowl, the body of a man, and the tail of a serpent, but there is also the lion-headed symbol with a dragon’s body; the head crowned with the twelve rays, alluding to the number of months.’ According to St. Irenaeus, Basilides held that ‘the ruler of them is named Abrasaks, and that is why this (ruler) has the number 365 within it.’ Abraxas featured in Albrecht Dieterich’s work, Abraxas. Studien zur Religionsgeschichte des spiitern Altertums.”
~from “Liber Novus: The ‘Red Book’ of C.G. Jung” by Sonu Shamdasani


As the timelines spiral to their ordained convergence, throughout the infinite ocean of consciousness in which we swim echo words from the Antient Matron’s resolution:

Whoe’er received great commands
Hath work enough to fill his hands
Whoe’er with much hath trusted been,
’Tis well if he may save his skin;

Summa Scientia nihil Scire,

We shall see…

Help From Heaven











“Use my drawings in groups and grids… Harvest Gold aligned with The Winds of Change… and also The Royal Elephant… should bring you the good fortune you need… It won’t win you the lottery, but will get you what you need. Failure to use the artwork sincerely will either bring you the opposite, or nothing at all. They were designed this way.”











“If you’re feeling drained, miserable, attacked… or feel as if your life has been cursed… try this… a heavenly shield… Use my artwork in a grid… Sunrise Angel with Sun Diamond and Vulcan… and see what happens… You should get a very pleasant surprise…”











“The most powerful pieces I have are the crystals. Take Sun Diamond, Manifestation Crystal and Amethyst Avatar and grid them together as you wish… using the one that appeals to you most as the focal point. Used together they can unlock those doors in your mind, grant you ancient memories, grant wishes… and are a powerful shield of protection from dark forces.”

“Use them carefully and keep your mind clean and centered when you work with these, even the print outs pack a punch. It’s best to even go through a cleansing ritual before using them so as not to overwhelm yourself.”


To my sisters and brothers around the world: this artwork is a gift from Heaven to all the people of Earth. Please use it.

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A partial list of incarnated watchers, also known as “fallen angels”:

Abbé de Montfaucon de Villars, Ada Lovelace, Adrien Duport, Agallis of Corcyra, Adam of Murimuth, Adam Weishaupt, Alberich, Albert Pike, Alcuin of York, Aldus Manutius, Aleister Crowley, Alexander the Great, Alexandra Romanov, Aloysius Lilius, Amelia Bassano Lanier, Ammianus Marcellinus, Anacreon, Anania Shirakatsi, Andrea Alciato, Andrew of Wyntoun, Annie Besant, Annie Sophie Swetchine, Annius of Viterbo, Antoine Court de Gébelin, Antoine of Navarre (King of Navarre), Apuleius, Aristarchus of Samothrace, Aristocritus, Aristophanes of Byzantium, Aristotle, Arnoldus Arlenius, Artephius, Ashikaga Takauji, Aspasia, Asser, Athanasius Kircher, Aulus Gellius, Baldo degli Ubaldi, Balthasar Gracian, Barack Obama, Baron Ungern von Sternberg, Bartolus de Saxoferrato, Basilides, Bede, Benjamin Netanyahu, Benjamin Rudyerd, Bernard Baruch, Boudica, Callistratus, Cerinthus, Charles Godfrey Leland, Charles Henry Oldfather, Charles McCarry, Charondas, Christian Racovski, Christian Rosencreutz, Christopher Wren, Cicero, Ciriaco de’ Pizzicolli, Clarence Kirschmann Streit, Claude Garamond, Claude Henri de Rouvroy (comte de Saint-Simon), Clement of Alexandria, Cleopatra, Clovis I, “Colonel” Edward M. House, Comte de Mirabeau, Comte de Saint-Omer, Constantin François de Chassebœuf (comte de Volney), Constantine I, Cordell Hull, Count Armand du Chayla, Count de Vergennes, Count of St.-Germain, Cyril of Alexandria, Dalida, Daniel Stolz von Stolzenberg, Dante Alighieri, Dares Phyrgius, Dictys Cretensis, Diodorus Siculus, Diogenes Laërtius, Dionysian Artificers, Donald Trump, Donatien Alphonse François (Marquis de Sade), Edward Gibbon, Elias Ashmole, Elizabeth G. Birkmaier, Emmanuel Swedenborg, Emperor Diocletian, Erasmus of Rotterdam, Eric Voegelin, Eusebius, Eutyches, Ferdinand Gregorovius, F.F. Arbuthnot, Flavius Josephus, Frances A. March, Francis Bacon, Francesco Zorzi, Frances Brewton Pinckney, Francesco Giorgi Veneto, Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros, François-Marie Arouet-Voltaire, Francois Viete, Frank W. Raffety, Franz Bopp, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, Friedrich Schiller, Galfridus Monemutensis (Geoffrey of Monmouth), Gaspard II de Coligny, George Gurdjieff, George Soros, George Washington, Giammaria Ortes, Gildas, Giovanni Boccaccio, Giuditta Bellerio Sidoli, Giusseppe Mazzini, Godfrey of Saint-Omer, Gregory Nazianzen, Gregory of Tours, Grigori Rasputin, Guibert of Gembloux, H.G. Wells, Hargrave Jennings, Harry Gross, Harry Hopkins, Harry Lehr, Helena Blavatsky, Henry Cornelius Agrippa, Henry Hoare II (Henry the Magnificent), Henry IV of France (King of Navarre), Henry John Temple, Henry of Huntingdon, Henry V of Luxemburg, Henry VIII, Hesiod, Hieronymus Bosch, Hildegard von Bingen, Homer, Honoré d’Urfé, Hunyadi Janos, Iamblichus, Ignatius Donnelly, Ion Luca Caragiale, Isabella Bentinck, Isadore of Seville, Ivan IV Vasilyevich (Ivan the Terrible), Jakob Andreae, James Shirley, Jan Potocki, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Jeanne Bécu, Jeanne d’Albret (Queen of Navarre), Jimmy Savile, Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, Johann Adolf Hasse, Johann Amos Commenius, Johann Friedrich Cotta, Johann Heinrich Cohausen, Johann Valentin Andreae, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Johannes Lucius, John Arbuthnot, John Bond, MD., John Boston, John Dee, Jean Calvin, John Calvin, John Florio, John Foxe, John Heydon, John Leland, John Lothrop Motley, John Lyly, John O’Donovan, John Oldmixon, John of Fordun, John Scotus Eriugena, John Toland, John Whitgift, John of Worcester, Jonathan Edwards, Joseph Hilarius Eckhel, Joseph Justus Scaliger, Joseph of Exeter, Józef Hieronim Retinger, Julius Caesar, Justin Martyr, Justus of Tiberias, Karl Jung, King Alfred, King James I and VI, Kitabatake Chikafusa, Lady Dorothy Townshend, Lady Jemima Gray, Laura A. Whitworth, Leucius Charinus, Lord Byron, Louis XV, Lycurgus of Sparta, Magistri Comacini, Major Fraser, Mamun the Great, Manes, Manetho of Sebennytus, Marcus Ulpius Traianus (Emperor Trajan), Marcus Valerius Martialis, Margaret of Bar, Margaret of Valois, Marianus Scotus, Marie-Antoinette Murat, Marie-Geneviève Bouliard, Marius Mercator, Marquis de Luchet, Marsilio Ficino, Mathurin Cordier, Matthew Paris, Max Müller, Maximilian Kronberger, Maximus of Tyre, Merovech, Michael Drayton, Michael Sendivogius, Moses de Leon, Moses Mendelssohn, Musō Soseki, Nebuchadnezzar, Nehemiah Grew, Nennius, Nestorius, Niccolo Machiavelli, Nicolas-Edme Rétif, Nicomachus of Gerasa, Nicholas and Helena Roerich, Nikola Tesla, Nikolai Gogol, Nimrod, O no Yasumaro, Oberon, Odaenathus, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., Olympiodorus of Thebes, Ophites, Origen, Ovid, Paolo Sarpi, Paracelsus, Paschal Beverly Randolph, Paschasius Radbertus, Pericles, Peter Mormius, Petrus Ramus, Philip Sideta, Philo, Philocatus, Pierre du Ryer, Pierre Samuel Dupont De Nemours, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Pindar, Plato, Pliny the Elder, Pliny the Younger, Polydore Vergil, Pope Joan, Prasutagus, Proclus, Procopius of Caesarea, Pseudo-Dionysius, Ptolemy, Queen Clotilde, Queen Elizabeth I, Quintilian, Ralph Higdon, Raphael Holinshed, Raymond Lully, Recep Erdogan, Richard Chanfray, Richard Paul Jodrell, Robert de Boron, Robert St. Clair-Erskine, Robert Estienne, Robert Fludd, Robert Recorde, Robertus the monk, Rodrigo Duterte, Roger Bacon, Roger of Hoveden, Ronn Jackson, Rudolf Steiner, Saint Walpurga, Sarah Churchill, Sargon of Akkad, Seneca, Severus Archontius, Sextus Julius Africanus, Shakespeare, Shen Kuo, Simeon of Durham, Simon Baruch, Sir Henry Sidney, Sir Edward Kelley, Sir Francis Walsingham, Sir Thomas Vaughn, Sir Walter Raleigh, Solomon Jarchi, Solon, Sopater of Apamea, St. Alban, Stefan George, Stephanus of Byzantium, Steve Bannon, Susannah Hoare, Tatian of Adiabene, Terentia, Thales of Miletus, Theodore Marburg, Theodorus of Mopsuestia, Theophrastus, Thomas á Kempis, Thomas Alcock, Thomas Cartwright, Thomas Cromwell, Thomas Dekker, Thomas Gordon, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Lodge, Thomas Paine, Thomas Randolph (poet), Thomas Robert Malthus, Thomas Vaughn (Eugenius Philalethes), Thomas William Baxter Aveling, Tiridates the Great, Titania, Titus Livius, Virgil, Vladimir Putin, Wace, William Beckford, William I (Prince of Orange), William Hope Hodgson, William Ockham, William Tyndale, William Q. Judge, William Walker Atkinson, William Whiston, William-Henry Ireland, William of Newburgh, William of Malmesbury, William of Malines, William of Tyre, William Sharington, William Small, William Thomas Beckford, Winston Churchill, Xi Jinping, Zacharias Ursinus, Zaleucus, Zeno of Elea, Zosimos of Panopolis, Zosimus Historicus.

Lord Byron, incarnated watcher, “fallen angel.” A glimpse into his consciousness: “I am such a strange mélange of good and evil that it would be difficult to describe me.”

Nikola Tesla, incarnated watcher, “fallen  angel.” A revelation: “There are many ‘fallen angels’ on Earth.”

Francis Bacon (Shakespeare), incarnated watcher, “fallen angel.” A clue to his origin, identity, abilities and goals: “While I do not intend to put my Heaven-bestowed powers on this plane, it is true that I have nothing in common with vulgar minds, that it is our wish to have our words heard, nor should it be thought vanity since it is not alone that I wish fame amongst humankind, in such things. I desire that the time to come should correct the errors of the unfortunate present, but more I do not hope to win.”

William Q. Judge, incarnated watcher, “fallen angel.” A description of how “fallen angels” conduct their work: “The most intelligent being in the universe, man, has never, then, been without a friend, but has a line of elder brothers who continually watch over the progress of the less progressed, preserve the knowledge gained through aeons of trial and experience, and continually seek for opportunities of drawing the developing intelligence of the race on this or other globes to consider the great truths concerning the destiny of the soul. These elder brothers also keep the knowledge they have gained of the laws of nature in all departments, and are ready when cyclic law permits to use it for the benefit of mankind. They have always existed as a body, all knowing each other, no matter in what part of the world they may be, and all working for the race in many different ways. In some periods they are well known to the people and move among ordinary men whenever the social organization, the virtue, and the development of the nations permit it. For if they were to come out openly and be heard of everywhere, they would be worshipped as gods by some and hunted as devils by others. In those periods when they do come out some of their number are rulers of men, some teachers, a few great philosophers, while others remain still unknown except to the most advanced of the body.”

Jimmy Savile, incarnated watcher, “fallen angel.” A description of how he operates: “I am the eminence grise: the grey, shadowy figure in the background. The thing about me is I get things done and I work deep cover.”

Henry VIII, incarnated watcher, “fallen angel.” How the “fallen angels” can return to the heavenly realms by redeeming themselves: “Whoever leads an auspicious life here and governs the commonwealth rightly, as my most noble father did, who promoted all piety and banished all ignorance, has a most certain way to heaven.”

George Soros, incarnated watcher, “fallen angel.” His introspection: “I fancied myself as some kind of god. If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble. It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.”

Julius Caesar, incarnated watcher, “fallen angel.” From one incarnation to another, how the gods dictate punishment: “It was the wont of the immortal gods sometimes to grant prosperity and long impunity to men whose crimes they were minded to punish in order that a complete reverse of fortune might make them suffer more bitterly.”

Just like all of us, the “fallen angels” can be good or evil or choose to exist in a mixture of both.

(And yes, my brother, the names withheld from this list are just as important as those included.)


“But what of Varence and Ceres?” Donar, the other pale man, likened to Varence’s heritage, said as he stepped forward eagerly. “Their mission was placed here. Their lesson would not be over.”

“Then they would stand in place still-for the time said,” Opolitta responded as though it were obvious.

“True, for leaving would not be right-not for them with their placement, their position, or to those they have influenced here,” Buckrin added. “They are responsible, in part, for the aid which will be needed for such an exposure-for such teachings.”

“Though not a complete truth unveiled,” Zurion said with his index finger pointing at them upon his cornered elbow as he held it before his face playfully.

“Well, no-NOT THAT,” Ultimaera said plainly.

“THAT would leave a great deal still to do with all these little things,” Opolitta told them.

Aresades spun to face her fellow elders, turning with a successful smile to Varence. “That would leave you, Varence, this Prince of Chance, with great responsibility to guide them through things.”

“And Ceres, too,” Mikalas nodded.

“Yes, she, too,” Aresades then said to her. “They both would undeniably be responsible for the tellings and the tales-of which to say and not, for only they would know how to instigate such balances.”

A silence filled the room. “Hmm,” Zurion began with delight. “YES, this has not been seen before, at least not in my age. This is so very new, but interesting-very interesting.”

“Would the judge be swayed to agree with Aresades’ proclamation?” Ultimaera asked. “For it did seem more like one than a vote.”

“All words are considered just,” Zurion said for her, for them. “Such things are always received with hope.” He smiled to Mikalas. “And it does seem that we are in need of constant amendments as things grow heated in so many places.”

“Many worlds are so complicated like this now,” Buckrin added.

“It is good in my ears then,” Zurion said absolutely, his voice telling them that he’d heard enough and decided quickly. “Aresades, we thank you for your heartfelt words… I have truly been immersed in resolving them now. Varence and Ceres, I make my judgement this way. I enforce this new view of the fair Aresades and impart her said delay on this world. For one thousand years the Earth shall be spared its final due judgement. And you, the both of you, shall remain here as you have before-as watchers, but now with a greater task. You have heard all said and discussed. You will abide by it. There is no need to explain our bounds, you’ve known them before and will follow them still. I endow you the chance to aid in this healing that so infatuates you. The process will be hard, but may yet prove rewarding for us all.”

“Perhaps there may be more candidates for the council one day,” Mikalas suggested.

“Perhaps,” Zurion agreed weakly, yet with hope. “But pay mind to this… Your feet will remain here aboard the Earth. You will not be granted the graces of visiting other places-in any sense. For in all your doings you have brought this heavy circumstance to being, and you shall respect its nurturing-as one would any child. And in doing this, in following our will-complying with all previous punishments upon you, you two will also be judged at this time’s end. After one thousand years, you two will know and surrender with all you’ve done.”

~from “The Circle” by William J. Griffith

To the watchers: a meeting, much like the one described above, will again take place and when it does, I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing all of you there. Also, I have a message for you from the Council: the Council’s patience has grown thin. Very, very thin