Earth Is No School, It’s A Trap

Update, July 2016:
Because this post is frequently visited, I’d like to provide some additional information about what is said below.

First, it is undeniably true that Earth is a prison. It is not a school, although a great deal of learning will manifest from this experience. If Earth in our 3rd dimensional virtual reality was a school then there would be no need for a divine intervention. Divine intervention takes place when something goes wrong, not right, and that is exactly what is taking place right now; divine intervention.

Second, aware or unaware, there are people on this planet who are critically important to this divine intervention. Heaven is no fool. Everything, and I mean everything, has been carefully prepared for what is to come.

Third, of the three lengthy documents below, the best one is the article written by Edward Alexander or “Maggador” on his Pleiadian Talk blog. Edward provides an excellent summary of what is happening here on Earth and he should know; his experience in spirituality goes very, very deep. Only a few humans can match his knowledge. The other two documents are important because they outline the details of how humanity has become and remains enslaved. Understanding the details of the mechanisms which enslave us is vital. Knowledge is power, as we all know so very well.


Below is the fifth and final epiphany I had to go through in order to fully awaken. In an earlier post I called it Step Five.

You have to know that we’re trapped here on Earth. Numerous gurus and spiritual guides have preached over centuries of time that our lives we live here on Earth are lessons that each soul must go through in order to ascend. They’ve said it takes many lifetimes to learn enough to be allowed to graduate.

It’s a load of crap. We are trapped here on Earth. Period. And when we finally figure it out, we can escape and return home.

It wasn’t very difficult for me to accept that our lives here on Earth are not what spiritual gurus and meditation masters would have us believe. I never got into the New Age movement. Thankfully.

Three-dimensional Earth is nightmarishly hard. It’s that way because an elaborate system was created to keep us here for thousands of years, life after life, death after death, with no reasonably good chance at escaping.

The belief that Earth is a school is wrong. The belief that we must learn numerous lessons before being allowed to leave here is wrong. Even karma is not what awakened people think it is. Karma is part of the trap to lock us down, over and over.

I would never declare such a thing as this unless I had done my homework. Which I have. The three sources below spell out this complex and fantastically well-designed system of servitude and do it so clearly and completely that even the most wide-eyed, spiritually advanced, New Age guru would be forced to accept the truth.

The Trap System-Secrets Never Before Revealed

I’m not going to summarize, encapsulate, dumb down, outline, paraphrase, gloss over or simplify any of this stuff. The bottom line is if you want to understand the prison we live in, you have to read this material. ALL of it.

Be at peace.

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