The True Story of our Prophetic World

Ancient Prophecies 3

“The Legend of the Tuatha De Danann”
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“The real reason the aliens came here, their secret agenda, was to observe and absorb divine intervention. That’s the only reason they’re here, that’s the only reason they have been coming here, staying here….and why they stay so hidden and cloaked. They didn’t come to save us, they came to watch and learn and observe a civilization as it slowly undergoes a transformation and cataclysm…..Divine intervention always comes to these times, it has and always will. Their lives are so formal and sterile, the enrichment of spiritual knowledge is the most prized thing anywhere….And it’s happening right now.”


“But the biggest secret of all is that it was all planned…The luring, the manipulation, the technology, even the instigation of experiments…all for the sake of the end of the game. Which is…that our fate is their fate. There is a cosmic law the aliens observe, but there is also a spiritual law of which only the higher powers know…You can’t just simply sit and watch a civilization crumble, or manipulate it without consequences….It’s like a domino-effect. What happens here will happen on their worlds, ending ultimately in an entire-ending and re-shaping of the entire universes’ hierarchy. The good guys lose…the bad guys lose, ha ha ha. They planned it eons ago, and the parts were played out perfectly.”
~from Valiant’s first post, 17 March 2012

We are reshaping the hierarchy of the entire universe and it was planned like this from the beginning. Our story isn’t the story of only those of us on Earth. Our story is the saga of an entire universe.

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“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.”

“Be kind. Everyone you meet is carrying a heavy burden.”
~Ian MacLaren

“Hopefully later rather than sooner.”
~One who knows

“It is given that the evil shall be trodden out in the sixth portico.”
~Comte de St.-Germain

“There are many fallen angels on Earth.”
~Nikola Tesla

“Life to a scholar is but a pawn for mankind.”
~Francis Bacon


There are so many events, many millions of years ago, that we all don’t know, but those events, all of them are recorded and kept in the library planet very far away from here on Earth.

Electronic civilizations occurred a very long time ago in different times and ages.

Earth is ruled by many gods and it is true also that none of them are good ones except the Celestial Sons who watched the Earth closely and recorded all events billions of years ago and no events on Earth were missed.

Since those gods invaded Earth, as their last resort, this Earth was already occupied by other gods and battles were seen up in the heavens and also seen by many beings in many galaxies that marked the planet Earth, “The 3rd Dimension Planet for the Killing Machines.”

That is the reason why we try to make contact from the good beings from another star, but get no replies.

As long as planet Earth is not unified yet with the “Peaceful Universal Community,” it will remain an easy target by those exiled gods, space travelers, that until now are ruling the Earth.


The human form star beings that are us, are from very, very far galaxies and planets and that is our origin, your origin.

This is a fact that was hidden from all human beings.

The suffering of humans and their silent prayers are truly heard out there and witnessed by many peaceful beings on their screens in every galaxy and planet in every dimension.

In this coming time, no one can “stir” humans anymore. Those negative evil beings have to retire permanently, together with their allies, the bad ETs and their slaves; all of them have to go.

Spacecrafts are used by the Celestial Sons as a tool for fixing things until it is done.

When it comes to upgrading planets into another dimension, that is their area of expertise.

They have been designing for billions of years and all of them are immortals. They are also escorted by their brothers in spaceships.

After they are done, the “form” they created for themselves and used will just fade away and then goodbyes will be said to their brothers.

The great love of brotherhood of the Celestial Sons is superior in every way that we humans are just beginning to understand but soon, things will be better.

Soon, we will all be home.

~excerpts from Albert and the Celestial Sons



…the illogical system of reincarnation is another important thing to be realized-just think about it. Reincarnation serves the purpose of letting people die and live again, as I am sure we can all agree on. What is falsely put forth in regards of reincarnation is that it is something to actually be wanted, that it is “natural” and part of our spiritual development. New Agers claim the Earth to be a “school” in where we develop by reincarnation. If that was the case, then obviously you would need to remember your past lives to be able to learn from them and develop. This is not the case, simply because reincarnation is not a way for spiritual development, it is the complete opposite, a way to remove you from your spirituality and your true self, by putting upon you amnesia from life to life so you will not remember who you were, where you came from, what you have done, and so on. Instead, you are forced to start “all over,” again and again, century after century. It could rather be called a “devolution of the spirit” than an “evolution of the spirit.”

You are not here for any “purpose”-you are here because you are trapped, in the illusions and programming. The only time you will “ascend” or go “further” is when you realize this and manage to keep your awareness with you at the time of death.

The only thing you will learn here is what deception and lies and illusions are-not because you are “supposed to,” but because you have been forced to, partially by your own choice.

Your purpose is higher, your real selves are cleaner, more pure, here you are just a small grain of your own selves, if even that. You barely know even the slightest about yourself and your origins-and the small things you know are mostly lies and deceit, so it leaves you with even less.

Remember, you are on one of the lowest forms of existence, and there are many gods and creators above you responsible for the different realms and programming which you reside within.

The good thing is that you can also create and be Gods, as you too have these powers within you because in the end you are all One and part of the Ultimate Source, thus you can control and dictate your own lives if you want to-as long as you learn how to.

~excerpts of Maggador’s comments on

“… As long as you are not aware of the continual law of Die and Be Again, you are merely a vague guest on a dark Earth…”

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, incarnated Watcher


It is ridiculous to have a Spiritually capable race [Humans] being dominated by advanced bugs and lizards together with evil humans who have no place to go because they are wanted criminals for Universal Law violations and so hide underground in the Earth to avoid capture. However, this is the current situation.

For those of you who live on the surface of the Earth, you need to know that you do not live under the rule of any type of “government.” You live under a cult. You cannot join this cult or even meet its members because they are all safely hidden underground. This cult controls your life and it controls your life to your detriment. If you expect any relief from your situation in the future, you must at the very least become aware of the true nature of your situation. Otherwise, those of you who cannot leave the planet Earth will continue to be “playthings of the gods.”

~from “Playthings of the Gods” by W.C. Vetsch

The Watchers

That man possesses an immortal soul is the common belief of humanity; to this Theosophy adds that he is a soul; and further that all nature is sentient, that the vast array of objects and men are not mere collections of atoms fortuitously thrown together and thus without law evolving law, but down to the smallest atom all is soul and spirit ever evolving under the rule of law which is inherent in the whole. And just as the ancients taught, so does Theosophy; that the course of evolution is the drama of the soul and that nature exists for no other purpose than the soul’s experience.

The Theosophist agrees with Prof. Huxley in the assertion that there must be beings in the universe whose intelligence is as much beyond ours as ours exceeds that of the black beetle and who take an active part in the government of the natural order of things. Pushing further on by the light of the confidence had in his teachers, the Theosophist adds that such intelligences were once human and came like all of us from other and previous worlds, where as varied experience had been gained as is possible on this one. We are therefore not appearing for the first time when we come upon this planet, but have pursued a long, an immeasurable course of activity and intelligent perception on other systems of globes, some of which were destroyed ages before the solar system condensed.

This immense reach of the evolutionary system means, then, that this planet on which we now are is the result of the activity and the evolution of some other one that died long ago, leaving its energy to be used in the bringing into existence of the earth, and that the inhabitants of the latter in their turn came from some older world to proceed here with the destined work in matter. And the brighter planets, such as Venus, are the habitation of still more progressed entities, once as low as ourselves, but now raised up to a pitch of glory incomprehensible for our intellects.

The most intelligent being in the universe, man, has never, then, been without a friend, but has a line of elder brothers who continually watch over the progress of the less progressed, preserve the knowledge gained through aeons of trial and experience, and continually seek for opportunities of drawing the developing intelligence of the race on this or other globes to consider the great truths concerning the destiny of the soul.

These elder brothers also keep the knowledge they have gained of the laws of nature in all departments, and are ready when cyclic law permits to use it for the benefit of mankind. They have always existed as a body, all knowing each other, no matter in what part of the world they may be, and all working for the race in many different ways. In some periods they are well known to the people and move among ordinary men whenever the social organization, the virtue, and the development of the nations permit it. [Moses, Senmut, Artephius, King Solomon, Roger Bacon, Rasputin, Louis XV, Count of St.-Germain, Thomas Paine, Francis Bacon, Annie Besant, Nikola Tesla, Dalida, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe…] For if they were to come out openly and be heard of everywhere, they would be worshipped as gods by some and hunted as devils by others. In those periods when they do come out some of their number are rulers of men, some teachers, a few great philosophers, while others remain still unknown except to the most advanced of the body.

~from “The Ocean of Theosophy” by William Q. Judge

The Authors

But if the Sons of God were not men, but angels, who about the period indicated left their “proper habitation,” and came to earth for the purpose of gratifying unlawful and unnatural desires, we have, in this, a cause at once adequate and likely to produce the unparalleled evil, which led to the ruin of the old world. Were not fallen spirits, dwelling amongst mankind, and intimately associated with them, very capable of producing the gross and widely-spread depravity of conduct and morals, which prevailed in those times? And was not this depravity a natural result of the abode on earth, not only of these fallen but powerful beings, but also of another mighty and lawless race, who owed their origin to them?

When we reflect on the evil which fallen spirits have wrought in this world-of the untold miseries which one successful act of an evil angel has caused to our race-of the power exercised by such spirits, and the ills which they inflicted on individuals, at the time of the sojourn on earth of Him, who will eventually bruise the serpent’s head-we discern in the character and degree of the evil prevalent in the antediluvian age, the strongest reason for believing that fallen angels, and their offspring, were the prime cause and authors of it.

~from “The Fallen Angels and the Heroes of Mythology” by John Fleming

The Immortals

Echoing still through lapse of ages, silent voices from
        the past,
Thrilling with a wondrous sweetness, filling life with
        thoughts more vast;
Dust as dust can never claim them, living in the
        deeds they wrought,-
Heroes, sages, poets, painters, great in deed or grand
        in thought;
Still amongst us ever living, these immortals come
        and go,
Half of earth and half of heaven, when in flesh they
        dwell below.
Mortal still they chain, and bind us by the mystery of
        their power:
Music, as a god exulting, falling like a golden shower;
Pictured scenes as fair as nature, gleaming moonlight,
        burning sun,
Still shall live and gladden thousands, though the
        master’s work is done;
Still the poet’s page shall charm us when the hand
        that wrote is cold.
Grand Immortals, still undying, thy living memories
        earth must hold.

~from “Glimpses Beyond the Veil” by Laura A. Whitworth

Memos from Earth

Crop circle distribution near Stonehenge 2014-16

Crop circle distribution near Stonehenge, 2014-16
Click on image for larger view

The Tuatha.
Long ago they sowed their seeds in the Celtic Lands…
But did they only sow seeds there?
Not just DNA…or monuments, or myths or lost truths
And magic…Perhaps they left clues everywhere
Scattered across the globe…key points and places
To consider…to leave for their descendants
Ages later to uncover, unravel…and change
The World…

Stonehenge…Pyramids…Runic Symbols, Celtic
Knots and Mendhi Lines…
Even Crop Circles may in fact be involved…
The Tuatha did possess a knack for natural magic…
Crop Circles and communicating with the Earth
Would be so easy for them…If only we knew…

~Valiant, 12 Feb 2015

The Wicked and The Good

Man was raised out of the womb of Earth to rule its surface, but here the existing powers gather into two camps of everlasting hostility. Life opposes death, the champions of light challenge the champions of darkness, Truth confronts falsehood.

There is a leader of light and a leader of darkness, a commander of life and a commander of death. The legions of wickedness oppose the legions of the upright. At birth all are cast out upon the battlefield of life and join the legions arrayed on one side or the other.

According to his rank in the legion of Truth, so does a man fight against falsehood. By his standing in the eyes of the commander of light, so is a man placed in opposition to his adversary in the legion of darkness.

The wicked will be delivered to the sharp edge of the sword, but the good will be remembered.

~from “The Teachings of Sadek” within “The Kolbrin”


“The One became Two. The Neuter became Bi-Sexual. Male and Female—the Two in One—evolved from the Neuter. And the Work of Creation began.”

In this Third Aphorism of Creation the Rosicrucian is directed to apply his attention to the conception of the World Soul—the First Manifestation of the Eternal Parent—as a Bi-sexual Universal Being. This Bi-Sexual Universal Being, combining within itself the elements and principles of both Masculinity and Femininity, is known in the Rosicrucian Teachings as “The Universal Hermaphrodite,” and “The Universal Androgyne.”


According to the Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians, there are present in All-Creation the activities of a Male Principle and a Female Principle, both Universal in Nature, Character and Extent—both Opposing Aspects of the World Soul—which act and react, one upon the other, and thus produce all Creative Activity and the “Cosmic Becoming” or Universal Activity and Change. And the teachings also are that these Two Sex Principles operate and manifest upon every plane of Life, from the Sub-Mineral, on to the Mineral, on to the Plant, on to the Animal, on to the Human, or to the Super-Human, on to the Angelic or God-like. And, likewise, that in every Thing in Creation there is present and manifest the activity of Sex.


The ancient teachings taught positively that there was present and active Sex in all Manifested Creation; and Modern Science is beginning to teach that the evidence of the presence of Sex in every Thing is conclusive.

The ancient teachings, which were later embodied in the early Rosicrucian teachings, held that in order that there might be Becoming, Change, or Creation, there must be Re-action following Action—the play of one force on another. And the best teachings of the ancients were that these two opposing forces in Nature were Masculine, and Feminine, respectively—dual aspects of the Universal Being.


In short, on each and every plane of Life, physical, mental, or spiritual there is found present and active the Universal Principle of Sex, in some of its phases and forms. Sex cannot be escaped in Nature—the Universe is Bi-Sexual, and all Creation, on every plane, is caused by Sex and Sex only. A full understanding of this important fact would revolutionize the conceptions of modern science, and render practicable many important ideas which now exist merely as dreams in the minds of the advanced scientists. To those who cannot see this plainly, we would say: It is admitted that all physical and mental phenomena depend for activity upon the Law of Attraction. When it is discovered that the law of Attraction proceeds along the lines of Sex, and Sex alone, then it is seen that all activity is Sex-Activity.

~from “The Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians” by Magus Incognito (William Walker Atkinson)

Joy And Sorrow

Were there no darkness we could not know light, were there no sorrow we would never know joy.

Sorrow chisels out a storehouse within the soul, wherein may be stored the things of the spirit. The deeper sorrow carves, the more of these the storehouse will hold. Sorrow digs the well from which are drawn the refreshing waters of compassion and understanding; the deeper the well, the more pure its waters.


Joy and sorrow are inseparable companions, one reveals the other. They enter your life together and thenceforth keep the watches with you. Always one remains by your side, while the other sleeps.

You are suspended in the scales balanced between joy and sorrow, and not until you become an empty body do the balances stand at rest. As life pours out your moulding portion into the scales, so the balances of joy and sorrow fall and rise.


He who sorrows before sorrow is called for is sorrowful for the sake of sorrow; he loves sorrow, for sorrow, like pain, can give pleasure to the abnormal.

He who seeks pleasure among fickle things of no substance can know but the fleeting glance of joy. When kindled, straw blazes up immediately and as quickly fades, but hard timber glows redly for long and its heat lasts.

The afflicting blows of sorrow that strengthen the spirit on the road, that it may stride forward until it reaches green pastures of contentment, are better for man than the soft allurements of pleasure. For these sap the strength from his heart, so that he becomes incapable of enduring distress. For the misty shape of joy too often lures man into the morass of regret, or plunges him into the pool of despair.

~from Chapter 36 of “The Book of Morals and Precepts” within “The Kolbrin”


Man’s state of Consciousness can be no better than the state of his body.

Man’s body, serving as radio and television on the physical plane, is composed of trillions of cells, each cell being composed of millions of atoms, and each atom a miniature solar system, with “planets” in the form of electrons and protons, revolving at tremendous speed round a common center of attraction, the nucleus.

Each atom and each cell in the body is Intelligized by Cosmic Consciousness and Vitalized by Cosmic Force. Through the Infinite Atom man’s Consciousness comes directly from the Cosmic Source, and is limited by his limited capacity to receive and express it.

This is the Secret Power, almost unknown, which rules men and arranges them in many classes, from the highest to the lowest. Those of each class manifest a state of Intelligence according to the condition of their body, the radio. The better the body’s condition, the greater the Intelligence it will manifest. There is no known way to put much Intelligence into the degenerate brain of a dunce.

There in a nutshell is the secret why certain men possess greater powers of Consciousness than others do. It is not a question of attuning ourselves to the “Wisdom of the Ages,” as stated by the advertisements in the magazines, but of improving the state of the body, the instrument of reception and manifestation.

~from “Ancient Secret of Personal Power: Tetragrammaton” by Hilton Hotema


Life is the grand searcher of the human heart to whom it is given to unseal the fountain of the soul. If we devote our lives to an object which commands all our love and unceasingly labour at its realization then we become co-workers with the great Architect and the Master-builders of the heavenly mansions in which harmony, order and beauty reign supreme. Let us comply, then, with the laws laid down for the orderly raising of our spiritual edifice, and the indwelling Lord will not tarry to make His presence known.

Scientists assure us that the beautiful workings of natural law can be studied and observed in the development of morbid phenomena just as much as in the unfoldment of healthy growths. The regularity, exactness, faithfulness of these tiny molecules and atoms and electrons making up the cells and the organs are equally admirable whether they work for the preservation of an organism or for its destruction. There is strict obedience to given laws which are never violated, nor departed from. The sole exception being when a higher law intervenes which suspends the effects of the lower.

~from “The Diary of a Child of Sorrow” by Elias Gewurz

Crescent Moon And Star, Ever-Burning Lamp


Crop circle appeared 8 July 2016 adjacent to Stonehenge. Thanks to Hugh Newman for sharing this photo on the web.

“The 7-pointed star (also called the Fairy or Elven Star) represents the Pleiadian Star System, known as the Seven Sisters, & was named after the daughters of Atlas & Pleione. According to Greek mythology, Orion the hunter fell in love with the sisters & their mother. He pursued them relentlessly for seven years trying to win their affections. Eventually, the god Zeus intervened & transformed the seven sisters into doves to help them escape from Orion’s advances. The doves flew into the sky to become the stars we see today. The word “Pleiades” in Greek means “doves.” This mystical star system has been revered throughout antiquity, & has been called the center of the Universe, the seat of immortality, & the home of the Divine.”

Since ancient times, the symbol of a crescent moon and star has been used. Long ago, the Greeks used it to represent the goddess Diana.


Fear, love, joy, sadness, lust, eager desire, anger, pity, emulation, admiration,-these motions of affections of the mind exist from the beginning of man’s creation by the Lord; and they were usefully and advantageously introduced into human nature, that by governing himself by these with method, and in accordance with reason, man may be able, by acting manfully, to exercise those good qualities, by means of which he would justly have deserved to receive from the Lord eternal life. For these affections of the mind being restrained within their proper limits, that is, being rightly employed, produce at present good qualities, and in the future eternal rewards. But when they advance beyond their boundaries, that is, when they turn aside to an evil course, then vices and iniquities come forth, and produce everlasting punishments.

~from “Fragments of Lactantius” within “The Ante-Nicene Fathers”


The Mother Church, born in darkness, developed in the blood of millions of innocent victims who refused to embrace its false dogma, sustained by instilling the fear of death into the mind of the masses, beholds the brilliant reflection of the Golden Dawn and trembles.

For the sign of the approach of the Golden Dawn heralds the revival of the lost Wisdom of the Ancient Magi, which informs man of the mysteries of Creation that will liberate his mind from the fear of death.


The Lost Wisdom taught man that he is Life, and that Life had no beginning and has no ending. The condition called death pertains only to the body and not to Life. And the body was never alive. It was only the mechanism used by Life to perform its regular duties in the visible world according to the laws of Creation.

THERE IS NO DEATH. The condition called death is the regular creative process that releases the Eternal Ego from its earthly prison. This process is a change that is not understood by man, due to false teaching of the Church, designed to keep man in darkness and ignorance. The Apostle Paul clearly expounded this baffling secret in these words:

“Behold, I show you a mystery: We shall not sleep (in death), but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump.” (1 Cor. 15:51, 52).     _ ;)_

What Paul called change is the liberation of the Divine Ego from its earthly prison, so it can return to its heavenly home. And so Death, when correctly understood, is a blessing, not a curse, and was so regarded by the Ancient Magi.

The Gnostic poet Phocylides declared that, “After we have left our earthly prison we shall be gods, for in us dwell immortal and incorruptible souls.”

A tomb inscription at Petilia, in Italy, which dates back to Fourth Century B.C., said: “It is a glorious mystery which comes to us from the blessed gods; for us mortals, death is not an evil but a good.”

Theognia asserted: “Life in the flesh is but deception and misery.”

Sophocles stated: “The first good thing is to be born, and the second is to die as soon as possible.”

The ancient philosopher Cleombrotus, of Ambracia, threw himself from a tower, that with a single leap he might return to his heavenly home.

Hegasias of Cyrene, surnamed Peisithanates (he who advocates death as a blessing), made a business of teaching that Death is far better than Life. His disciples killed themselves in such numbers that Ptolemy Philadelphus closed his school and banned him from teaching in Alexandria.

~from “The Golden Dawn” by Hilton Hotema
Thanks to the photographer for sharing this photo on the web.


If a man would know Heaven, he must first know Earth. Man cannot understand Heaven until he understands Earth. He cannot understand God until he understands himself, and he cannot know love unless he has been loveless.

God is unknown but not unknowable. He is unseen but not unseeable. God is unheard but not unhearable.

He is not understood but He is understandable.

The goal of life is upstream, not downstream. Man must struggle against the current, not drift with the flow.

A child is born knowing all God intended it to know, the rest it must discover for itself. Man does not live to increase the glory of God, this cannot be done, but to increase the glory of man.

He who worships with empty rituals wastes his time and displays the shallowness of his thought. That which man does to benefit man is good, but if he seeks to gratify God it is a labour of ignorance showing disrespect for God whose nature is above that of earthly princes. A lifting hand is worth ten wagging tongues.

Be a man of fortitude and courage. Prepare to fight, for Earth gives man but two choices: to struggle or perish. There is work to be done in the Garden of God, therefore cease useless performances and word-wasting discussions, go, pick up the hoe and tackle the task to hand.

This is the secret of life: Man lives in God and God lives in man. This answers all questions.

~from “The Third of the Egyptian Scrolls” within “The Kolbrin”

The Obscure Night

The harmlessness of the dove and the innocence of the child are principles to be deeply sunk into the mind for which regeneration is sought. No amount of cleverness or intellectual acumen will save a soul from shipwreck on the shoreless seas of the inner life. Childlike trust in the Vision and obedience to it will prove a real source of strength and save the aspirant from a host of enemies as cruel as they are subtle, and all the more mighty because they are not seen nor known to the waking mind. The obscure night is the hunting ground for all sorts and conditions of inferior spirits, preying upon the poor aspirants who have entered it unprepared, with all their weaknesses and failings still clinging to them. Even the smallest foible may become a grave menace to the disciple when far advanced on the Path. It is like a crevice in the armour of a warrior standing in an exposed position and facing the enemy’s ranks.

~from “The Diary of a Child of Sorrow” by Elias Gewurz

Darkness Of The Night

Rabbi Simeon Ben Jochai was very ill and his disciples gathered round his bed to listen to the words of wisdom falling from his lips in the midst of his agonies. Being overcome by the sight of his suffering Teacher, one of them, asked, “Rabbi, why should a pure and holy soul like yours have to suffer such anguish?” And at once a voice from the spheres (Bath-Kol, they call it) was heard, saying, “Do not question the wisdom of Him who knows better than flesh and blood. It is His will, and His will is law, and the law decrees that the balance shall be preserved as above so below; those who are to enter into the great joy must first partake of the bitter cup, and he who is to see the glorious light must first pass through the darkness of the night.”

~from “Collected Hebrew Legends”

One With Divinity

The subconscious mind or self is man’s storehouse of memory. It contains a perfect account of all his experiences and embodies all the history of his consciousness. From the time that man as a spirit was projected from the Godhead this subconscious self has kept his records. Man is today the sum total of those experiences. It is the formative side of his personality, molding his lives according to the directions given by the conscious mind.

The superconscious mind or self is the highest portion of man, for it is the eternal spark of the Divine. It is the spirit enlightener within man, which is his true conscience or guide. When the other two phases of mind, the conscious and subconscious, are in perfect attunement and harmony with this mind, man is master of himself and his conditions. This portion of mind in man is One with Divinity…

~from “Researches In Reincarnation and Beyond” by A.R. Martin

Wisdom Of The Ancient Masters

Man does not fall into sin, nor lose his soul (solar spark).

In the upper half (Heaven) of the Circle, man is invisible Spirit. In the lower half (Earth) he is vested, robed in a carnal body, thus corresponding with his environment.

He now becomes “lost” in the physical world of change on the tempestuous “Sea of Illusion,” across which he must sail…

The Masters taught that birth in the physical world is the descent of Spirit into Matter; and that death in the physical world is Birth in the Spiritual World, the Born Again process, the return to man’s original status…


The Masters fabulized Incarnation as death and burial of Spirit in Matter. They said, “The Soul becomes ‘cribbed, cabined and confined’ in the limitations of the carnal body, as it loses a dimension of Consciousness at each step on the descending path. It becomes bound in the sensual and palpable, after previously having had the power to range at will throughout limitless space and Universal Thought.”

According to the Masters, when the Spirit descends into its physical temple, on its approach and at the moment of its divulsion from its celestial abode, there ensues an intermediate or preparatory stage, a diminution of Consciousness, termed a swoon.

In the “Tibetan Book of the Dead,” a rare work which the church failed to find and destroy, the celestial body is represented as retrograding step by step into the lower state of Consciousness. Each step downward to incarnation is preceded by a swooning into unconsciousness. This swooning on the descent, from the upper (Heaven) to the lower (Earth) part of the Circle, is comparable to falling asleep.


According to the Masters, incarceration of Cosmic Spirit in the Terrestrial Cross (human body) is the process that forms and fixes as an eternal entity, the Individual Consciousness of each person on the Astral Plane.

That is the purpose of living. That is the reason why man comes into being. That is the Cosmic Process by which Individuality comes out of Universality.

The Masters taught that, as a rule, seven such incarnations are required to accomplish that definite state of Eternal, Individual Consciousness.


The Masters strove for such perfection of Mental Powers in the primary incarnation, that subsequent incarcerations of the Cosmic Spirit in Matter were unnecessary.

~from “Mystery Man of the Bible” by Hilton Hotema


Adversity and affliction, like the smith, shape as they strike. They stand as challengers on the pathway to Truth, and test the aspirants for godhood.

Adversity and affliction are to be expected, for they are necessities for the training of man. Therefore, be not bitter at the trials of life or the chastisement of the One God. A father who omits to chastise his children is careless of their welfare.

Calamity ever lurks at the heels of man, it dogs his footsteps wheresoever he turns. It strikes in the dark like those who lay in wait for the wayfarer, it haunts the residences of prosperity and peace. The wise man is ever girt to meet it, in the halls of pleasure he carries a sword.

Adversity operates according to the Law. It is as the fire which sets the pot or the hammer which tempers metal. It divides the weak from the strong and the worthy from the unworthy. It is the grindstone which sharpens the sword of courage. It is the comb which adds lustre to the cloth of virtue.

Man is the child of misfortune, those who never knew calamity have gone. Earth does not unnecessarily oppress man, as the weaklings declare, her role is to instruct and develop, and can this be done without chastisement? There is a time for instruction and a time for play, Earth provides both and she is not unduly harsh. Life contains far more pleasure than pain, far more joy than sorrow. He who wants all play and no labour has no place on Earth. Instruction is rarely wholly a pleasure, nor is learning inseparable from chastisement.

~from chapter 35 of “The Book of Morals and Precepts” within “The Kolbrin”

We’re Going Home

Many light years away from this planet are so many more planets. In every dimension lies millions and millions of planets. There lie so many higher civilizations.

Indeed, they are in many forms and sizes; they are all humans.

While we are proud to be ourselves for what we are and what humans have achieved, many of their invented spacecrafts for personal transportation travel 10 million miles per hour in earth time counting.

But many are advanced spacecraft that travel in a speed of light that are used for long distance purposes.

Many also from those higher civilizations had been in war just like here on earth but that was millions of years ago as a part of their histories. They are now in a higher level of understanding and there are so many of them.

As part of their goal; invention, sharing of knowledge and most of all, they all realize the power of Creation as a source of all life and they respect all life in the Universes and their intention is for the good of all living beings anywhere and everywhere they go.

Not every solar system works in the same way. Many work in many secrets. Many solar systems also don’t need suns and moons for they are designed in many ways.

In every solar system there are guards. They call themselves the Celestial Sons.


There are so many of the them guarding the secrets and many more secrets of the Universes and Galaxies but welcome all humans who begin to realize the light within them as a part of Creation.

Don’t you feel that you’re going home soon?

~excerpts from Albert and the Celestial Sons


For never, O my Son, shall, or can that soul, which, while it is in the body, lightens and lifts up itself to know and comprehend that which is good and true, slide back to the contrary. For it is infinitely enamoured thereof, and forgetteth all evils; and when it hath learned and known its Father and Progenitor, it can no more apostatize or depart from that good.


For this only, O Son, is the way to Truth, which our Progenitors travelled in; and by which making their journey, they at length attained to the good. It is a venerable way and plain, but hard and difficult for the soul to go in that is in the body.

~from “The First Book of the Divine Pymander” by Hermes Trismegistus

Help From Home

Remember the divine message given to Les Visible on 1 February 2016:
(In infinite gratitude, thank you, Les.)

“I have said these things to you this evening because the impact of these statements on you is going to be more profound than anything that has been exchanged between us at any time before and I have asked you to write these thoughts down, because there are those who come here to whom much that has been said tonight, also applies. I determine the power that attends the words of anyone who speaks or thinks they speak on my behalf. Though I am generally unseen and unnoticed, I am here now. I am moving through the whole spectrum of human events. Like the wind that is unseen but whose effects are seen, in just that way… I am here and I AM here, so all that have previously been in doubt and sorely tried, should take enormous comfort in what is being said. Faster than lightning, I can change anything into anything and I fully intend to do so to dramatic effect, though not as randomly as the statement may seem to indicate but rather, surgically precise.”


“I am moving through the whole spectrum of human events.”

“…I can change anything into anything and I fully intend to do so to dramatic effect, though not as randomly as the statement may seem to indicate but rather, surgically precise.”

With surgical precision (Brexit Vote), our help from home is here.


Truth is not a quality of Earth but an infusion from the Greater Region beyond the veil, where Truth is manifested in purity. Here on Earth things do not disclose their true nature to the eye, for the things we see with the eye are as the eye sees them, and not as they are in reality and Truth. The eye is a poor interpreter of reality.

To attain Truth man must reach out beyond Earth and himself. While he remains bound to Earth he may perceive the light of Truth only dimly in its reflection from the source afar.

Nevertheless, to strive for Truth must be one of the main aims of life. Therefore, Earth, the wise instructress, teaches man the nature of deceit and places it all about him, that he may observe its ways and learn to distinguish its illusions. It is in the nature of a game wherein man tries to discover what is reality, so far with little success. For the road to Truth lies through the thick forests of illusion and across the wide wastelands of deceit.

~from chapter 34 of “The Book of Morals and Precepts” within “The Kolbrin”

On June 23, 2016, humanity traveled through “the thick forests of illusion and across the wide wastelands of deceit,” carried by the hearts and determination of our sisters and brothers in the UK who have voted to leave the European Union. To our sisters and brothers in the UK: all of humanity thanks you.


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