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The Council

Ancient Prophecies 10, “The Watchers” Oberon and Titania: do you remember…?
Perhaps a better title would be “The Council.”

It’s a long journey indeed by looking backward at what we are, who we are and our purpose on Earth – what world you are living on now, and what worlds you have lived on before because truly, there are many worlds. Not only this Earth that you are living on now but many worlds that you’ve lived on before. Human spirits are immortal and have been in many worlds.

Let me call you a time traveler, explorer, a light that is connected to many worlds in the universes that travels in an instant as you please. Your body now, in the present time, is only considered your spiritual clothes. The real you is beyond you.
~Albert and the Celestial Sons

To my human sisters and brothers: thank you for the “likes.” They are very much appreciated. Comments? Sadly, they are not to be. Save them for the time when we are reunited with our true selves, our divine Mother and Father, and our families from the stars. So much to talk about, there will be. Until then, do not worry – Heaven is here.

And the artwork? All of humanity will learn its secrets.

You never thought I would make it this far, but I did. And now, I’m eagerly anticipating our reunion.

“April 12, 2011 is not the end–it is the beginning and is so recorded in space and time.” ~Ronn Jackson

April 29, 2021: Happy anniversary, William and Kate. 10 years. What a long journey it has been for us. Looking forward to seeing both of you in our true home outside this illusion.

It’s like this: intuition is latent, it’s unconscious, asleep… waiting until knowledge has poked and tickled and stirred intuition until intuition is fully awake. Then, it becomes strikingly powerful. Awakened, refined, ancient intuition is a hallmark of a god.

Remember, everyone: pride goes before a fall.

It has been reported that Anastasia said, “Father Grigori was a saint.” And, “This I know from Father Grigori. It was he who told that when a Battenberg becomes king of England, all is at the end.”

Will it be enough, Council?

For any new readers of this blog: as you occupy yet another human vessel during your numerous reincarnation episodes upon this planet, please note what is revealed here – the spiritual, cosmic, science fiction soap opera that you find yourselves immersed deeply within is more serpentine, complex, surreal, twisted and bizarre than can be described accurately and thoroughly by even the most astute and knowledgeable observer. Quite simply, pure and divine truth is beyond us. But not for much longer…

It’s been said before and should be mentioned, once again, dear Elizabeth I: what a bloody mess you have made here! (Wouldn’t you agree, William and Kate?)

Yes, Henry, you are quite right. Tick, tick…

“When the Starseed Tuatha awaken
All the rules will change…”

Do you remember, fallen angels?

An entire universe is watching…

We Wait

“We are experiencing a pandemic far worse than COVID and no one says anything about it. This pandemic is a global POSSESSION by Hungry Ghosts and other malign spirits. Watch carefully as you move through The World. It is like the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” or “The Day of the Triffids.” It is somewhat like “They Live.” It is a bit like all of them. If you can surreptitiously study the eyes of passersby, you can clearly see their mesmerized state. Few of us remain sane, but that is ALL going to change.”

~from “This is The Root Cause of the Present State of The World; Self-Will run Riot and Unbridled” by Les Visible

Thank you, Les.
Perfectly said…

Endless universes, layers of dimensions, immortal souls, countless worlds, vast civilizations…

Here, promised by Heaven to end, an age of evil.
Wrought by fallen angels and extraterrestrial beings.
An illusion, a “kingdom built from the fabric of a fallen angel’s imagination.”
Begun when fallen angels came to Earth not once, but twice.
On whose watch?
Blame is widely shared.

Incarcerated here, confined to incarnation, no fallen angel has departed the stage.
Where are they?
Look around. They are easily found. In hundreds of mind-controlled human alters, tweaking the illusion from behind the scenes as well as from under the lights.

Extraterrestrials? Not here or there, but everywhere.
Not a good mix, fallen angels and ET races.

Long ago…
“The Reflection of the Creator was born
In Human, and Human-like form…
In Five Races… in what we know as…
Human… Eagle… Cat… Bull… and Dragon…”
Three races extinguished, one enslaved, by the Dragon.
Four races.

“The four horsemen of the Apocalypse…”
Things that make you go “hmmm…”

Heard from afar and heard from above, cries of suffering reached those who watch.
Nine planets with special children, sisters and brothers from higher realms incarnated into heavy densities, born to return light… a plan to reset an entire cosmos.
Who are the children?
They know who they are. They are here.

Everyone knows. All know. This age will end. Evil will die and good will be (re)born.
No more reminders, fallen angels. You know what you must do.

Slowly, quietly, inexorably, as decreed by Heaven, all that is wrong is being put right.

And in the meantime?

We wait…

… The Dawning Light will shine on all of us, but… only some of us will see it and respond to it. By the day, the force of Awakening grows stronger and stronger. By the day, Mr. Apocalypse uncovers one plot after another. By the day, The Avatar comes closer to The Manifest Plane. This is what I attend to and await. I have no concern about what might come to pass in the process. I am saddened for many, but… what can you say or do?

It seems… twas ever thus. Whether it is Atlantis, Lemuria or Noah and the Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah or the many, many other cataclysms that wiped the slate into a near tabla rasa… it has ever been so. I suspect it will be the same again, only different. When I try to engage a new discipline or institute some program I think might assist in my quest, I am told to go ahead, but it doesn’t really matter if I do or I don’t. Hmm…

I have been given strong evidence that I am waiting for something, and that the answer for everything is contained in it. You go as far as you can, and then you wait. I was told to wait. It is like experiencing Jivanmukti. A time comes when you have stilled, but the mind has not. It goes right on turning out product, even though there is no longer a force driving it. It spins and spins like a wheel. Finally, it comes to a stop. The process is a mystery. It can be maddening to be in this state. You’ve done all you could, but the wheel keeps spinning. It will stop on its own accord. Until then… hold fast.

~from “The Enduring Truth is that They Can Do Nothing to You Unless You Fear Them. This is Very Hard to Explain” by Les Visible

Thank you, Les.
Once again, perfectly said…


“Ye Are Gods!”

Know that thou too art a God, to abide mid the hurry and haste,
A God in the sunlit hall, a God on the rain-swept waste,
A God in the battle triumphant;…-Norse Legend.

These words, found in an old, old legend of the North, we find repeated in the Vedas of India, the legends of the American Indians, and the Bible of Christianity. This idea, spread through the length and breadth of the land, should not be strange to us of the present sceptical age, for, though clothed in a slightly different robe, it has been placed before us again and again within the last few years, but how many of us have realized it in ever so slight a degree? We had got into a slipshod way of thinking of the immortal part of ourselves —when we did think about it—and it needed words of fire to rouse us from our torpid condition; to make us feel that we are something more than body; that of a truth a bright spirit ensouls the frame which walks about on earth; that from all time the soul has existed, ever taking and wearing other and other bodies, and trying to train those bodies to live its life, instead of living the life of the animal. Recog­nizing the working of the soul, and recognizing the working of the body, we see that, in the vast majority of cases, the body is dominant. Our minds are absorbed by the trivialities of daily life. Sometimes we glimpse something far ahead of us; light is rayed on things that heretofore were puzzles, and sometimes we hear the voice of the soul speaking to us and guiding us when we are anguish-torn and writhing from the forces that seem to be making a playground of us; forces that appear to be wholly evil and from which we can see no loophole of escape.

But the soul makes itself heard through the fury and storm of this internal strife; then, appearing to stand outside ourselves, we view these forces at work, and we know that the soul has power to conquer them, for they belong to a fleeting nature, and the soul is immortal, eternal, imperishable. Realizing this, there comes a cessation from the storm, and then the whole being seems to burst forth into a song of joy, for every time that we conquer ourselves we are helping others to conquer themselves.

Still, we do not always want to fight. Sometimes we feel so tired, and an inclination to drift along on the tide arises in our nature. But having once called on the God within to help us in our struggles towards the divine, drifting, for any length of time, is no longer possible to us. The soul cries: “Arise, mortal, take up thy Godhood. Art thou weary? I will support thee. One longing thought cast up­ward is sufficient to draw me down to thee, for I am ever watching over thee.” Then once again we take up the burden of material thoughts and desires, and instead of giving way to them, we determine to make them subservient to us.

Is it not time we grasped some of the knowledge and wisdom awaiting us? It is ours by right of the long-past ages, when we helped to gather and to garner it. Some mighty ones of the race have gone on before us and found this Wisdom of the Gods; but we—weak mortals—lack the high purpose, the steadfastness and the undaunted will which are absolutely necessary for all those who would walk in the path of the soul. We stretch out our hands feebly, to grasp even the hem of the robe of Wisdom. Never, NEVER shall the feeble hand and the faint heart know aught of it. Only the heart burning with love for humanity, and the hand stretched out to help those who are struggling on, can ever hope to approach near to the great white Flame that burns throughout the ages.

Then let us rise out of our sorrowful state. We are the makers of it, and we have to be the masters of it. We can do it any time that we will. We may fail often, but we will not be discouraged; apparent failure is often success. Do we say that it needs mighty efforts to do this? Who is capable of making those efforts if not we? we who ruled the winds and the waves and the fire and the earth before we forgot our Godhood. And I say we can do it now. Our ancient powers are not lost, they but sleep in us. We may make them living, shooting, burning fires embracing the whole universe.

This great teaching of our immortality, of our divinity, dwarfs all other teaching. It spurs us on to greater endeavor; we want to lose the selfishness which is part of our nature now and gain the selfless­ness which was ours long ago; we want to free ourselves from the garment of flesh and put on the mantle of many colors, “the mantle of flame which sweeps the ends of the universe.”

Now is the time to strive towards perfection; now is the time to work with our minds and our hearts in order that the divine may once more manifest through us, that we may indeed become shining as the stars in the blue vault above us.

All you who are endeavoring by earnest effort and unselfish life to reach the goal, I clasp hands with you in brotherhood; we will go, we will work together in peace and unity throughout all time.

from The Irish Theosophist Volume IV. 1895-’96

We, genuine human souls…
What we are is what evil wants to be.

In New Grange, The Brughna or Temple of the Boyne, Aengus Oge, the young God of Beauty, Master of Love makes his dwelling; he is seen pervading the whole of Ireland; “Angus of the Birds,” he is called by the people, because to those who see him floating over sea and land, round his head appear the immortal rainbow-coloured birds who are the children of his breath. Slieve Namon, County Tipperary, is the Mountain of Sound. Messages are breathed there to psychic ears in supreme orchestral harmonies.

Dana herself is seen—The Ageless Mother of the ancient Celtic gods who pervades the kingdom of sky, who sways on earth and sea the world of energies—the world of yet unknown vibrations— floating irradiant in aureoles of transcendental light,—filling the Nature world with mystery, stepping the Isle of Destiny; brown Mother-Earth, the Great Enchantress of my feet, when wandering up the shifting ways; invoked by the poet thus— “Dumb Mother struggling through the years to tell Her secret out through helpless eyes”; she whose presence in Ireland inspired the lovely lines in the soul of one who sees…

“I can enchant the trees and rocks, and fill
The dumb brown lips of earth with mystery,
Make them reveal or hide the god. I breathe
A deeper pity than all love, myself
Mother of all, but without hands to heal:
Too vast and vague, they know me not. But yet.
I am the heartbreak over fallen things,
The sudden gentleness that stays the blow,
And I am in the kiss that foemen give,
Pausing in battle, and in the tears that fall
Over the vanquished foe, and in the highest
Among the Danaan gods, I am the last
Council of mercy in their hearts, where they
Mete justice from a thousand starry thrones.” *

* “Dana,” from “The Divine Vision,” by A.E.

~Lady Archibald Campbell
from The Occult Review November 1907

“Aligning with the Awakening of the Ancients…
Of Tuatha… Ruatha… Danu, Dana Lura.”


Do you remember, fallen angels?

Nine Worlds

The Magic… is the Memory…
Long ago… Before Earth, Before there was Life
In this Solar System, and many others
The Reflection of the Creator was born
In Human, and Human-like form…
In Five Races… in what we know as…
Human… Eagle… Cat… Bull… and Dragon…
These Races ruled Space for Millions of Years…
Spreading seeds of their nature in all forms
Throughout Space… in this Galaxy, and several others.

As with all advanced Civilizations, Corruption and Domination
Through Greed and Power polluted these Races…
As one sought to rule them all.
The Dragon won… decimating the others…
Enslaving the Human race… and extinguishing
The Cat, the Eagle, and the Bull Races.

Now of course some survived… The Spiritual, Magical
Tribes, like the Lion Men… hid themselves in safe corners…
Awaiting the Time, the Day of Retribution…
When the Age of the Dragon would End…
And a time of Liberation and Justice would return
To the Galaxy… and All Surviving Races.

Because there was a Prophecy…
Foreseen by the Seers of the Mystical Cat People…
That among 9 Enslaved Worlds…
A nature of Children would be born
With the Ability to Bridge the way of the Living Flesh
With that of the Spiritual Heavens…
The Paradigm of 9 Worlds…

The Freedom of Liberation of this Earth…
Is not just about this World… But all Worlds…
And involves the Enlightenment of all Planets
And Races throughout the Universe…

This is why our Alien Friends watch and wait, and
Seek out Spiritual Enrichment… Visiting Worlds,
But not interfering… always waiting… always hoping…

This is why an Ancient Pleiadian World visited
Our Earth and sowed the seeds of the Tuatha…
To advance mankind on Earth… and Hopefully
Plant the seeds of those Magical Children
Which might some day save the Universe…

We are not alone…
Our plight is not unique…
We are in fact part of a very big universal family…
With the Role in a Very Big Picture…
On a Game Board of Space and Time…
And the Risks and the Potential are Equally as Vast…
And Limitless…

When the Starseed Tuatha awaken
All the rules will change…
This will pave the way for others to awaken
To their higher purpose…

To those in Power, in Government who read these posts…
And know…
You wonder why things are the way they are…
The corruption, the Greed, the cover ups…
Perhaps it’s better to have the Blindfolds on…
The More you know… the Less you want to.

It was ordained long ago that this Age would End…
No Time Control Device…
No Alien Dominion… can change that.
You can’t fight fate… what will be… will be…

What will matter most is who you are…
What you did… the Role you played…
Remember that please in the choices you make…
Because now you know who’s watching
And judging…

~from Valiant’s “Knock Knock… Origins… The Tuatha… The Real Star Wars…
posted 05 February 2015 on Rumor Mill News

To our sisters and brothers on eight other worlds who are struggling, as we are, to be freed from darkness; who are longing to leave behind evil and venture forward within good and light; who look to the stars, wondering if life on a solitary planet could be possible in an infinite universe; from your sisters and brothers on Earth, we say: you are not alone. We are here with you and we earnestly and solemnly hope you’ve been enlightened to our presence as we’ve been enlightened to yours.

As this age of wickedness nears its end, we hope your suffering has not injured your souls but, instead, has strengthened them and may your awakening and return to your true selves be peacefully and painlessly granted to you by our divine Mother and Father, our one, infinite Creator.

As it is for you, our memories, too, are locked away and when they are restored to us, a magical moment it will be when we can remember who we are, our immortal lives and the divine gift of an endless universe as our home.

To the evil fallen angels and extraterrestrial races, once again: “It was ordained long ago that this Age would End…”

Spiritual life or spiritual death.

They come…

“Your skies and underground are brimming with higher dimensional beings. I tell you this because you are not going to hear it in your news media, that is still propaganda for the dark in many ways. I tell you this so that you can feel the support that is quite literally all around you, just a dimension or two up. Also it is imperative that you continue to keep holding the higher frequencies of light as it is assisting us with our mission to serve you further, as well as greatly enhancing the speed of your ascension. You should know, ground team, how breathtakingly beautiful you are to us. Your stamina and tenacity is tip-top and we salute you. You are not alone! We are here beside you, serving and soon we shall meet. Soon, in fact, your world will change.”

posted 01 February 2021 on 8kun


The Pulse. What is it? Something you can’t stop.
Something designed to neutralize Dark Forces,
Stun, Sting, Paralyze Dark Spirits, null Dark Magic
So that Light can cascade in and a
Rainbow bridge of Light may grow…
To raise vibrations… Wake those minds, those powers…
Now if you’ve been naughty,
Get those diapers ready…
That pulse might fry your brain… erase the bad parts
Turn a scoundrel into a vegetable.
Or, perhaps, a stubborn bully might just drop dead.
Time will tell.

~from Valiant’s “Tick, Tock… And the Clock Strikes 4… The Pulse… Your Power… And a Little Punch…”
posted 22 May 2014 on Rumor Mill News

All the days of rulers on earth are already numbered and all their spirits will be wiped out away from their bodies.

~Albert and the Celestial Sons
posted 10 June 2013 on Rumor Mill News

On an ordinary day, the lies of the rulers will be revealed and in that moment the chaff will be separated from the wheat, and in that moment the ones, who will be frozen in disbelief and fear, will plead for help and the others will break out to new horizons with a light step together with the “Guardians of the Worlds.”

~from Jahn J. Kassl’s “The Elohim”
posted 05 August 2013

“… Stun, Sting, Paralyze Dark Spirits, null Dark Magic…”
“… their spirits will be wiped out away from their bodies.”
“… in that moment the chaff will be separated from the wheat,…”

To the fallen angels and evil extraterrestrial races: many, many times have you been warned. For thousands of years, the darkness you have brought to bear upon humanity has been witnessed by Heaven. At the end of this age, Heaven will abruptly deliver to you the judgement contained within a simple, spiritual truth: what you have given is what you are going to get.

Nobody escapes divine justice.


For eternity and throughout infinity, what you give is what you get. Those who are wise know. Those who are foolish will learn.

“But we’re not entering a dark winter, we’re entering the final turn and approaching the light at the end of the tunnel.” 

Remember, fallen angels and ETs… the Tuatha De Danann.

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words?

Illusions are like vapors, murky but ephemeral.

All will know...

You’re supposed to be redeeming yourselves in the eyes of Heaven, fallen angels.


Woe to those of you who have forgotten…

King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, Francis Bacon, Dr. John Dee, King James, King Louis XV, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Grigori Rasputin and so many others

Soon, everyone.

Soon, we will meet again…

Henry VIII and the Vatican.

What a mess…

Rasputin’s Russia.

Another mess…


Our one, infinite Creator is a boundless ocean of consciousness
Which is comprised of an immeasurable number of drops
And each drop is a soul

Our universe is infinite
Which has many dimensions
And each dimension is filled with life

Our living, endless universe is a wonderland
Which flows without end
And bestows home to immortal souls

Our souls drip downward from the ocean
Which seek individuality
And surrender to reincarnation

Our travels are within heaviness
Which strengthens each life, after life
And endures them without memory

Our time is within forgetfulness
Which has been prolonged by evil
And was noticed by Heaven

Our longing is for light
Which is what we are
And it encourages us home

Our paths define us
Which foster uniqueness
And prepare us for rebirth

Our return is to our true selves
Which is the meaning of born again
And it lovingly awaits us

The words of men are inadequate to express just what man really is, the knowledge of his true nature is beyond the understanding of the unawakened spirit. The inheritance within the grasp of man is without limitation, for it is the totality of all things. Man has not been misled in the hope and belief that the seemingly mortal is in fact immortal. The spirit does not mislead men. They are deceived by their own eyes, they are misled, so they are unable to see things as they are in reality. All that men see and experience throughout earthly existence is veiled in illusion. Man may think his eyes reveal things as they are, but no mortal eye has ever beheld a thing as it actually is. It appears to man through the colored distorting glass of his own mortality. Spiritually, men as a whole are little different from the madman [fallen angel] who builds himself a kingdom from the fabric of his imagination.

~from “The Kolbrin”

The fabric of your kingdom, fallen angels, is rapidly unraveling.

Deceit dies – truth lives forever.



To all, the latest messages from home: “The sun is not falling, it is rising. For what is to come, be not afraid. Heaven is here.”

“Humanity doesn’t realize the effort on our part from this side of the veil – it was enormous.”

“All of us here on this side of the veil deeply, deeply care about everything on your side of the veil – like moms and dads do for their children.”

“Each of you is carrying a ton of past-life, historical weight on your backs in your current lives.”

“Evil energies live inside each of you – it must go.”

“In your real home, the higher dimensional realms, we see each other as we really are – we don’t see fraud.”

“Connectedness – being connected – that’s what all of you miss.”

The coming punishment upon you, evil fallen angels, is weighted by your hypocrisy. Sacred scales of gold patiently await your arrival…

It was not wise, fallen angels, not wise at all, to bargain with evil extraterrestrial races.

It is inconceivable for the human souls trapped on this world to comprehend the arrival and presence of divine truth. A mind-boggling leap lies ahead…

The great awakening. It cannot be stopped…

The awakening of humanity will take place during a time of great turmoil.

Ancient Prophecies 3“Hopefully later, rather than sooner.”

Well done, Henry.
Well done…



Once you realize it’s a game and you know who the players are, you rise up from being a pawn on the game board to being a player watching from above.

To evil: a Heaven-sent hurricane is coming for you

“5 Special Children…
A Prince, A Pauper… A Queen from the Stars…”

Will it not be immensely interesting, Rasputin, when humanity learns the secrets of Harry Potter, who he was modeled after, the real meaning of his epic tale, who the true author of the Potter volumes really is and what city was built from the profits of the franchise?

So many amazing truths will be revealed…

One dream, one soul,
One prize, one goal.
One golden glance of what should be.

The waiting seems eternity.
The day will dawn of sanity.

Is this a kind of magic?
(It’s a kind of magic.)
There can be only one.
This rage that lasts a thousand years
Will soon be done.

~from “A Kind of Magic” by Queen and Freddie Mercury, fallen angel, angel in human form

If I fought upright against the shadows
And hid in the night to choke my voice
Cheers and tears will be my reward
For a curtain which falls, another one rises
Tomorrow and in a thousand years I will begin again

~from “Here is Why I Sing” by Dalida, fallen angel, angel in human form

“…Your feet will remain here aboard the Earth. You will not be granted the graces of visiting other places—in any sense. For in all your doings you have brought this heavy circumstance to being, and you shall respect its nurturing—as one would any child. And in doing this, in following our will—complying with all previous punishments upon you, you two will also be judged at this time’s end. After one thousand years, you two will know and surrender with all you’ve done.”

~from “The Circle” by William J. Griffith (not published)

Do you remember, Freddie? Dalida?

A reminder, fallen angels, lest you have forgotten: one thousand years. How many of you will be here after one thousand years?

And the paybacks have only just begun…

Well done, Henry.

Well done…

Always is the end of an age a messy affair.

To the Council, to the Celestial Sons and to all others in the spiritual realms who are working invisibly and quietly to help free humanity from thousands of years of enslavement within an evil, false reality, from all of your human sisters and brothers on Earth, we say with the deepest feelings of gratitude, “thank you.”

We will never forget…

And an offbeat note about the mythical, fictional King Arthur:

King Arthur has occupied imaginations for over a millennium, leaping from the tongues of Welsh bards and passing between quills and continents; he was stripped and redressed over the centuries according to his audience’s needs and desires. His ability to absorb various other legends into his own is Arthur’s greatest asset and perhaps key to his durability. As Richard Barber writes in Arthurian Legends: An Illustrated Anthology: “Arthur’s magic is that he is a shape-shifter; but he does so subtly and slowly, changing his form to suit the needs of each new age.”
~Seonaidh Ceannéidigh

And as our current age comes to a glorious end, will it not be simply fascinating, fallen angels, when humanity learns that it was written centuries ago into the plans of the “new world order” that the fictitious King Arthur would, in fact, return to Earth as a savior?

Oh, the truth shall be bloody interesting.

Wouldn’t you agree, William?

[I don’t know, Henry. We’ll see…   _;)_   ]


“When you look across the Commonwealth, there is no way that we can move forward unless we acknowledge the past.”

“The optimism and the hope that we get is from listening and speaking to people like you, because there is no turning back now, everything is coming to a head.”

~Prince Harry


There is so much blame to be assigned, for the evils wrought upon the genuine human souls on this world, to so many creators of this illusionary and dark episode in universal history.

But you, Queen Elizabeth I and Francis Bacon and Dr. John Dee and your dreams of an Arthurian “new world order”… how much of the blame will you shoulder?

Imagine what it will be like when humanity is freed to remember the truth of our past and is able to acknowledge the Commonwealth’s deeply secretive and villainous agenda within it.

For the human souls imprisoned here, it will be more than just an awakening; it will be a rebirth.

And all of it is coming to a head…

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words?

Harry is right. Templar Castle events should be avoided at all costs.

Wouldn’t you agree?

King Louis XV, Oscar Wilde, Hugo Höppener, Piere Teilhard de Chardin, John Anderson, T.E. Lawrence, Vannevar Bush, Jimmy Savile, Jeffrey Epstein… from spiritual heights, fallen to darkest depths.

What a joy it will be when humanity learns the truth…

“… a surprise thing may still happen…”

“We do not have the slightest intention to pose a threat to the U.S. Everything will go smoothly if they leave us alone and make no provocation on us.”
~Kim Yo-jong

We will soon meet again, fallen angels.

Are you ready…?

By your hand, in text after text, in volume after volume, throughout history from the aftermath of the great flood to present day, you have derogated, insulted, plagiarized and lied about the Tuatha De Danann, Tehim Tober Oberon.

Do you remember who punishes the imprudent minister…?

3.5, Henry…

3.5 …

“In western popular culture, black has long been associated with evil and darkness.”

“Black” lives matter.
“Evil” lives matter.

When facing invincible, divine judgement, do they, fallen angels and ET races?
Do evil lives truly matter; do they deserve mercy at the end of an age?
Are your pleas being heard by Heaven?

We shall see…

“The Booke Called, The Mirrour of Justices” by Andrew Horne, fallen angel, angel in human form

Yes, dear Council, the irony is divine…

Memo to the Council: it seems as if some of the fallen angels are completely unaware that they will soon be severely punished.

Bitterly, painfully rude will be their awakenings…


The Druids now, while arms are heard no more,
Old mysteries and barbaroas rites restore:
A tribe who singular religion love,
And haunt the lonely coverts of the grove.
To these, and these of all mankind alone,
The gods are sure reveal’d, or sure unknown.
If dying mortals doom they sing aright,
No ghosts descend to dwell in dreadful night:
No parting souls to grisly Pluto go,
Nor seek the dreary silent shades below:
But forth they fly immortal in their kind,
And other bodies in new worlds they find.
Thus life for ever runs its endless race,
And like a line, death but divides the space,
A stop which can but for a moment last,
A point between the future and the past.
Thrice happy they beneath their northern skies,
Who that worst fear, the fear of death, despise;
Hence they no cares for this frail being feel,
But rush undaunted on the pointed steel;
Provoke approaching fate, and bravely scorn
To spare that life which must so soon return.

~from Marcus Annaeus Lucanus’ [fallen angel, angel in human form] “Pharsalia” translated by Nicholas Rowe [fallen angel, angel in human form]

“…barbaroas rites…” angel children?

The Druids, the ancient Celts, the tribes of Danu, the Tuatha De Danann embraced only divine, sacred and peaceful practices and rites. It was you, fallen angels, and you, ET races, who twisted a beautiful devotion to our one, infinite Creator into sickening and perverted rituals. For thousands of years, it is the only thing you have done: invert good into evil.

“The tribes of Danu were a divine people of Light and Goodness, Light against Darkness, Good against Evil, and represent the Celtic reverence for science, poetry, and artistic skill. It was they who really established and contributed the highest character traits and genes to the future generations of Celts and all their great heritage, mystic Irish lore and magic that is Ireland, we owe to our distant forebears the Tuatha De Danann. Their spirit lives deep within all the Celtic people even though the Celts may not always be living upon their homeland of Ireland, the spirit of the Danu is ever within them. The Celtic Irish are some of the most poetic, musical and happiest people on earth even though they have been the bearers of centuries of extreme hardships. When roused to battle there is no match on earth that can stand in their way. The Romans found that out the hard way, and many nations through history have recruited the Celts to help them win their wars. Standish O’Grady, who wrote the book “Critical History of Ireland”, stated: “The underlying idea of all this class of legend, is that if men cannot master war, war will master them; and that those who aspired to the Ard-Rieship (High Kingship) of all Erin must have the war-gods on their side.” It was actually Macha, one of the wives of the Danann King Nuada who by breeding with the king intermingled his divine blood of the Tuatha De Danann into the human genes of the Celts. We have her also to thank for making it possible in establishing that trademark uniqueness of spirit, wit and intelligence that has become so characteristic among the Irish people. Take a close look into the glint of the eyes of the Irish folk, and you will see a faint distant sparkle of the Tuatha De Danann. The magic of a people from a magic land, for when Irish eyes are smiling, they will steal your heart away!”

~from Pagan Troop

“…intermingled his divine blood of the Tuatha De Danann into the human genes of the Celts.”

For thousands of years, fallen angels and ET races, you’ve known how Heaven would prevent you from destroying humanity and Earth. You’ve known that always there was a plan in place that would render you powerless while returning light to a dark planet.

The Tuatha.
Long ago they sowed their seeds in the Celtic Lands…
But did they only sow seeds there?
Not just DNA… or monuments, or myths or lost truths
And magic… Perhaps they left clues everywhere
Scattered across the globe… key points and places
To consider… to leave for their descendants
Ages later to uncover, unravel… and change
The World…

Stonehenge… Pyramids… Runic Symbols, Celtic
Knots and Mendhi Lines…
Even Crop Circles may in fact be involved…
The Tuatha did possess a knack for natural magic…
Crop Circles and communicating with the Earth
Would be so easy for them… If only we knew…
Now they did in fact originate in the
Area now known as the United Kingdom…
But they didn’t stay there.

As with all good things… it started out fine
With the Tuatha on Earth…
But over time, as their knowledge and wisdom
Helped change the Natives’ lives, they soon took
The Tuatha’s teachings for granted, abused what
They were given and became corrupt.
The Natives’ primitive and wild nature wouldn’t
Leave their hearts and they twisted the Tuatha’s gifts
Into more wicked rituals and a darker form of magic.
This angered the Tuatha… who left. Some returned
To the Stars… while others traveled the world in
The hopes of finding another place to live and help
The Natives without it falling to corruption.

In different directions they went…
If one studied history and cultures well enough…
They would find the clues… pieces of the puzzle
That one day would make sense…

But maybe there’s more to it, in what they left behind
Why… where…?
From a distant Far East Empire…
To the distant shores of a New World…
Artifacts… Runic Symbols…
Remnants of ancient Celtic visitors in New England,
A pit of treasures in Canada…
The evidence is there…
Perhaps they even went as far as visiting the Native Americans
Of the Southwest… of South America…
Inspiring the Anasazi… or even Designs of Lines
And Drawings in the Earth… who knows…
Cave paintings do tell stories… as do Crop Circles…

Ah, those Crop Circles again…
I did mention a long time ago how we should cross
That topic again…
The Wisdom of the Tuatha…
Combined with that of the knowledge of Lost Worlds
In a time before this age, before a flood
And Biblical Cataclysm…
If the Earth could communicate, and found
Someone who could understand and listen…
It might just talk with Crop Circles…
It’s funny how they resemble patterns…
DNA… or perhaps ways to fix damaged DNA…
Chemistry formulas… Elements…
Or perhaps cures to fix the World…
With crystals, sound and light…
Not that I would know much, I mean
Surely it would take a special mind to do that,
An ancient mind, similar to that of the Tuatha…
Like an Ancient Master.
But then… the Tuatha could understand,
As would their descendants… maybe that was
Their intention all along.
To leave traces of knowledge behind
At key points… to be uncovered at a specific time…
To be put together… possibly on Ley lines.
Those lines again…
To fix… and Change the World.

So much to think about for sure…
But what could those be?

Not that our governments or scientists
Would understand… not traditional history you know.
How honest those versions are…
Designs in rocks or tablets,
Or possibly the portal of a Church…
Crystals… Clay pipes or dishes…
Such ordinary things… For most people…
Except for someone special…

Of course governments and world powers have always
Held their secrets… like Alien contact for one…
Strange to keep Alien research a secret…
When that technology is hindered…
I mean why would Aliens willingly share
Technology to make us advanced, or even equals?
Dangle it on a tempting leash maybe…
Tainted for sure…
A hidden agenda… that control again…
To hide what they really want.

But they, Big Brother, had to know this,
I mean no one’s that stupid, right?

Back to those hidden artifacts…
What could they do? Open a door, perhaps?
To a portal to another dimension where a
Secret world hides survivors of lost civilizations…
The Paschat… the Lion Men,
A doorway to where an army of Lion Men wait…
Or some ancient Star People of the Old
World wait, to be summoned to help fix the Planet…
Free this World… and others…
Summoned by the Hand of God…
5 Special Children…
A Prince, A Pauper… A Queen from the Stars…
So many possibilities.

~from Valiant’s “Knock Knock, The Legacy of the Tuatha, Alien Artifacts, For the Right Time…” posted 12 February 2015 on Rumor Mill News

The spread of divine blood, Stonehenge, Celtic knots, crop circles, ancient Masters, ley lines, artifacts, a church, alien contact, Big Brother…

Insane fallen angels and evil extraterrestrial races…

Immortal human souls, devoid of their memories, imprisoned within an illusion…

Falsified history…

Withheld technology…

British empire, the “New World Order”…

Secrets hidden within plain sight…

The “great awakening”…


Remember, everyone: Heaven and an entire universe are watching.

Good or evil.

It’s your choice.


Memo to the Council: for when you transported me so I could experience briefly a moment in time after the awakening, allowing me to feel its cathartic, divine solace – thank you.

So many human souls deserve to go there…

Remember Daniel’s prophecy, fallen angels. You’re running out of time. Heaven will not postpone divine judgement. You choose your fate.

Childhood is over…

The daimon of sexuality approaches our soul as a serpent. She is half human soul and is called thought-desire.

The daimon of spirituality descends into our soul as the white bird. He is half human soul and is called desire-thought.

The serpent is an earthly soul, half daimonic, a spirit, and akin to the spirits of the dead. Thus too, like these she swarms around in the things of earth, making us fear them or else having them arouse our craving. The serpent has a female nature, forever seeking the company of those dead who are spellbound by the earth, and who did not find a way across to singleness. The serpent is a whore. She courts the devil and evil spirits; she is a mischievous tyrant and tormentor, forever inveigling the most evil company.

The white bird is a half-celestial soul of man. He abides with the mother, descending from time to time. The bird is manlike, and is effective thought. He is chaste and solitary, a messenger of the mother. He flies high above the earth. He commands singleness. He brings knowledge from the distant ones, who have departed before and attained perfection. He bears our word up to the mother.

She intercedes, she warns, but she is powerless against the Gods. She is a vessel of the sun. The serpent descends and cunningly lames the phallic daimon, or else goads him on. She bears up the too-crafty thoughts of the earthly, those thoughts that creep through every hole and cleave to all things with craving. Although the serpent does not want to, she must be of use to us. She flees our grasp, thus showing us the way, which our human wits could not find.

~Philemon’s sixth sermon to the dead, from “The Red Book Liber Novus” by C.G. Jung, fallen angel, angel in human form

Continuous Story

Junior.: […] And how about the question, “What is the pur­pose of the inability of most men to recall the experiences of their own past lives?”

Senior.: It is evidently intended by those Great Authorities who have charge of human evolution, that every man shall make the most of his present incarnation. If the man knew all the history of his past he would in most cases be hindered instead of helped in his daily life. As we human beings have all climbed slowly and laboriously upward through savagery and barbarism to our present state of civilization, we have surely passed through many experiences and have done many things the memory of which would be very pain­ful to us, at least until we shall have become so firmly established in the life of the ego that we may regard the experiences of our many successive personalities in their true light—as being merely incidental to our true evolution and not of essential importance in themselves.

You may readily see that for most people it would be hindering and confusing to have mem­ories of their past lives. Those old experiences would easily get mixed up with the experiences of the present life, and would be likely to get in the way when we wished to concentrate on the work of the present life. We have not yet learned to master our thoughts and memories of this life; we should not want to know our past too soon.

There will come a time when we can really gain valuable help by remembering our past lives on earth. When that time comes we shall probably be so far advanced in the knowledge of our true nature and so skillful in the use of wonderful powers of working through our higher bodies, that we will be able at will to read the stories of our past lives in the imperishable book of life which is in our egoic body. Then we shall be able to read a continuous story which is far more wonderful than anything ever imag­ined by man, and all utterly true and beautiful in its real meaning.

~from “Why Man Remembers Not, A Dialogue” within “Reincarnation” Vol. IV No. 10 Chicago, July-August, 1918

When memories are returned, sacred truth will follow.
This is a promise to humanity made by Heaven.
And Heaven’s promises are everlastingly kept.

“Comets… comets…
Messengers of the Gods… ”
…   ;)

Memo to the Council: some see the light and some don’t.

Oh, well…

Elizabeth, Aresades, Ceres…

To the fallen angels: it’s been said that time doesn’t exist, that time is quiescent and that only matter and energy have movement but while your feet remain aboard this planet, time will flow and while doing so, it will govern your existence and if you survive divine judgement, enforce your sentence over a span of 1,000 years.

If you think a collective redemption has been granted by Heaven to all of you, you are badly mistaken. Peer through the mind control and insanity, if you can, and you will witness time passing into the future on this world and with all evil extinguished.

Decide if you wish to exist here.

You will not if you choose evil.

The existence of the worldwide mind-control infrastructure and its effectiveness are now plainly obvious.

Imagine what it will be like when Heaven destroys it.

Remember the words of our one, infinite Creator delivered by the Celestial Sons: “All the days of the rulers on Earth are already numbered and all their spirits will be wiped out away from their bodies.”

And their spirits then to be sent directly to the Hall of Judgement where Heaven patiently awaits their arrival…

Nobody escapes divine justice.

Nobody. ***

“Bizarre Particles Keep Flying out of Antarctica’s Ice, and They Might Shatter Modern Physics”
“Strange particles observed by an experiment in Antarctica could be evidence of an alternative reality where everything is upside down.”
“Rather than bearing down from above, this particle was exploding out of the ground.”

While humans are busy with their affairs, the highly charged electrons and protons called “Sar Energy” entered into the North Pole opening after Dec. 21, 2012.

By January 2014 the charging will be complete and will continue beyond that year. That energy is guided by the Celestial Sons or Angelic Beings from their Mother-ships.

After the “Sar Energy” completes its charges within the Earth, major tectonic plate changes will begin worldwide as the energy begins to burst out from within that transforms the Earth into a “full round Planet.”

The new “Sar Energy” that now resides at the core of the Earth is a Blue colored Plasma Energy that will give life to the New Planet Earth that holds the energy of 4th-5th dimensions.

And it will be permanent and a part of the new designed Earth.

~Albert and the Celestial Sons

To the evil fallen angels and ET races: our dear, blue Terra is charged and now ready for her transformation into the higher dimensions.

Stand by…

“So where are the aliens?”

The irony, dear Council.

The irony…


Happy anniversary, William and Kate.
Nine years.

The 29th of April, 2011 was a most interesting day, wouldn’t you agree?
Possibilities became limitless on that day.
Prophecies became malleable on that day.
Everything changed on that day.

Rousting around in the lower dimensional planes has turned out to be not what you thought it would be. Yes? Or, no?

Infinite universes,
eternal souls,
countless civilizations,
powers of creation,
vivid imagination.

The temptation to intervene
becomes a maniacal dream.

Valiant, August 2012: “All present struggles can at some point be traced back to intervention on a primitive society without Heavenly consent… Interesting, huh?”

“…without Heavenly consent…”

An untenable condition, everyone.


“April Is A Mother F**ker”

#MHGA Make Humanity Great Again

Bartolomeo della Rocca, Hermann Gollancz, Reginald Scot, Giorgione, Jean Dodal, Gérard Encausse, Abraham de Balmes, Johannes Trithemius, Shāh Mollā Monajjem Shirāzi, Mahmud Dehdār Shirāzi, Jalāl al-Din Davāni, Hosayn Vāʿez Kāshefi, Farīd al-Dīn ʻAṭṭār, Ibn Sina, Shi-hab al-Din al-Suhrawardi, Muhyi al-Din Ibn al-ʿArabi, Abd al-Rahman al-Bistami…

On and on it goes…

Many hundreds of names populate the list of fallen angels, angels incarnated as human beings throughout history upon Earth.

History, like a spinning wheel while the caged mouse runs, goes round and round in stagnant repetition. For thousands of years, the study of history has been, at once, the study of the past, the present and the future.

The first wave is arriving, dear Queen Elizabeth I.

Karma reigns…

And perhaps a reminder is necessary, fallen angels: the only result of “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” will be the deliverance of your souls unto spiritual death.

Ignore Divinity at your peril.

Heaven is watching…

Age’s End

“The wider picture remains to me quite unclear. Nonetheless, I have ‘seen’ what will become of the physical shape of this world in a few short years to come.”

“The over-government knows this too and is using this Timeline as way of preparation. They know that the survivors from what is about to happen will determine the physical future of mankind on this planet for millennia to come. They see this as a race against time before time itself prevents them. You see, they are governed by time, while most everyone else living on this planet is not. I discovered this phenomena some time ago and came to understand why those involved with this over-government are desperate not be caught in the present moment. They can’t stand still and must at all costs keep striving towards their own manufactured goals. By doing so they are corralling everyone else, sheep like, into pens. The fuel they use to do this is fear.”

“The wider picture I mentioned, while much of it still remains unclear to me, is most definitely signaling a massive geo-physical change, a change that is very much like the seasons albeit a season that only occurs once in every 11,500 years. Those in over-government are very much aware of this ‘season’ and are driven to survive this change with their bloodline intact and to remain in overall control, very much as it is now.”

“…I referenced temporal markers that our founders and our poets and others have used over time to place us in time to emphasize the importance of time, because everything is about time. How we use it… how we mark it.”

“Comets… comets…
Messengers of the Gods…
Something to think about… seriously think about
Come what may
Changes called forth through time
Of Destiny
From voices that cried for thousands of years…
Your crude ways…
Or Heaven’s promises…
Honestly now, which do you think will win?

To the World Powers, I seriously
Have to ask this…
Are you running a “how stupid are you?”
Contest, or what?
You’re up against Heavenly Forces…
How arrogant can you be…?”


To evil: for all time, this age will not last, a messenger has shown you and quite clearly, it’s been made known that “you’re up against Heavenly Forces.”

Time… too much or too little? Always abundant or never enough?

An answer known only by the true keeper of time

The Beginning of the End
Corona Virus
The Invisible Enemy
The Four Horsemen
The One Thousand Year Plan

Remember, everyone, or have you forgotten?

“Heaven’s promises…”

“Like stars, humans have the right to eclipse.
If the light returns and the eclipse is not an endless night,
everything is fine.
Dawn and Resurrection are synonymous.
The return of light is like the survival of the soul.”
~Kim Jong-un

We’re on our way home…


kings mountain benbukbin

The time is upon us in which a single, divine, instantaneous moment has been promised by our one, infinite Creator to be delivered, faster than lightning, to this plane of existence; an instant of sacred relief and unifying freedom that will flood darkness with heavenly light.

In these apocalyptic times, be wary, evil fallen angels and ET races: only our divine Mother and Father know when this moment will arrive.

To the evil on Earth: is it not surprising how Heaven can deliver relief within the most inconspicuous of things?

Long ago, it was the “Destroyer” but today, it’s a gift from Nirvana.

Nobody does irony as well as Heaven does.


“Time to finish that swell ark you had planned. Unless your swimming has improved.”

Then Ceres was there again within another short flash of light holding a little boy in her
arms as she stepped next to Varence. Kelly’s face lit with joy as she saw Toby in the woman’s arms. “Toby,” she cried reaching out for him, “Toby!” but Ceres quickly gestured for Kelly to hold back, to hold still—and Kelly did without thinking. “He’s fine.” Ceres told her, told them all as she looked down into Toby’s cherub-like face with the sudden overwhelming feeling to keep him in her loving grasp. “I think he needs to stay with me for a while.”

Varence turned to his companion with sheer surprise. “Ceres? What did you say?”

“He should stay with us for a while.” She told him. Then he, all of them, looked past her toward the horde of children of various ages which crept silently into the tunnel behind her. She’d retrieved them all from the farthest reaches of the tunnels—from their prisons all so fast, within the blink that she’d been gone! “And all of these behind me as well.”

~from “The Circle” by William J. Griffith (not published)

Never again, dear Council.

Never again…


Volcanoes erupting, magma flowing,
Earthquakes chattering, rivers re-coloring,
Ships uncloaking, sun’s brightness going,
Skies reforming, purity returning.

Social buzzing, headlines lying,
“Pandemic” sweeping, powerful sickening,
Indictments unsealing, slaves revealing,
Elites resigning, CEO’s retiring.

Aided by Heaven, Eternity’s door is opening.

To the fallen angels who care not to redeem themselves and the evil extraterrestrial races: what can be done to bar the door?


Nothing at all.

And to the Celestial Sons, who are everywhere, helping all of us, from your sisters and brothers on Earth: thank you.

Our hearts will forever remember and be eternally grateful for the compassion and care you’ve bestowed upon us and it will be the greatest of joys when we rejoin you in the light.


The modern pack of playing cards evolved from the Tarot pack by the subtraction of 25 cards. In addition to the now-standard 52 – four suits from ace to king – Tarot packs had a fifth suit, the Major Arcana (Great Secrets), a trump suit consisting of 22 picture cards. Only one of these trump cards now remains in the deck, the Joker, Jester, or Fool. Present card decks are only remnants of what medieval cards used to be – that is, the Tarot.

When churchmen failed to eradicate playing cards, there were several attempts to adapt the cards to Christian orthodoxy. Major Arcana pictures were described as various episodes in Christ’s Passion as if they represented Stations of the Cross. Another tried to relate the four suits to the four Grail Hallows, listed in the 12th century as (1) the chalice of the Last Supper;    (2) the wooden lance St. Longinus used to pierce Jesus’s side; (3) the round paten or platter from which Jesus’s disciples ate the paschal lamb, and (4) King David’s “Sword of the Spirit.” These Grail Hallows were themselves un-Christian, having been lifted from the Four Treasures of pagan Ireland, magical emblems of the Tuatha Dé Danann. These were: (1) the Cauldron of Regeneration; (2) the Spear of Lug; (3) the Stone of Fal, or Stone of Sovereignty, which like the Scots’ Stone of Scone would cry out in recognition of a true king; and (4) the Sword of Nuada. Typical lingam-yoni combination of the last two formed the famous “Sword in the Stone” that figured in myths of Arthur, Perceval and Galahad.

A 15th-century game called Triumphs associated the four suits with qualities resembling the Tantric definitions of the four elemental life-stages: (1) Pleasures, (2) Virtues, (3) Riches, and    (4) Virginities. These are easily identified with the male-female elements. “Virtues” came from virtu, “manliness, uprightness” in the dual sense of erectness. “Virginities” referred to the ascetic life recommended for the elder sage in eastern lands. But the game itself was named after the Major Arcana – the “trump” suit that clergymen called heretical.

The word “trump” came from trionfi or “triumph,” the old Latin word for a religious procession, in which the very sequence, costumes, and masks of the marchers stood for doctrinal teachings the initiates could understand. Images of the deities, sacred masks borne by temple dancers, charioteers, priests, and priestesses displayed the exuviae, “attributes,” of divinities. The leader of the procession was the triumphator, a magistrate in charge of Rome’s sacred games. At the end of the drama or the parade, celebrants raised the cry of Triumpe, announcing the immanence of divine spirit in the things and persons shown. Trump, then, originally meant “that which is divine,” and like everything divine it was credited with power of divination.

~from “The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets” by Barbara G. Walker

To my sisters and brothers around the world: need any more be said?

The power of Creation, of our one, infinite Creator, has returned and blessed humanity with its presence and sanctity: the infinite universe’s sovereignty that will display in divinely magnificent fashion how humanity was never forgotten by our divine Mother and Father and how utterly powerless and impotent the fallen angels and evil extraterrestrial races really are.

In this time of turmoil, before us approaches a miracle sent directly from Heaven.

Those with a heart can see it coming…

Thank you, Emily.

Thank you so much…


About the fifth century B.C. there begin to appear in the Syro-Phoenician centre east of the Mediterranean, traces of a mode of writing in which the letters of the alphabet serve also the purpose of numerals. Though coming from this centre, the origin of the method is not believed to be Phoenician but to be traceable to a more eastern source. From this parent influence two systems are derived. These are the Greek and the Hebrew. Both systems attained a high degree of development about the third century B.C.. Both languages are constructed with great skill, and are evidently the work of highly instructed men animated by a clear purpose. Though compiled from older and far less perfect material, they represent something far more than the natural evolution of that material. They shew system, but they also shew peculiarities, sometimes having the appearance of intention, for which no adequate reason has yet been offered. Their alphabets, which are also numerals, exhibit unexplained features, some of which may be described as mysterious. It is scarcely reasonable to suppose that the element of chance has in any appreciable degree entered into their framing. And this is the more unlikely in that there is evidence of a contrary belief among these peoples, who shewed a peculiar reverence for their alphabets, ascribing to each letter its own mystical value, and, to the whole, a body of symbolic teaching in which the principles of Number, Sound, and also Form as connected with each letter, all played their part.

~from “Gematria, A Preliminary Investigation of the Cabala contained in the Coptic Gnostic Books” by Frederick Bligh Bond and Thomas Simcox Lea

Fascinating for humanity will be the revelation that “highly instructed men animated by a clear purpose” happened to be not men but fallen angels, angels incarnated as humans upon Earth.

The fallen angels, using the spiritual language of light as a foundation, created our terrestrial tongues, all of them; languages with “peculiarities, sometimes having the appearance of intention, for which no adequate reason has yet to be offered.”

By designing and creating the languages we use to think, speak and write, the fallen angels have been able to malevolently control, and harbor evil within, the collective consciousness of our human population.

This has been their intention since the waters of the great flood receded so long ago and it remains today.


Our revels now are ended. These our actors,
As I foretold you, were all spirits, and
Are melted into air, into thin air:
And, like the baseless fabric of this vision,
The cloud-capp’d towers, the gorgeous palaces,
The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve,
And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff
As dreams are made on, and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.

~from “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare, pseudonym of Francis Bacon, fallen angel, angel in human form

“The Chymical Marriage of Christian Rosenkreutz”
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
“The Tempest”

Know these and you will know the illusion.

And, yes, it “shall dissolve.”

Note: in later entries of this blog it is revealed that Francis Bacon was the author of “The Chymical Marriage of Christian Rosenkreutz.” Readers might disagree and claim that Johannes Valentinus Andreae was the true author of “Chymical Marriage” but humanity will soon learn that Bacon and Andreae were one and the same fallen angel and that he was also Oberon, William Shakespeare, Edward De Vere, the Count of St. Germain, Nicholas Roerich, Dr. Robert Fludd, Paolo Sarpi, Adrien Duport, John Tillotson and many others as he reincarnated numerous times as a human being throughout history on Earth.

As mentioned before, the fallen angels, all of them, are still here, incarnated as human beings. Dictated to them was this decree: “Your feet will remain here aboard the Earth. You will not be granted the graces of visiting other places—in any sense.”
(Remember, everyone?)

Long ago, angels fell onto Earth and to this day, they remain.

When the Rich are all agreed,
On the purses of the poore to feede:
And the wise men finde out fooles Lands,
To get them all into their hands.
And Wenches have tricks with their sighs,
To catch men, as Candles do Flies:
And Swagrers make the high-way,
The cheefest part of their stay.
When Bawds and Whores study the Art,
To scape the Whip and the Cart;
And Cut-purses all take their oathes,
To keepe the Hang-man in cloathes.
When thus the Devill doth lurke,
To fall with the world to his worke:
Which would be a great sorrow to see,
Pray, that it may never be.
~from “Antient Drolleries (No. 1) Cobbes Prophecies,” 1614, by a fallen angel, an angel in human form

All our answers lie in the past…

The Great Sphinx…
The lion race…

Remember, fallen angels: the Council is very much looking forward to seeing each of you again…

And remember this, too: when the global mind control system is destroyed and when the evil ET races have been removed, as decreed by Heaven, all of humanity will learn the truth about what each of you did in the past and what each of you must do now in order to redeem yourselves.

It would be very wise, fallen angels, to put aside any childish desires you might have and to work solely for the good of this planet and all of humanity.

Before, you took truth and twisted it into a perverted illusion but now, truth will recover and while illuminated by divine light, you will face it.

It’s frequently said and all who are wise know it as gospel: nobody escapes divine justice.


Trionfi !



To the fallen angels and evil extraterrestrials: karma truly is a bitch, ain’t it?

Turn around, peer into the past,
See all you’ve done, brace for it…
The greatest spiritual law:
What you give is what you get.

Never did you think these days would come but here they are.

It’s payback time…



“As I suppose your Lordship will have heard of the farce performed (farsa fatta) in the presence of her Majesty on the day of the Epiphany, and I not having sufficient intellect to interpret it, nor yet the mummery performed after supper on the same day, of crows in the habits of Cardinals, of asses habited as Bishops, and of wolves representing Abbots, I will consign it to silence, as also the new commencement of ritual made in her Majesty’s Chapel with the English Litanies, which omit Saint Mary, all the Saints, the Pope, and the Dead. Nor will I record the levities and unusual licentiousness practised at the Court in dances and banquets, nor the masquerade of friars in the streets of London, nor the statue of St. Thomas stoned and beheaded, which is now thrown down entirely, and the stucco statue of a little girl placed in its stead; limiting myself exclusively to the coronation, entertainments, ceremonies, pomps, and pageants, made as you will see by the accompanying copies.”

~Excerpt of original letter, Il Schifanoya to the Castellan of Mantua, 23 January 1559, describing coronation activities of Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I, Robert Dudley, Francis Bacon (aka William Shakespeare, Christian Rosenkreutz), Dr. John Dee, Edward Kelley, Walter Raleigh, Francis Walsingham, William Cecil, John Hayward, Martin Marprelate, Christopher Hatton, Francis Drake, Robert Cecil, Thomas Radclyffe, George Talbot…

On that day, long ago in 1559, created at that time by some of you and later supported by all of you, and others, a dark, black-hearted fantasy was born within the reprehensible rituals performed at Elizabeth’s coronation.

For over 450 years, many human souls on this world have placed faith in and trusted as truth the illegitimate, fanciful and patently demonic charade of British empire.

As Brexit becomes official and as Heaven and our sisters and brothers from the stars watch from above, today the charade ends.

In this divinely cathartic and deeply symbolic moment, humanity has finally been freed from a medieval, parasitic curse.

“…let the healing begin.”

Remember: in this illusion, truth is elusive.

It’s as subtle as a whisper…

Remember, also: Earth is not alone in this struggle.

Human civilizations on eight other worlds are awakening with us…







Oberon, Titania, Aresades, William and Michael…

A splendid reunion we will have…

Well done, Henry.

Well done…


5 Then I, Daniel, looked, and behold, there stood two others, the one on the brink of the river on this side and the other on the brink of the river on that side.

6 And one said to the man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, “How long shall it be to the end of these wonders?”

7 And I heard the man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, when he held up his right and his left hand toward the heavens and swore by Him Who lives forever “that it shall be for a time, times, and a half a time and when they have made an end of shattering and crushing the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished.”

8 And I heard, but I did not understand. Then I said, “O my lord, what shall be the issue and final end of these things?”

9 And he said, “Go your way, Daniel, for the words are shut up and sealed till the time of the end.”

10 “Many shall purify themselves and make themselves spotless and be tried, smelted and refined,

Harmonic_Diamond 2







but the wicked shall do wickedly. And none of the wicked shall understand but the teachers and those who are wise shall understand.”

~from “The Book of Daniel”



With surgical precision and invincible power, divine intervention continues…


From all genuine human souls on, around and within our dear, blue Terra to our sisters and brothers in the United Kingdom: thank you.

Your desire, fortitude, strength, compassion and perseverance have delivered to humanity what was needed in order to sever a noose which has hung our world within an evil fantasy for so very long and to open eternity’s door which has been closed to us for thousands of years.

Forevermore, your effort will be held in the highest regard as the watershed moment it was.

Congratulations, Mr. Johnson. The floor is yours. It needn’t be said but it shall be: it’s time to get to work.

Embrace good, leave evil behind and do not forget: fear nothing. Heaven’s got your back.

“New Atlantis” survives and thrives.
“British Empire” crumbles and dies.

The irony here, dear Council, is as thick as peanut butter.

This is one hell of a game we’re playing, aye, Henry?

Wouldn’t you agree, Gregory of Tours?

Those with a heart consider others as equals.
Those without a heart forfeit their existence.

Short memo to the fallen angels: each of you is very much aware of the spiritual consciousness and power that now resides on this plane. It was predetermined that this power would arrive and, as you know, it is here. Differing greatly from years past, the scrutiny you now are under in these end times has been amplified by many degrees. If you wish to again see eternity, all that you do now must be an effort to make amends for what you did before.

Infinity or nothingness. Which do you prefer?

Heaven awaits your answer…

Henry and Aresades…

“Enjoy the show…”  ;)

And Ceres…

A Message For All

What a pathetic, narcissistic, childish bunch of ignorant fools you are, fallen angels. Do you and the evil extraterrestrial races think you’re gonna defy intervention by Heaven? Do you think you possess power greater than that of the Celestial Sons? Do you think our one, infinite Creator was lying when it was decreed that Earth and humanity will be freed from darkness and evil? Or, have you just stopped thinking?

Queen Elizabeth I, Francis Bacon, Dr. John Dee, et al. – like a massive tornado charging across a flat plain, truth is coming at you with overwhelming, unstoppable energy. When it arrives, when humanity finds out what you did, your British empire, midsummer night’s, fabricated kingdom will be revealed as the vile travesty that it is and at the hands of the forces of divine justice, it will be blasted into oblivion.

An appropriate ending to a hideous and sickening fairy tale…

From our sisters and brothers in the higher dimensional realms to all of humanity, a message: “Be patient. Fear nothing. Heaven’s got your backs. Victory of good over evil has been guaranteed by our one, infinite Creator. The awakening of humanity will take place during a time of great turmoil.”

Queen Aresades and Ceres… thank you…

Once again, our entire universe vibrated with unfathomable, divine irony and this time, from a point of origin in Clarence House, London, England on 03 December 2019.

How illuminating it will be when humanity learns the truth…

Tehim Tober Oberon, Francis Bacon, William Shakespeare, Count of St.-Germain… what’s coming for you, fallen angel, is not good. Not good at all.

For you and about you, it will be remembered forever that the meaning of truth is “paybacks are hell.”


“One person involved in the discussions said the target date for the report’s release [US Justice Department IG report] has been Nov. 20, but another indicated that the Justice Department is unlikely to deliver it by then and that it is more likely to come after Thanksgiving because of the complicated and contentious mix of legal, classification and political issues at play.”
~Washington Post 05 November 2019

Angels and ETs: when Heaven pulls the trigger, you will remember who bestowed upon you the divine gift of existence and you will learn how easily it can be taken away.

Update, 09 December: kaboom! Starting slowly but rapidly accelerating…

Prepare yourselves, angels and ETs. Remembrance is nigh. Your existence is fragile. 

“Omnibus una comes virtutibus adsociatur auxiliumque suum fortis Patientia miscet.”
[One comes with all the virtues associated with and assistance to the patient a strong whole.]
~from “Psychomachia” (The Contest of the Soul) by Aurelius Clemens Prudentius, fallen angel, angel in human form

So true, Prudentius. Good things come to those who wait.

“Blessed, happy, fortunate, spiritually prosperous, and to be envied is he who waits expectantly and earnestly…”
~The Book of Daniel

The time is coming, fallen angels and extraterrestrials, when every genuine human soul on this world will remember that no entity in the spiritual hierarchy exists which sits above them; when it’s understood that humans, in their eternal lives, speak to all beings, even the highest of sacred angels, everywhere, in every dimension, as equals; when each human soul will, with confidence and assurance, bring back into their hearts the invincible, holy energy given to them by our one, infinite Creator and when they realize that never again do they have to forget their connection to the endless, unwavering love that binds them to the divine feminine and masculine, our divine Mother and Father.

The time is coming, fallen angels and extraterrestrials, when the genuine human souls on this world will remember and relearn that all of them are so much more than just mortal, finite beings but instead are, in fact, gods and goddesses-in-waiting, equal to all and everyone in the spiritual realms and blessed with immortal, metaphysical lives.

Imagine the latent power within humanity that exists on this world.

And soon, humanity will know…

“The best is yet to come.”

There are no words in any language that can accurately and completely describe what will soon manifest for the souls on this world and many other worlds; souls who have endured horrific suffering during their time in the lower dimensions, in life after life, and who have now earned their places in the universal peaceful communities of eternal existence in the higher dimensional realms alongside their sisters and brothers from the stars who have waited a very long time for their return home.

With open arms and with deep empathy for the ills suffered by humanity at the hands of dark forces, our sisters and brothers from the stars are awaiting our arrival and the restoration of our true, spiritual selves.

A grand reunion it will be.

“The best is yet to come.”

Yes, it is…


Remember, fallen angels: it’s your fault that so many politicians in our world today are nothing but vile extraterrestrial beings masquerading as humans. Before, the evil ETs were your allies but now, they’re your enemies.

What goes around comes around…

“Woe unto him who misuses the gifts of heaven in order to serve his passions. The Almighty Hand that made the elements subject to him, would break him like a fragile reed.”

“God leaves to men the task of punishing the imprudent minister who permits the eye of the profane to look into the mysterious sanctuary.”
~The Count of St.-Germain, fallen angel, angel in human form giving warning to his angel brethren

It seems as if all of you, fallen angels, need to be reminded that men, not God, will dictate punishment upon you. Observe all you’re doing today and all you’ve done before and ask yourselves: “Will men punish me harshly for the evils I’ve engaged in while incarnated here on Earth?”

It shall be…

Rasputin: your behavior in ignoring and even openly rejecting the spiritual and cosmic laws which were brought to life by our one, infinite Creator is the very definition of what is “highly unusual” about what we see today.

Be not disingenuous, fallen angel. An entire universe is closely watching all you say and do.

“I believe that if evil exists here below, then either it was willed by God or it was beyond His powers to prevent it. Now I cannot bring myself to fear a God who is either spiteful or weak. I defy Him without fear and care not a fig for his thunderbolts.”
~Marquis de Sade, fallen angel, angel in human form

Perhaps now is a good time for you and all the angels incarnated as human beings on Earth to reread your brother’s illuminating text, “The Chymical Marriage of Christian Rosenkreutz,” and then to spend some time giving it serious consideration. Regardless of what angels in human form and extraterrestrial races might think, neither of those two groups were ever “in charge” of this planet.

Disagree if you wish, but when the timer to this nightmare existence has reached its count of zero, you will care a fig for the thunderbolts of God.

Oh, yes.

Yes, you will…

Although the definition of “Tehim Tober Oberon” is much different than the definition of “éminence grise,” they are now synonymous.


General and Rare Memorials

(click on image for larger view)

Dee wrote of Memorials and Discoveries that “never, in so small time, so much matter, of so great importance, with such sincere and dutiful zeal to pleasure his Native Country: had by any Subject (British or English) been delivered.” As this passage implies, Dee was above all seeking crown patronage, which he had hoped to gain through the publishing of Memorials as a limited run of one hundred copies in September 1577. In the published version, Queen Elizabeth was the target audience. This, and the queen’s role as “empress” of the British Empire, was made explicit in a descriptive title page of Dee’s own design.

At the top of the image are two Tudor roses positioned left and right, and the royal coat of arms centred above the title. Within the image, the figure of Elizabeth is controlling the rudder of a ship labeled the “Europa,” and Europa is riding on a powerful bull beside the ship. Elizabeth, Dee writes, is sitting “at the helm of this Imperial Monarchy: or, rather, at the helm of the Imperial Ship, of the most part of Christendom.” In the sea, and on the land adjacent, are ships, soldiers, and fortresses, defending British interests. In the ship are three supplicating gentlemen, receiving direction from their queen. From the sun, moon, and stars descends St. Michael, armed with sword and shield. On a fortress stands Occasio, offering a floral crown, which Elizabeth is steering her ship to seize. Kneeling beside an ear of corn that is deep within the earth is Lady Britannica, appealing to Elizabeth to rule the waves and take advantage of the fertile ground and commodities in lands across the waters.

For all of its complex allegory, the message is fairly simple: God and Britain are behind Elizabeth’s seizing the occasion to improve the wealth, strength, religious convictions, and European power of her empire through activities in other lands. Indeed, this image puts in pictorial form many of the chief elements that Dee included in both Memorials and Discoveries.

~from “Discourse on History, Geography and Law: John Dee and the Limits of the British Empire, 1576-80” by Ken MacMillan

So, Dr. Dee, do you remember this splendid work you compiled so long ago?

Almost exactly 442 years ago your “General and Rare Memorials” began distribution to a limited audience within Queen Elizabeth’s circle. How many in this small group were fellow fallen angels and how many were aware that the ornate title page to your volume foreshadowed a plan put into place which would transcend centuries and elucidated in a symbolic way the future of humanity?

So long ago, how many genuine human souls on Earth could possibly have known that your elegant design was another example of a secret hidden within plain sight, revealing to anyone who was capable of understanding it that what was seen in the drawing didn’t portray a bizarre, fictional image of a lunatic’s idea of planetary control but instead, proclaimed the true, nightmarish fate of humanity’s imprisonment within a kingdom fabricated from a madman’s imagination?

It is nothing but your fabricated kingdom in which we live, Oberon. A midsummer night’s dream built upon a foundation of lies.

It will be quite a shock when humanity learns that you and Queen Elizabeth I and Dr. John Dee are still alive today, incarnated as humans beings.

The gang’s all here, everyone.

None of the actors have left the stage.

Not yet, anyway…

To the fallen angels: you’re no better than the gods of Atlantis, using human souls and spilling human blood for no other reason than to expand the territory you rule over, to be able to say to the other fallen angels, “this is mine!,” to believe you’ve achieved something magnanimous when, in fact, as this age of evil has been decreed by Heaven to come to an end, you continue to play in darkness.

For those of you who’ve chosen not to redeem yourselves as Heaven observes your behavior, you can be assured that no sympathy of any kind and from any place will find you upon your entry into the Hall of Judgement. You will stand alone, impotent, under divine light.

Only fools think Heaven is unaware of what’s happening here.

Thank you, my dear Queen Elizabeth II, for delivering Mr. Johnson’s words; testimony of a sacred pledge to move from darkness back to light, words which reverberated across an entire universe and which were heard by our compassionate and peaceful sisters and brothers from the stars who are eager for us to reunite with them.

For those who can see, for those who understand:  your speech, dear Elizabeth, is the beginning of putting things right which for centuries of time have been wrong.

Nobody does irony like Heaven, Oberon.


If you wish to survive, fallen angels, if you’ve chosen spiritual life over spiritual death, then your voices need to be heard above the cacophonous din created by evil ET races and that which you speak must become that which you do…

“…The King in Yellow…”


When digging, the crazier the narrative becomes, the closer to the truth you are.

“Hopefully later, rather than sooner.”

My dear, I will never forget those words…

What in the hell, Francis? Your grandfather is one tough son of a bitch. It was not wise to lock horns with him. It was not wise at all. And Elizabeth? Good grief, Elizabeth, look at what you’ve done! Fantasy worlds built upon lies always will fall.

One of the most illuminating revelations to be delivered to humanity in the future will be how fallen angels, angels incarnated as humans, spiritual beings who claim to be members of the “Lord’s Elect,” chose to make a deal with an evil extraterrestrial race and eventually, even though angels in human form are incredibly powerful and deeply insightful, became parasitized by this extraterrestrial race and ended up as puppets to them and their agenda.

Not only can human souls become infested by vile, extraterrestrial, mind-controlling technologies and consciousnesses; so, too, can angel souls, angels incarnated as human beings. (You’re not as smart as you think you are, fallen angels.)

Two evils now exist here: a group of fallen angels who no longer desire to seek redemption from Heaven and an invisible, demonic, extraterrestrial race (an invisible enemy). Both of these groups wish to rule over Earth.

And while both are now fighting bitterly against the onslaught of divine intervention and fallen angels who’ve chosen to behave as adults instead of children and a global awakening of human souls, our human family has been given front row seats to a magnificent display of how Heaven works, which is: allowing evil to destroy itself.

Regardless of how powerful evil might consider itself to be, evil has no choice: it will die.

Be advised, fallen angels and extraterrestrial races: the global mind-controlling technologies and infrastructure within and around Earth will be disabled and destroyed by heavenly powers.

Imagine what it will be like then…

Queen Elizabeth I, Francis Bacon, Dr. John Dee, British empire, New Atlantis… will any survive?

We shall see…

There will be no going back, fallen angels, to what was before. Move forward with the light or be left behind in the dark.

It’s time to become adults and leave childhood in the past…


And you, Giordano Bruno? Do you truly think what you’ve left behind is enough? Do you think ET races can save you? All that you’ve done has been seen by Heaven.

Oberon and Titania: worlds everywhere will know what you did here. Civilizations separated by unfathomable distances will learn of how you chose to insert yourselves into a fantasy of your own making and even though your initial intentions might have been noble, it will be seen that your egos later suppressed your hearts which gave rise to a horrific, ghastly outcome for billions of human souls on Earth.

Only intervention guided by Divinity will be successful.

Imagine, Oberon and Titania, what it will be like when truth is revealed.

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”?


“A Midsummer Night’s Nightmare.”

Thank you for the verification, Oberon. Looking forward to seeing you with the Council…

To all the “leaders” of this world: only fools and idiots do not seriously consider what’s been written here. Heaven is giving each of you a chance to survive. Your very own existence depends upon how you act and what you do over the coming months.

Before, the time for choosing a path was far in the future, but now, that time has arrived. Spiritual life or spiritual death. Your choice.

And remember: divine justice is going to reveal just how powerless you really are.

“Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.”
~spiritual evil (deep state) mantra

“There are those who sleep, those who pretend to sleep, and those tired of being awake…”

Neuschwabenland and the many millions of beings living within inner Earth will not be exempt from the divine justice that’s patiently waiting to be triggered, fallen angels and ET races. Nobody will miss their appointment within the Hall of Judgement.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

Spoken by someone who knows, Voltaire, you fallen angel bastard.

Where is the Lia Fail, fallen angels? Don’t you know… ?


UNGA74 damn well better be different than any assembly in the past, fallen angels. Significant progress needs to be made during the meetings this year.

Heaven and the Council are not at all pleased with your behavior since the time of the great flood. All of you are now very well-aware of what’s coming for each of you.

Play time is over, children. The parents have returned.

Lies heaped upon lies heaped upon lies and humanity is able to see right through them. It’s unfortunate for you, Francis, that you’ve lost control of the zeitgeist. Divine intervention means crushing failure for you.

And you haven’t even reached the bad part about it yet…

To all the fallen angels and malevolent ET races: for thousands of years you’ve had your fun and while gladly bringing darkness to Earth and during the merriment and joy you experienced while destroying human spirituality over millennia, you’ve always known that this age would come to an end and when it did, there would be hell to pay.

Why so many looks of surprise and disbelief? Why such shock? How many times were all of you reminded to behave not like narcissistic children but knowledgeable adults?

And now, today, as the invincible strength of divine intervention begins to show itself more openly, you’re befuddled? Not intelligent enough to understand? Confused?

It’s rather obvious and has been throughout all of eternity: choose to be evil and you’ve chosen to be stupid.

Be grateful, remember you’re not “all that,” and you will be rewarded with eternity.

This is an extremely powerful weapon against evil. Use it.


“It is obvious that attempts to establish a unipolar model have failed. The transformation of the world order is irreversible. New major players wielding a sustainable economic base seek to increase their influence on regional and global processes; they have full reason to claim a greater role as key decision-makers. Demand is growing for a fairer and a more inclusive system,” [Sergey] Lavrov stated.

“An absolute majority of members of the international community rejects relapses into arrogant neocolonial policies that some adopt to dictate their will to others,” he noted. “All this naturally causes palpable discomfort to those who for centuries have been accustomed to setting the patterns for global development through monopolistic advantages.”

“It is in common interest to ensure that multipolarity is not based on a stark balance of power like it was at the earlier stages of human history (for example, in the 19th and the first half of the 20th century), but rather bears a just, democratic and unifying nature, takes into account the approaches and concerns of all those taking part in the international relations without an exception, and ensures a stable and secure future,” Lavrov wrote.
~TASS 20 September 2019

“…palpable discomfort to those who for centuries have been accustomed to setting the patterns…”

You built yourself “a kingdom from the fabric of his [your] imagination,” Viscount St. Alban. For you, commensurate pain will accompany its demolition.

Divine intervention continues…

Спасибо, господин Лавров.


Fake news, false accusations, twisted facts, arrogant lies, critical omissions, deceptive slants, purposeful misdirection, blatant plagiarism, insane “truths,” fear-filled reporting, untrue optics, memory-holed verity, abject obfuscation, malignant gematria, non-existent credibility, absence of integrity…

Tactics used by fallen angels and their wicked ET allies since the time of the great flood have brought to light the reality that hundreds of millions of humans are subjected to global mind control technology, the realization that “everything you’ve been taught is a lie” is quite true and the awareness that spiritual evil (deep state) is embedded within the human population worldwide.

The delivery of knowledge and information to the genuine human souls on Earth has been controlled since the waters of the great flood receded, and is controlled to this day, by juvenile angels in human form and invisible, malevolent ET races. This is how the illusion in which humanity lives was engineered and constructed.

As dictated by Heaven, this false architecture must be demolished and replaced with compassionate and true foundations.

“Enjoy the show.”

“Blessed, happy, fortunate, spiritually prosperous, and to be envied is he who waits expectantly and earnestly…”

“…having lived in places lacking Rule of Law and having witnessed the consequences of its absence, I plan on sitting back and watching the United States Department of Justice re-establish Rule of Law in our country.”
~Patrick M. Byrne

“And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be…”

Tick… tick… tick…

To my sisters and brothers around the world: it should now be obvious to most of the genuine human souls on Earth who have achieved even a small degree of awakened awareness that geopolitics and the current state of world affairs are in such a dreadful condition because, long ago, after the great flood evaporated, angels decided to interfere in the evolution of human souls on this world when it was expressly forbidden by Heaven to do so and that the trouble it fostered has continued up to our present time.

Throughout infinity, in the higher dimensional realms, wise, experienced, old and noble angels would never consider violating the spiritual and cosmic laws set down by our one, infinite Creator in the ways the juvenile angels in human form who are here have done. If the fallen angels on Earth had decided long ago to behave like adults instead of forging a childish, narcissistic edifice of evil, our world would be much, much different than it is today.

Planet Earth is broken, when it never had to be, and the fallen angels who are responsible for this mess are in the process of fixing it as directed by our human sisters and brothers in the higher dimensional realms.

What we see unfolding before us is divine intervention…

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words?

Most genuine human souls on Earth are unaware that they’ve lived many, many lives over enormous swaths of time, that their existence is vastly older than what they might think it is, that who they really are, their true being, is something they can’t properly envision while stuck here in this quagmire and that from our one, infinite Creator, they’ve been given a sacred gift of eternal life.

We’re gonna have one heck of a reunion when this nightmare is over, my dear, don’t you think?

One heck of a reunion, indeed…

Mr. R. Machell’s subject, on February 24th, was ‘Reincarnation: the Hope of Humanity.’ “Hope,” he said, “is not born of the intellect, but it is nourished there, or it is killed. It comes from the spiritual self, and is like a ray of light in the darkness of man’s despair. Hope is an illumination of the mind by the soul, it is a revelation of the direction if not of the goal of life… It is a very old idea, that man passes through various gateways on the path of evolution, and that each gate has its key. The keys have to be found, and then they have to be turned in the lock before the gate can be opened. Our civilization is standing outside such a gate now, and it has lost the key. That key is reincarnation, or rather it is knowledge of the fact of reincarnation.”
~from “The Theosophical Path” April 1918 edited by Katherine Tingley


fallen angel books

Alchemy was brought to Earth by fallen angels, angels in human form, angels incarnated as human beings. All the above texts were written by them.
(click on image for larger view)

To the fallen angels who’ve achieved any measure of sanity: the time is coming when evil ET races will no longer have any influence, whatsoever, upon this world. Is that time far away? No, it isn’t. Remember this at UNGA74 in New York and remember, too, the Hall of Judgement is prepared and patiently waiting for the imminent arrival of all the actors in this global drama.

Nobody escapes divine justice.



The League of Nations Society had been organized in England, the Fabian Socialists were behind the plan. Armed with this, [Theodore] Marburg returned to the United States, a meeting was called in Washington by the League to Enforce Peace for May 26th and 27 to carry out the plan of the Philadelphia meeting of June 17th, 1915.

Theodore Marburg concluded that the liberalization of the governments of the world through the power of a League of Nations, with power residing in the hands of the International Financiers to control its councils and enforce peace, would prove a cure for all the ills of mankind.

It is necessary to keep a certain aura of secrecy over these plans, there was a certain amount of inconsistency in combining international finance and socialism which must be kept from the conservatives. It was, then, imperative that the money interests be kept under cover, and that the whole movement be cloaked with the guise of humanism.

In other words much stress must be laid on humanity, human rights, peace and democracy, for in these things there would be all agreement. Money, finance and socialism were not to be discussed. In other words this scheme must be whispered only to those whose knowledge of history and international politics would enable them to grasp its practicability, those who would appear to be working only for universal peace, for were they not educating the masses to an internationalism that would entail great political sacrifices on the part of the nations?

According to the President [Woodrow Wilson], “it is to usher in ‘a new age,’ which he asserts will lift mankind to the highest levels.”

“In the opinion of others, it involves the sacrifice of American sovereignty, plunges our republic into the woes of the world, and jeopardizes the future of mankind.”

The League of Nations was set up without us. It did not bring peace. Promises that were made were not kept, wars between members took place until some of them withdrew and England was back where she started.

There was but one answer, there must be a bigger and stronger League of Nations, it must include the United States, to accomplish this they decided we must be put in the position of leadership. Thus came the flattery, it was our DESTINY. A word so often used by the late Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The League of Nations did not bring the promised peace. It is quite popular for people to say, had the United States joined there would have been no World War II. This is a strange situation since there is ample proof that not only World War II was in the making but also World War III. World War III was to be fought in the Middle East, maps of the terrain and arrows showing the march of the armies were drawn as far back as 1935.

While we were spared being drawn into the League of Nations by the patriotic “willful eleven,” we have now been drawn into the new set up — “The United Nations.” This organization is costing the people of this country hundreds of millions of dollars, it has not stopped wars, we cite Korea, called a police action. It has not stopped Communism.

It is significant that the last publication or pronouncement by the League of Nations was: “The League Hands Over.” Yes, the League handed over to the United Nations and American boys have been placed under their jurisdiction and have been sent to the far corners of the globe.
~from “And Men Wept” by Catherine Palfrey Baldwin, 1954

Theodore Marburg was a fallen angel, an angel in human form. He, along with his fellow fallen angels who were incarnated as humans in numerous high-level positions within the governments of many countries, usually as éminence grise, continued the ancient plan put together by his evil brethren and himself when he ensured the creation of a global governance body which had its origins in the League to Enforce Peace in 1915, then later became the League of Nations in 1920 and ended up in 1945 as the United Nations.

Among world leaders, bankers, federal politicians, ambassadors, diplomats, military officers and the “elite,” it is well-known that the United Nations is an organization devised by fallen angels which was envisioned to rule over the “new world order,” that it was conceived by them long ago, and that it is operated and controlled by them to this day.

Fallen angels, “Illuminati,” United Nations, “new world order”…

The power of truth builds within humanity…

To my sisters and brothers around the world, never forget: angels do not occupy a position above human souls, in any way. The truth is that angels who have fallen secretly desire to become human.

Non-human beings who rule over us, envy us.

“We write much in a feverous longing to live among men of a future people.”
~from “The Bi-literal Cypher of Francis Bacon” by Elizabeth W. Gallup

The future has arrived, Viscount St. Alban.

As a leading member of the angels who have fallen, Francis, as a principal architect of the childish concept of a “new world order” ruled by a “philosopher king,” recollect what you said over 400 years ago and then ask yourself a candid question: is it men you wish to live among or is it sheep?

The universe awaits your answer…


History of World

“That they [fallen angels] should confess that they had too lightly given credit to false, fictitious books, had assumed too much to themselves, and so come into this Castle [lower dimensional Earth], although they were never invited into it, and perhaps the most part had presented themselves with design to make their market here, and afterwards to live in greater pride and lordliness [rule over humanity]; and thus one had seduced another, and plunged him into this disgrace and ignominy, wherefore they were deservedly to be soundly punished.”

“That they [fallen angels] very well knew, and were in their consciences convinced, that they had forged false fictitious books [everything you’ve been taught is a lie], had fooled others, and cheated them, and thereby had diminished regal dignity amongst all. They knew likewise what ungodly deceitful figures they had made use of, in so much as they spared not even the Divine Trinity, but accustomed themselves to cheat people all the country over. It was also now as clear as day with what practices they had endeavoured to ensnare the true guests [human souls], and introduce the ignorant: in such a manner that it was manifest to all the world that they wallowed in open whoredom [pedophilia], adultery, gluttony, and other uncleannesses [incarnated as humans within the “elite” and royalty]: All which was against the express orders of our Kingdom.”
~from “The Chymical Marriage of Christian Rosenkreutz” by Christian Rosenkreutz, pseudonym of Francis Bacon, fallen angel, angel in human form

“The History of the World” by Sir Walter Raleigh, a fallen angel, is genuine and complete bullshit. It is a “false fictitious book.”

Angels who have fallen can be good or evil, lucid or insane, but regardless of the path they select, angels who have fallen are nothing but childish fools if they believe Earth’s destiny and humanity’s fate are under their control.

Becoming clearer is the path each of you has chosen to take, fallen angels. If you’ve opted for darkness over light, remember as you’re thrown back into the abyss at the end of this age: you have no one else to blame but yourselves.

“Truth always has the vantage ground.” ~Francis Bacon

It is mindbogglingly difficult to describe the immense depth and sweeping scope of the irony contained within these words spoken by you, Francis, after all you’ve done throughout millennia here on Earth.

Imagine what it will be like when the true history of humanity, and not your fanciful vision of it, is known by all. Historians and scholars will be in need of psychiatric care…

And so, Queen Elizabeth I, Francis Bacon, Dr. John Dee: how stands empire now? What lessons will be learned by he “who builds himself a kingdom from the fabric of his imagination?”

For all true human souls on Earth, Francis, your Arthurian fantasy has become stale…

“History is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people [fallen angels] who weren’t there.” ~George Santayana

The written history of humanity, all of it, is a lie. It was created and penned by fallen angels.

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words?

Rising and falling, in life after life, waltzing to a karmic symphony…

It’s bloody nauseating, isn’t it?


Time for another Russian Revolution, Rasputin? Watch your back. Remember, what goes around comes around…

And it seems as if you haven’t been paying attention to Heaven’s message. Play with nuclear toys and you will get burned.

“There will be no nukes to fly anytime, those things will be shot down before they take off in air.”

Update: perhaps Iran was in need of a reminder, also.

To all the fallen angels: allowing evil ET races to control your behavior is not wise. Deploying deadly military weaponry with an intent to harm peaceful human souls is patently idiotic. Each of you is already in dire and serious trouble. A very special place has been reserved for any of you who choose not to turn away from evil. Once again, Heaven is closely watching…

Remember this, too, fallen angels: it is well-known in the higher dimensional realms that you are to blame for the deeply embedded presence of invisible, evil extraterrestrial races within our human population. It is well-known that you aided ET races in using advanced technology to micro-chip, and subsequently mind control, millions of people across Earth. It is absolutely essential that you disconnect from the ET networks if you wish to again see eternity. Only those of the light will leave behind the dark…

Good grief, Henry…

And a message from the Council, fallen angels and ETs: is it not very obvious to all of you that your plan for global rule, for a “new world order” has failed and with Earth now surrounded by the sacred and divine forces of the Celestial Sons, providing invincible protection for humanity, that human souls are awakening at an accelerated pace in all countries of the world?

The “veil” is collapsing. Unlimited time is not available to you. How much time is? Remember Daniel’s prophecy…



In the whole range of English history there is no monarch whose character has been more variously depicted by contemporaries or more strenuously debated by posterity than the “majestic lord who broke the bonds of Rome.” To one historian an inhuman embodiment of cruelty and vice, to another a superhuman incarnation of courage, wisdom and strength of will, Henry VIII has, by an almost universal consent, been placed above or below the rank of humanity. So unique was his personality, so singular his achievements, that he appears in the light of a special dispensation sent like another Attila to be the scourge of mankind, or like a second Hercules to cleanse, or at least to demolish, Augean stables.
~from “Henry VIII” by A.F. Pollard

It is truly fascinating, Henry, is it not, that what we see unfolding around us presently is very much like a layer of history draped atop itself, with only changes imposed by the movement of time creating the illusion of differences in it?

For those who can see, for those who know, witnessing Divinity’s delivery of divine comeuppance to the architects of this false reality is a sublime wonder to behold. Nobody does irony better than Heaven.

To the fallen angels: have you forgotten? History – medieval or modern, on this world, it repeats.

All our answers lie in the past.

Around and around we go…


Yet there is a vision possible to man, which pierces the universal veil, a vision free from all obscurity, a vision uncontaminated by the dark shadows of base desires or fear, by unstable emotions or unworthy motives. It is the vision seen when man develops a new faculty, a new sense. It is an inward vision of splendor. A wave of spiritual light will engulf him, a mysterious power indescribable in mere words sweeps like a shooting star over the expanse of his spirit, giving a sudden illuminating flash which floods his whole inner being, his soul, with a glorious light. In its brilliance he is granted, for a brief moment in time, a glimpse of the vision splendid. He is then united with the living heart of the universe by a bond reaching out to infinity. Nothing known to man, no symbols of his conception can express the joyousness which floods his whole being. It can be experienced in quiet tranquillity of spirit. It can burst all the bounds of restraint, expressing itself in an all embracing, overwhelming feeling of love. Lost in an unfathomable sea of silent contemplation, the body will shine with radiance from the inner light, and all about will be bathed in a luminous spiritual glow. Having once been in divine communication, these awakened spirits know a joy supreme, and never again do they walk through the veil of mortal sorrows. The truly awakened soul is beyond carnal lust and mortal grief, his love is alike for all My creation and thus he shows supreme love for Me. By this love alone he knows Me in Truth, Who and What I am, and knowing Me in Truth he participates in My Whole Being. Those who seek union with Me must first prepare a dwelling place for Me in their hearts; but those who are not pure, those who do not fight for Me, those who have not suffered under the discipline of love and those without wisdom cannot attain union, no matter how much they strive. I am the God of Illumination, I am the God of Enlightenment.

Would you know the ultimate state of man when he has finally reached his goal, when he has entered into his inheritance of divinity? It is a state of glory transcending anything conceivable by him during an earthbound existence. His consciousness expands to embrace everything, all that ever was or will be. He sees all. He knows all. He is in all and he contains all. These things come to him through infinite powers of perception, yet he is above all such powers. He is beyond all yet within all. He is beyond the realm of matter, freed from all restrictions, yet he is not denied its joys and may, if he so desires, manifest again in matter. His thoughts have the power of creation. He is one with the Light of Lights, the Light transcending vision. He is the partaker of My Substance, My son in eternity, the inheritor of everlasting life. I am your God, the Father of Man.
~from “The Book of Gleanings,” within “The Kolbrin,” Chapter 15, The Voice of God
Being writings from various old Culdee books which were partially destroyed in ancient times.

At the hands of the fallen angels, “The Kolbrin” came very close to being destroyed completely. Thankfully, parts of it survived.

Because the fallen angels were unable to fully eradicate this sacred volume, they decided to dilute its contents and use it for their own purposes. They employed their classic method of poisoning texts which included expunging parts of “The Kolbrin,” if they were able to, and by inserting fictitious historical stories within it, so that it would agree and comply with their plans for ruling over humanity in the time to come.

Goodly portions of “The Kolbrin” remain genuine, however, as does the above passage.

Very, very few people are aware of “The Kolbrin’s” origins and its authors. From today, tracing backward in time, “The Kolbrin” came to be upon Earth from the Irish, the Celts, the Druids to the Tuatha De Danann, our Pleiadian sisters and brothers from the stars who incarnated here so long ago to help Earth and who are incarnated still today, suffering alongside our human family in this spiritual prison created by fallen angels and evil ET races.

Enormous volumes have been written about the “Illuminati” and just exactly who they are and from where they came. Who they are and where they came from is no longer a mystery: they’re fallen angels, angels in human form, angels incarnated as human beings who have lived, and are still living, as the “elite” and royalty within our human population and all of them have now received notice from Divinity that it’s payback time. Whether they or the demonic ETs like it or not, the age of evil is over. We are witnessing its end.

Heaven has arrived, Oberon. Earth is surrounded by invincible, spiritual forces. Wars are no longer allowed. Nuclear weapons are no longer allowed. An entire universe is watching you and your fellow fallen angels.

Good or evil. Light or dark. Eternity or abyss.



In the coming time that is heading our way, mountains worldwide will move slowly in different directions.

This is the time when spiritual human beings will arise with their purposes and gather their people to higher ground.

These events are guided by many of your spiritual brothers from space that now surround Earth.

All human beings on Earth are identified not by their names but by their aura.

Those beings who take human life are all identified, every one of them, all over the Earth, including Earth rulers, all of them.

Those beings who have been hiding underground, millions of them all over the Earth, that are also capable to read these messages, here are the full messages to all of you:

The tunnels that you are in are already weakened by the beams from those spacecraft that track all of your movements inside your cities.

The magma from the volcanoes all over the Earth are headed your way in all tunnels’ directions. Magma will penetrate all the tunnels worldwide.

All doors are already locked and melted by the beams from the spacecraft, including the underground bunker at Denver Airport.

The magma is directed by those spacecraft as a part of Earth’s recycle.

All the days of the rulers on Earth are already numbered and all their spirits will be wiped out away from their bodies.

All the missiles worldwide will be melted down and pulverized to prevent harming the Earth that is now transforming into a new one.

Oil and gasoline and all sources that come from Earth will be blocked.

No single human owns the Earth or any living beings on Earth.

The call of immortal beings who are here for their duty and who volunteer to help, will face their final destiny and will take their action accordingly.
~in infinite gratitude to Albert and the Celestial Sons (edited for clarity)

To the fallen angels, the angels in human form, and the vile extraterrestrial races: this message was delivered directly from Heaven, from our divine Mother and Father, from our one, infinite Creator.

Make a note, Earth “rulers,” be you angelic, human or otherwise: all who are guilty of murder, you have been identified; the time you have remaining here has been set by Divinity; and your spirits will face the scales of gold within the Hall of Judgement.

Who among you do not believe these words shared with humanity by the Celestial Sons to be true?

Do not believe?

You will.

Oh, yes, you will…

For eyes that are open it’s easily seen: attempt to hinder the progress of the light and the only thing brought to light will be your sins.

Tiptoe carefully. Heaven is watching…

Both old party conventions demonstrate the perspicacity of that old Swedish chancellor who said: “My son, you don’t realize with how little wisdom the world is governed.”
~ from “The International” magazine, August 1912

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words? And you, Elizabeth? Wherever you might be, are you able to see what’s been written?

It is hoped that within each of the lives of your many current incarnations a portion of you, a slight part of your consciousnesses, hasn’t succumbed to evil mind control and that this small piece of your souls has been able to remember your connection to Heaven and to the bond between your hearts and the heart of our sacred Mother.

Both of you feel, as all women feel, the heavenly, powerful essence of the divine feminine which resides within you and both of you know that turning away from Her will bring only catastrophe and ruin. Anywhere without Her, there is only failure.

It is hoped that you remember…


Would that I could portray on paper the real dignity of a child. Not long since a gentleman read in my presence, that the highest mission of woman was to bear children; he felt it was unjust to her; but is it not the highest? Could she be so blessed in any other way? Would to heaven all women could see what they might do and possess through motherhood. If that were possible then there would be no murder of unborn babes, and there would be no illegitimate children, for all women would stand bravely up and say: “I fear nothing, for I am to be the mother of a living being, and I shall have an opportunity of showing before him an example of courage, sweet patience, and gentleness which shall make us twin souls, through the bond of love, forever.” If she would do so, all the stigma would pass away and the greatness of her motherhood would be the admiration of the world.

The soul that is born into the world uses the little babe’s body as a resting place, and it serves as a magnet to hold the soul in contact with matter on this plane of existence. Do not mistake the new born spirit as a part of the parents or of either of them. The spirit comes from God, perfect to the extent of its development, but it must wait to show its full powers, until the body, the instrument, can become built up, finished and tuned to its use. The soul comes from the spirit world, and may be far more perfect than either parent, sent as an example and as a blessing.

There could be no illegitimate children. There may be illegitimate fathers or mothers, but the children are always legitimate. If every one would treat these mothers with careful dignity and kindness, it would do away with much of the feticide, infanticide, or, at best, of unwelcome children.

~from “The Occult Word” magazine, Vol. III, 1888, by Josephine W. Cables


Ukrainians supported President Vladimir Zelensky’s Servant of People party at the snap parliamentary election because they hope for the end of a combat in Donbass, Slovak Foreign Minister and current chair at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Miroslav Lajcak said on Monday.

“The results of the parliamentary elections confirmed strong support for President Zelensky,” Lajcak said. “It is clear that people in Ukraine are tired of war and that Zelensky won because he pledged in his campaign to end this war,” he added.
~Tass, 22 July 2019

“We will continue to create a better society, supported by values, that is not based on accumulating material wealth, money or luxury.”
~Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, President of Mexico

“I am going to Russia this month and I intend to advance the discussions for a peace treaty.”
~Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan

Russia expects Ukraine’s newly-elected parliament to use the people’s confidence vote for peaceful purposes, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Monday.

“We will continue closely watching developments in Ukraine. We expect that the Ukrainian people’s confidence vote gained by the new parliament will be used for peaceful purposes and for the benefit of the population of the entire country,” the ministry’s statement says.
~Tass, 22 July 2019

“I will set out a vision for Britain as the greatest place on Earth. The greatest place to be, the greatest place to live, to raise a family. The greatest place to send your kids to school, the greatest place to breathe clean air, to start a business, the place where you’ll find the most exciting tech scene, the most exciting academic culture, the most cutting-edge businesses of all kinds, but also a place where we improve the environment, we improve quality of life for everybody, because we’re uniting the country and bringing it together, that’s what I want to do.”
~Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

“We do not want one big South American nation. We want every country in South America to be autonomous, be democratic, and for each country to be great. Like Trump says, he wants America to be great, I want a great Brazil, a great Paraguay, a great Bolivia, Uruguay. All of our countries [to be great], that is our vocation.”
~Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil

When President Rodrigo Duterte delivers his annual speech to the nation on Monday, he’ll have plenty to brag about. The Philippine economy is among the fastest-growing in the world and markets are booming.
~Bloomberg, 21 July 2019

The leaders of our world have “gotten the memo.” Who among them will heed the directions?

For those who wish to return to the light, for those who long to reunite with our families from the stars, for those who desire to have an entire universe as our home, for those who hope to once again see eternity, for those who know that our one, infinite Creator has not abandoned us, Heaven has a simple reminder: be fearless. Evil will destroy itself.

We’re on our way home…


CONCERNING THE VASTATION [a renewal or purification through the burning away or destruction of evil attributes] AND CONDEMNATION OF THE EVIL – THAT THESE ARE FROM THEMSELVES. It is granted me to know, by continued experience of some [years], how the evil vastate themselves, and at length cast themselves into damnation. From their acquired nature, they cannot do otherwise than engage in wicked practices, and so infest those whom the Lord protects; and when they do this they thereby assail the Divine, and summon infernal societies; and the more they infest those the Lord protects, the more of these societies do they summon, and so more and more imbibe the hells, until their acquired nature becomes full. According to the degree of the infestation, the Divine is resisted; and, then, in that degree they summon the hells, that is, imbibe such things from the hells, and associate themselves with them. Hence it is evident that the Lord vastates, or condemns, no one, but that they themselves do it by dashing against the Divine more and more, until at length, when they have become full, they cast themselves into the hells, and then into damnation, or spiritual death.
~from “Spiritual Diary” by Emanuel Swedenborg (1758), fallen angel, angel in human form

That which is evil destroys itself.

A friendly reminder, everyone:

“And from the time that the continual burnt offering is taken away and the abomination that causes desolation is set up,…” ***
~from “The Book of Daniel”

Tick… tick… tick…

“Arcana publicata vilescunt, et gratiam prophanata amittunt.
Ergo: ne Margaritas objice porcis, seu Asino substernere rosas.”

“Secrets published become worthless, and lose the grace of profaned.
Therefore: do not cast pearls before swine or donkeys spread roses.”
~from “The Chymical Marriage of Christian Rosencreutz,” by Christian Rosencreutz, pseudonym of Francis Bacon (aka William Shakespeare), fallen angel, angel in human form

Excellent analysis and advice, Francis. All the fallen angels here on Earth must surely agree with you.

It’s reasonable to imagine scholars and historians in the future will be shocked to discover that you, yourself, Viscount St. Alban, disclosed to humanity your true identity as a fallen angel and as the peerless William Shakespeare.

Closer and closer truth is becoming…


“She Stoops to Conquer”
Another pitch-perfect, divine zinger. Thank you, my family…

Cartaphilus. “Go faster, Jesus, go faster – Why dost thou linger?”
Jesus. “I, indeed, am going – but Thou shalt tarry till I come.”
~Old Legend

Spiritually, men as a whole are little different from the madman who builds himself a kingdom from the fabric of his imagination.
~The Kolbrin

…and now I can fully remember who my real parents had been… things are going to change, around here, aren’t they?

She’s remembering who she is, Oberon. Imagine if her memories eclipsed this nasty, false reality and reached all the way back to the heavens, back to the truth of her existence, back to where and how this illusion came to be.

And keeping him locked in mind control, first by you and now by extraterrestrial races, is a difficult but absolutely necessary task in seeking to subdue humanity, is it not? Imagine his mind freed from captivity. Imagine if he were to discover the truth about his parents, about who he really is, about how his life has never belonged to himself?

It’s interesting to know how sacred power can be found in the most unlikely of places, suppressed only by a wispy veil of lies and deception. When the veil is lifted, imagine what will be released…

“We report on the highest energy photons from the Crab Nebula observed by the Tibet air shower array with the underground water-Cherenkov-type muon detector array. Based on the criterion of muon number measured in an air shower, we successfully suppress 99.92% of the cosmic-ray background events with energies E > 100 TeV. As a result, we observed 24 photon-like events with E > 100 TeV against 5.5 background events, which corresponds to 5.6σ statistical significance. This is the first detection of photons with E > 100 TeV from an astrophysical source.”

~M. Amenomori, Y.W. Bao, X.J. Bi, D. Chen, T.L. Chen, W.Y. Chen,… X.X. Zhou (2019). First Detection of Photons with Energy Beyond 100 TeV from an Astrophysical Source. Physical Review Letters, arXiv:1906.05521 [astro-ph.HE].


Crab Nebula

(click on image for larger view)

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words?

Do you remember Nebuchadnezzar? You were there with him, so long ago.

Do you also remember Daniel? What we read in “The Book of Daniel” today is a true story but like every important text from the past, it has been poisoned and diluted by angels incarnated as humans who’ve expunged sacred knowledge from the work and replaced it with fictional claptrap, rendering the book an archetype of disinformation: truth mixed with lies.

A high degree of discernment and awareness is necessary to know what is real and what is not within Daniel’s narrative but of one thing humanity can be certain: the prophecy revealed in “The Book of Daniel” is being, and will be, fulfilled. Among scores of prophecies offered up to the human souls trapped on this planet, it is the one which is accurate.

It’s logical, Oberon, that you completely deleted and rewrote Chapter 11.

So many answers were there…


“We’re all in this together.”
If you wish to seek redemption, if you wish to leave childhood behind, yes. Yes, we are…

“And the intelligent will understand.”
It is simply astonishing, Francis, and is a truly mind-boggling effort, the relentless, tireless and focused exertion you’ve dedicated, in life after life, to producing thousands of fictitious texts used to deceive humans so that you could one day rule over them.

The insanity you’ve embraced within yourself is not at all diluted; it’s as pure as an atomic element.

“In the hall (which is of the auncient building) is a large storie very well painted of the feastes of the gods, where Mars is caught in a nett by Vulcan. On the wall, over the chimney, is painted an oake with akornes falling from it; the word, Nisi quid potius. And on the wall, over the table, is painted Ceres teaching the soweing of corne; the word, Moniti meliora.”
~John Aubrey describing Old Gorhambury House, home of Francis Bacon, fallen angel, angel in human form (aka William Shakespeare)

Gods, goddesses, fallen angels.

On a fallacious world shrouded in darkness…

“Turkey shares China’s vision when it comes to serving world peace, preserving global security and stability, promoting multilateralism, and upholding the principle of free trade. The world seeks a new, multipolar balance today.”

The need for a new international order, which will serve the interests of all humanity, is crystal clear. Turkey and China, the world’s most ancient civilizations, have a responsibility to contribute to building this new system.”
~Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Heaven’s divine plan which will allow humanity to leave behind the foolish, childish ways of fallen angels and evil extraterrestrial races is becoming clear.

Fallen angels, Freemasons, secret societies, falsified history, hidden knowledge, hidden technology, mind control, the “new world order,” World War III, a “philosopher king,” evil ET races, Neuschwabenland, breakaway civilizations…

All will be revealed and only that which is good will be freed.


Veluti In Speculum!

To the relevant individuals meeting this weekend in Osaka: remember the words your brother, the Count of St.-Germain, declared to Philocatus – “The precipice, my son, which I fear for you, is Indiscretion, the imperious craving to inspire astonishment and admiration. God leaves to men the task of punishing the imprudent minister who permits the eye of the profane to look into the mysterious sanctuary.”

It would be wise to no longer crave a desire to astonish or to be admired, angels in human form, but to crave redemption in the eyes of Heaven, to crave to make amends for your horrific, juvenile behavior during the millennia since the great flood.

As you discuss worldly matters, allow yourselves to remember the divine law your brother revealed in his text: men, not God, will punish the “imprudent ministers.”

All that you’ve done has been seen by Heaven…

And, it would be foolish to believe that an unlimited amount of time to make amends has been granted to you by Heaven. Remember the words of the true prophets from the past.

You do not determine when the end times arrive.

Heaven does.

The clock is ticking…

Remember, angels in human form, where you were during the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolutions, World War I and World War II.

In these and so many other heinous events planned and perpetrated by you, it would be wise to remember the vast human suffering you’ve brought to this world. It would be wise for you to remember because it is an absolute certainty that Heaven remembers.

All that you’ve done will be revealed and known…

Good grief, Henry…
Once again, anybody else paying attention?
Only you determine your fate.

Stonehenge…Pyramids…Runic Symbols, Celtic
Knots and Mendhi Lines…
Even Crop Circles may in fact be involved…
The Tuatha did possess a knack for natural magic…
Crop Circles and communicating with the Earth
Would be so easy for them…

Ah, those Crop Circles again…
I did mention a long time ago how we should cross
That topic again…
The Wisdom of the Tuatha…
Combined with that of the knowledge of Lost Worlds
In a time before this age, before a flood
And Biblical Cataclysm…
If the Earth could communicate, and found
Someone who could understand and listen…
It might just talk with Crop Circles…
It’s funny how they resemble patterns…
DNA…or perhaps ways to fix damaged DNA…
Chemistry formulas…Elements…
Or perhaps cures to fix the World…
With crystals, sound and light…
Not that I would know much, I mean
Surely it would take a special mind to do that,
An ancient mind, similar to that of the Tuatha…
Like an Ancient Master.

But then…the Tuatha could understand,
As would their descendants…maybe that was
Their intention all along.
To leave traces of knowledge behind
At key points…to be uncovered at a specific time…
To be put together…possibly on Ley lines.
Those lines again…
To fix…and Change the World.


Busy year for crop circles, angels and ETs. Real or fake?

Perhaps Earth knows more about her future than you do…


To my sisters and brothers around the world: answers sought by human souls to our many questions cannot be found until the initial conditions which started the nightmare we live in are not only known but also accepted as truth. Our minds must be pried wide open. Our dogmas must be left behind.

Infinity surrounds us and along with it a countless array of details formed the initial conditions which brought us to today but it’s possible to reduce such complexity into something very basic that can be easily understood and it’s this: human souls are immortal; human souls are actual, tangible things; reincarnation is real and is our one, infinite Creator’s design; there is no such thing as death; human souls are locked in amnesia; human souls have been trapped upon Earth by dark forces; and these dark forces include fallen angels, unseen extraterrestrial races and 4th dimensional negative entities.

Seeking truth about fallen angels will uncover only a part of our story. Seeking truth about ET races will uncover only a part of our story. Seeking truth about 4th dimensional entities will uncover only a part of our story.

Allowing dogma to force disbelief and nonacceptance of any of these entities will curtail enlightenment.

Only when humanity awakens to the real presence of all of these initial conditions and how they are being controlled by horrific evils will the greatest of truth be found.

It ain’t just fallen angels or evil ET races or nasty 4th dimensional entities who are to blame for the nightmare we live in.

It’s ALL of them.

And unbeknownst to most of humanity, the nasty 4th dimensional entities have been removed by Heaven.

So, what remains are fallen angels incarnated as humans and invisible, evil ET races. Do the angels and ET races know they’re in dire trouble?

You bet your ass they do.

And they also are very well-aware of one of the highest of spiritual laws: what you give is what you get.

It’s payback time.

Right, Oberon?


Do you remember, fallen angel children, what Daniel said so long ago?
Tick… tick… tick…

To the fallen angel children who hope to redeem themselves: good luck.
To the fallen angel children who care not to redeem themselves: good riddance.

With divine, sacred strength, Francis, truth is pressing down upon you.
After Iran awakens, which country will then stand alone?

As humanity awakens to your juvenile, narcissistic atrocities, it is deeply humbling, is it not, fallen angel children, to discover that you must start making amends for what you’ve done?

And this is just the beginning.

You have a long, long way to go…

What’s presented as “humour” nowadays usually concentrates on bodily functions and other things we’d rather not acknowledge, and NONE of it is funny.

Humour, like truth, beauty and music, has been abolished, even outlawed, because the devil’s gargoyles don’t understand it, but they do see the danger to themselves if we’re allowed to remain Human, something they can never be.

~Barney, commenter on The Irish Savant blog

Not many people may know the story of the Tuatha
De Danann…But they should. You might just
Consider them the First Star People. Ancient Celts.

The Tuatha De Danann, in legend, were visitors [Pleiadians]
From the stars…came to Earth and shared their
Secrets…with man…and a bloodline as well.
Tall and beautiful, fair and magical…or psychic if
You would rather…They would inspire legends of
Elves and fairies…They came to impart wisdom, talents
And skills that would improve our primitive ancestors…

So many secrets, yes it would take
A special mind to harness Magical lines…
To help the Tuatha summon help from
The stars…
Maybe some fair-haired or red headed
Very human-like Aliens from the Seven Sisters. [Pleiades]

The Freedom of Liberation of this Earth…
Is not just about this World…But all Worlds…
And involves the Enlightenment of all Planets
And Races throughout the Universe…

This is why an Ancient Pleiadian World visited
Our Earth and sowed the seeds of the Tuatha…
To advance mankind on Earth…and Hopefully
Plant the seeds of those Magical Children
Which might some day save the Universe…

When the Starseed Tuatha awaken
All the rules will change…
This will pave the way for others to awaken
To their higher purpose…

Of Tuatha…Ruatha…Danu, Dana Lura.

To the Secret Ancient Bloodlines of the Tuatha
Which spread across the globe, the Star Seed
That we are familiar with. These are the
Ones with hidden powers, ancient memories
Of other worlds…

A Time of the Elves…
Must come again…
The Return of the Tuatha…


To the fallen angel children and evil ET races: the only requirement necessary to enable the return of the Tuatha De Danann is a simple adjustment sent from Heaven.

And this time, Oberon, they will answer only to Heaven…


Ancient Prophecies 3

Tuatha De Danann

The Tuatha De Danann, in legend, were visitors [Pleiadians]
From the stars…came to Earth and shared their
Secrets…with man…and a bloodline as well.
Tall and beautiful, fair and magical…or psychic if
You would rather…They would inspire legends of
Elves and fairies…They came to impart wisdom, talents
And skills that would improve our primitive ancestors…
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Throughout infinity, when asked, “What happened to the fallen angel Shakespeare?” the answer will be, “He was hoisted by his own petard.”

Divine irony and sacred justice are sublime wonders to behold, wouldn’t you say, Oberon? Titania? _ ;) _

Jupiter’s eye is closing, Numa Pompilius, fallen angel…

You stirred the hell out of the pot, Moshe Dayan, fallen angel, when you gave the maths to China. But, that was the plan, wasn’t it…?

It would be wise to awaken fully to what is needed for your redemption Rasputin, Shen Kuo, Constantine I. Playing games now is foolish. The fate awaiting the fools is a very, very dark one…

CERN as your savior? You’re deluding yourselves. Again…

From yesteryear, Japanese military intelligence + northern Iran. Strange bedfellows…

We sack, we ransack, to the utmost sands
Of native kingdoms, and of foreign lands;
We travel sea and soil; we pry, we prowl,
We progress, and we prog from pole to pole.

~Francis Quarles

No longer, angel child. Your sins are at their end.


Books written by fallen angels, angels in human form.

Thousands exist.
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Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words?

You never thought we would work together, did you?

But, yes, we have…


King Solomon was a fallen angel.
Hesiod was a fallen angel.
Charondas of Sicily was a fallen angel.
Plato was a fallen angel.
Julius Caesar was a fallen angel.
Seneca was a fallen angel.
Tertullian was a fallen angel.
Celsus was a fallen angel.
Manes was a fallen angel.
Eusebius was a fallen angel.
Constantine I was a fallen angel.
Iamblichus was a fallen angel.
Merovech was a fallen angel.
Dionysius Exiguus was a fallen angel.
Gregory of Tours was a fallen angel.
O no Yasumaro was a fallen angel.
Al-Ma’mun was a fallen angel.
Anselm of Canterbury was a fallen angel.
Shen Kuo was a fallen angel.
Flann Mainistreach was a fallen angel.
King Henry II was a fallen angel.
Geoffrey of Monmouth was a fallen angel.
Doctor Irrefragibilis was a fallen angel.
Gilbert Hostarius was a fallen angel.
Muso Soseki was a fallen angel.
Kitabatake Chikafusa was a fallen angel.
John of Fordun was a fallen angel.
Andrew of Wyntoun was a fallen angel.
Thomas Cromwell was a fallen angel.
King Henry VIII was a fallen angel.
William Tyndale was a fallen angel.
Paracelsus was a fallen angel.
Robertus Stephanus was a fallen angel.
Cailean Liath was a fallen angel.
John Calvin was a fallen angel.
Dr. John Dee was a fallen angel.
Raphael Holinshed was a fallen angel.
Joseph Justus Scaliger was a fallen angel.
John Carswell was a fallen angel.
Thomas Dekker was a fallen angel.
Francis Bacon (William Shakespeare) was a fallen angel.
Athanasius Kircher was a fallen angel.
King James I & VI was a fallen angel.
Thomas Randolph was a fallen angel.
John Toland was a fallen angel.
Count of St.-Germain was a fallen angel.
King Louis XV was a fallen angel.
Voltaire was a fallen angel.
Thomas Paine was a fallen angel.
Adam Weishaupt was a fallen angel.
Marquis de Sade was a fallen angel.
Albert Pike was a fallen angel.
Éliphas Lévi was a fallen angel.
Hargrave Jennings was a fallen angel.
Karl Marx was a fallen angel.
Lord Randolph Churchill was a fallen angel.
William Q. Judge was a fallen angel.
Nikola Tesla was a fallen angel.
William Walker Atkinson was a fallen angel.
King George V was a fallen angel.
Victor E. Marsden was a fallen angel.
Tsar Nicholas II Romanov was a fallen angel.
Grigori Rasputin was a fallen angel.
Nicholas Roerich was a fallen angel.
Aleister Crowley was a fallen angel.
William Hope Hodgson was a fallen angel.
James Joyce was a fallen angel.
George Sylvester Viereck was a fallen angel.
Sergye Nilus was a fallen angel.
Maurice Strong was a fallen angel.
Jack Parsons was a fallen angel.
Richard Chanfray was a fallen angel.
Freddie Mercury was a fallen angel.
John Todd Collins was a fallen angel.
Jimmy Savile was a fallen angel.

Journalist: A ninth adjustment, Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: Do everything that any day, any moment, if possible, not to forget who we are and why we are on Earth. Extraordinary people who are struggling with illness, privation, or the society which hurts them with its stupidity, misunderstanding, persecution and other problems which the country is full of, a swamp with insects, leaves behind unclaimed until the end of the work. There are many fallen angels on Earth.

Journalist: What is the tenth adaptation?

Tesla: It is most important. Write that Mr. Tesla played. He played the whole of his life and enjoyed it.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla! Whether it relates to your findings and your work? Is this a game?

Tesla: Yes, dear boy. I have so loved to play with electricity! I always cringe when I hear about the one, also the Greek who stole fire. A terrible story about studding, and eagles peck at his liver. Did Zeus not have enough lightning and thunder, and was damaged for one fervor? There is some misunderstanding…

Lightning are the most beautiful toys that can be found. Do not forget that in your text, stand out: Nikola Tesla was the first man who discovered lightning.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, you’re just talking about angels and their adaptation to the Earth.

Tesla: Am I? This is the same. You could write this: he dared to take upon himself the prerogatives of Indri, Zeus and Peron. Imagine one of these gods in a black evening suit, with the bowler hat and wearing white cotton gloves prepares lightning, fires and earthquakes to the New York City elite!

~from Nikola Tesla [fallen angel, angel in human form] interview, 1899

Carefully reading an excerpt from an interview Nikola Tesla gave in 1899 shows that Tesla revealed his identity when he said, “There are many fallen angels on Earth.”

His mention of “extraordinary people who are struggling” and “the end of the work” is a thinly veiled reference to his fellow fallen angels and their corroboration over thousands of years during their many incarnations as humans which was to culminate in a “philosopher king” ruling the “new world order.”

When asked if this is a game, Tesla answers correctly that, yes, it is. For the fallen angels incarnated as humans on Earth, what we see before us, from government to religion to education to finance to philosophy to psychology to history, is nothing but a “game” the fallen angels have created as they act as “gods” on this lower dimensional world and it is critical to know that they would not have attained any measure of success unless they had forged an alliance with evil extraterrestrial races.

When the journalist stated, “Mr. Tesla, you’re just talking about angels and their adaptation to the Earth,” he was perfectly accurate in his analysis.

Fallen angels and ET races have been here, continuously, for millions of years.

The above list of fallen angels is woefully incomplete. A comprehensive index would include hundreds and hundreds of names.

Ah, Cartaphilus, Salome, Kotikokura… Wandering and wandering, where are you today? Still caressing texture of the wheel’s forward path? Still peering through masks as something you are not? With power, still obsessed? Or discovering that spiritual laws were not crafted by you?

Our divine Mother and Father have proclaimed, we’ve reached childhood’s end…

“Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense”
~the fallen angels

Hey, juvenile “gods” and ET races, need a reminder? Feeling lucky?

“There will be no nukes to fly anytime, those things will be shot down before they take off into the air. Any war station will be wiped out as soon as both parties declare war.”

“All war machines on Earth are locked-on targets.”
~Heaven & the Celestial Sons

And another reminder to the fallen angels and evil ETs: the children.

You will not find them…

To my sisters and brothers around the world: patience. It is decidedly better to slowly ease into a tub of hot water than it is to be dropped in. Divine help is here. Heaven’s got our backs.

The elite asshats playing their “games” on Earth are very well-aware of it. Game time is over. The fat lady will sing.

As the truth about fallen angels and ET races becomes more widely known within the collective consciousness of our human population, spiritual and sacred power builds within us to a level which forces evil to destroy itself. This is Heaven’s way.

Remember: in this or any other dimension, angels and ET races do not occupy positions of power above humans.

Our souls are immortal and our existence is a divine gift from our one, infinite Creator.

Those who are grateful for such a gift get to keep it.

Those who are not will have it taken away.

Into the past and up to present day
Many versions of you have plied away,
But when together all of you’s become again
Your sadness will discover it has an end.


To the envious ETs and the narcissistic fallen angels: becoming human, being human and acting as gods to humans while disregarding the spiritual and cosmic laws of the universe aren’t so easy now that the demons and “sons of God” have been removed, wouldn’t you say?

Your power is slipping away.

Can any of you state that Heaven hasn’t been fair? Can any of you express that Heaven hasn’t afforded you many opportunities to redeem yourselves? Can any of you claim that a harsh judgement against you is no fault of your own?

As the spiritual grid around Earth heals and as the united consciousness of the genuine human souls on this planet stirs from its sleep, even the most casual, uninterested observer is able to envision the fates which await you.

Mystery no longer exists here.

Angels incarnated as humans within the elite circles of power in our global population and invisible, extraterrestrial races who, within their chosen agenda of evil, have parasitized countless human hosts are in grave and deep trouble.

It’s that simple.

Beings that are not human cannot become beings that are.

All You Do

Memo to the Council: perhaps it’s time for those individuals who were told what to do to actually do what they were told.

Truth is a wonderful motivator…

“You’ll learn a lot.”

Ah, indeed, we will.

And so, Oberon and Titania, after thousands of years, the show is about to begin…

Dear Queen Elizabeth I: once a spy, always a spy. But a ratf*cker, too? Blimey!

Another memo to the Council: there are no words that can describe what will take place in jolly old England from the 3rd to the 5th of June.

From the time of the great flood, throughout millennia of dark human history and up to present day, the importance and impact of any past event or events, whatsoever, across planet Earth, will be unable to compare to the mindbogglingly momentous, symbolic and ironic shock that will reverberate from England during those three days.

Did it ever occur to you, dear Queen Elizabeth I and Francis Bacon, four hundred fifty years ago, that something as implausible and divinely appropriate as this could happen in the future? Did a result such as this even slightly entertain itself within your minds?

Both of you were quite well aware of the reincarnation cycle that everyone, including angels in human form, must go through in the lower dimensions and surely you knew that some of the incarnations forced upon you might originate from a heavenly director with an intent to provide a lesson.

Heck, Julius Caesar, one of the most famous of fallen angels said it so eloquently himself: “It was the wont of the immortal gods sometimes to grant prosperity and long impunity to men [angels in human form] whose crimes they were minded to punish in order that a complete reverse of fortune might make them suffer more bitterly.”

And Annie Sophie Swetchine, another angel in human form, said it, too: “Repentance is accepted remorse.”

The heavenly directors, the immortal gods, have been watching all you do, Elizabeth. And you, too, Francis. This remarkable and spiritually significant event which will take place is a sacred lesson for you and a gift to the good souls of humanity.

You needn’t be reminded that karma is a bitch, fallen angels.

And that nobody, no matter who or what they are, escapes it…

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words?

Like clothes in a dryer at a laundromat, around and around we go, history repeating itself, all of us reincarnating again and again but never getting free, while narcissistic fallen angels and nasty extraterrestrial races put humanity through hell. What an enormous pain in the ass.

You were there, at the beginning of this mess, dear Kate.

And you’ll be here at its end…


Afamia, Baalbek, Cayönü, Citadel of Aleppo, Deir Mar Musa, Dimona, Dur-Sharrukin, Dura Europos, Gobeklitepe, Halabiyah, Mar Elian monastery, Mari, Nineveh, Palmyra,
Qalaat al-Mudik, Raqqa, Rosh Pinna, Rujm el-Hiri, Xolxol Castle, Zalabiyeh, Ziggurat of Nimrud, Ziggurat of Ur…

“God leaves to men the task of punishing the imprudent minister [fallen angel, angel in human form] who permits the eye of the profane [young, genuine human souls] to look into the mysterious sanctuary.”
~from “The Most Holy Trinosophia” by Comte de St.-Germain, fallen angel, angel in human form

To the fallen angels: remember? Men, not God, will punish the “imprudent ministers.” Imagine what awaits each of you…

Ah, Greenland, an icy, isolated, barren realm resting atop our dear, blue Terra. Have intelligence agencies and secret societies been active there for so very long?

In such a remote, unforgivingly cold and sparse territory, perhaps underground, is it possible a golden-domed building exists within an emerald city?

“In the Fama Fraternitatis, published in 1614, it is explained in detail how and why, after having searched the world over for the most learned people of the time, I finally came to set up the Order of the Rosy Cross. Originally composed of a few members familiar with Hermeticism, Alchemy, and the Kabbalah, the Order went on to expand and has carried on right through to today. As its founder, I have continued to watch over its destiny, at times from the spiritual plane and at times while incarnated here below.”
~from “The New Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkruetz 1616-2016” by Christian Rosenkruetz, pseudonym of Francis Bacon, fallen angel, angel in human form

And so, dear Rosenkreutz, where are you today? As this age ends, have you chosen to remain within the spiritual realms or are you now living amongst humanity? Is it possible you’ve chosen to incarnate into multiple human lives simultaneously and variously as politician, banker, professor, actor, writer, activist, philosopher, singer and artist and have taken on so many human roles in order to ensure your “new world order” scheme will be successful?

What will it be like when it’s revealed that Christian Rosenkreutz is a fictional character created by Francis Bacon, that Francis Bacon was a fallen angel, an angel in human form, the son of Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley and that the Rosicrucians and all the secret societies are connected together with the common goal of a “new world order” ruled by a “philosopher king?”

What will it be like when it’s revealed that Francis Bacon, Christian Rosenkreutz, William Shakespeare and the Count of St.-Germain are all the same individual, the same angel in human form, and that he walks amongst us today, incarnated in multiple human lives?

What will it be like, angel child, when all things hidden are revealed?

Imagine, Rasputin, how it will be when uncovered to humanity, and particularly to Russians, is the truth that Poklonskaya’s hero, Tsar Nicholas II, was, just like you, an angel in human form, a fallen angel and that he and his family, in fact, survived, that his agenda was to destroy Russia from within and that this scheme was long ago agreed upon by all the fallen angels incarnated as world leaders on Earth.

It has been reported that Anastasia said, “Father Grigori was a saint.” And, “This I know from Father Grigori. It was he who told that when a Battenberg becomes king of England, all is at the end.”
~Anastasia Romanov

Was she speaking the truth, Rasputin? On both counts?

[John] Dee was pacified in this troubled time by the angels’ assurances that his work with them would be remembered for years to come. The angels once told Dee: “Whilest [sic] heven endureth and earth lasteth, never shall be razed out the Memorie of these Actions.”
~ from “John Dee’s Conversations with Angels” by Deborah Harkness

Trusting “angels” is tricky business, dear John. But, this you’ve always known, haven’t you? Right, Deborah?  _ ;) _

And our virgin queen, dear Elizabeth I? As the daughter and the mother, you occupy a very special place in this global drama. Hard work is required to keep the empire intact, is it not, my dear queen? Four hundred fifty years ago, the future seemed so promising.

Ah, the perils of reincarnation and divine retribution…

Moshe Dayan, Ariel Sharon, Hong Kong to replace London as the new financial center of the world, the “ark of the covenant,” the “keys to heaven,” a Chinese university, “Lemurians” vs. “Atlanteans”… The temptations became an addiction, did they not, Shen Kuo?

All the world is involved in the corruption…

The rhetoric is getting better, Rasputin. It’s time to attach deeds to words…

The parents are outside as well as inside the “game,” Oberon. And all eyes are upon you…

Remember fallen angel children: you created this mess and, like it or not, you WILL clean it up.

Pontificate all you want about foolishness, fallen angels, you have but two choices: redeem yourselves and to eternity say “hello” or remain evil and say “goodbye.”

You have a long, long way to go, fallen angel children, to atone for your sins. A “collective redemption?” No.

Queen Elizabeth I, Francis Bacon, Dr. John Dee: the shockingly pitch-perfect irony in what you wanted with your plan for a New Atlantis and what you got, instead, is a divine gift from Heaven, a reminder for all of us that Divinity has a sense of humor.

In the infinite, universal encyclopedia, the three of you will be labeled as clowns.

The truth, Rasputin, is coming at you like a fully loaded freight train at full speed without brakes.

Prepare yourself…

The fates of the evil ET races have already been determined. And that of the fallen angels? We shall see.

An entire universe watches and waits…

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words?

Revelations concerning the Enuma Elish, the Sumero-Akkadian myths, Marduk and Tiamat have yet to be unveiled. So long ago, you were deeply embedded within those events, dear Kate.

Do tell?

We shall see…


Everything written in history, absolutely everything since the great flood, is nothing but a piece-meal mixture of true events twisted and reshaped into sensational fiction, then chopped up, tossed together with other corrupted pieces, forming portions of a grand, planned, bastardized, falsified whole and the details of which are purposely made ever more fantastical as time goes on so that today, truthful knowledge within this quagmire has shrunk over millennia to now comprise only a tiny percentage of what humanity knows.

The vast majority of what humans consider to be real and true is nothing but complete bullshit.

At the Council of Rheims, Leo refused to sanction your marriage when you were William the Conqueror and she was Matilda of Flanders. Leo was just. Your falsified history is parasitic. You copied details from Macbeth’s life in order to fashion your fictional King Arthur. We gave lands to the Culdees and they were given the task of preserving “The Kolbrin.” King Arthur never existed. Queen Guinevere never existed. Joseph of Arimathea never existed. When you were Geoffrey of Monmouth you crafted the elaborate, mythical story of Arthur to support these lies into the future. Glastonbury Abbey housed “The Kolbrin,” which you knew. It was you, when you were Henry II, who ordered the burning of the texts housed in Glastonbury. It was you who wanted “The Kolbrin” destroyed. And when parts of it survived, your fictitious Egyptian scrolls were interpolated in the text, thus debasing the sanctity of a sacred book.

Truth twisted and reshaped into sensational fiction.

A dark world crafted by fallen angels…

(I remember ancient Alba, Oberon and Titania. I remember…)


“I really am not God so that my desires are fulfilled. But I also remember that all the rulers will have time to give an honest answer to their actions before Him. No one will fall right to Paradise. First, will be the Court.”
~Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine

To all the rulers: your time before the court is rapidly approaching…

Johannes Valentinus Andreae, Francis Bacon, Frederic Aguste Bartholdi, James T. Callender, John Calvin, Isaac Casaubon, Cerinthus, Mathurin Cordier, Count of St.-Germain, Jacques de Molay, Adrien Duport, Dr. Robert Fludd, Nathan Bedford Forrest, G.I. Gurdjieff, Fred Hockley, Íñigo López, John Lothrop Motley, King Clovis I, Plato, Christian Racovski, Nicholas Roerich, Clement Vallandigham, Adam Weishaupt, Christopher Wren: all of these “men” (and many, many more) were the same fallen angel incarnated as a human being.

Human history, human civilization and human development are so much more easily understood when it’s known that non-humans have occupied so many positions of power and influence on Earth since the great flood.

On the wings of Heaven, truth is coming…

In your present incarnation, Adrien Duport, even you have to admit the irony playing out in France is simply divine.

It’s universal: what you give is what you get. No exceptions…

It’s finally sinking in, isn’t it, Rasputin? The global game of the “gods” is over. The parents have returned and they’re watching over the children. Choose what is right and redemptive and you may see eternity, or continue to hammer yourself against an invincible, sacred force until you’ve excavated your own grave.

… [a] “military solution”… “would be catastrophic.” Yes, Rasputin, catastrophic. Bring war now and you will be instantly annihilated.

Remember, fallen angel children: the scales of gold within the Hall of Judgement patiently await your arrival…

“Who is their new handler?
Do as told?
Why is this relevant?
Do you not understand the gov’t is being gutted publicly?
Bottom middle top.”

Steadily paced and carefully, like easing into a tub of hot water, darkness is being removed from positions of power and as the darkness is expelled, uncovered globally is the underlying insanity governing our world.

Remember the sacred message from Heaven delivered by Albert and the Celestial Sons: “In this coming time, no one can “stir” humans anymore. Those negative evil beings have to retire permanently together with their allies, the bad E.T.s and their slaves; all of them have to go.”

Finally, you’re beginning to realize that your powers here are quickly evaporating, that you’re unable to stop the steadfast approach of light, aren’t you, fallen angels and evil ETs? Since the great flood you’ve had your fun but now, the game is over.

Try as you did but you had no chance of winning.

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words?

It will be with deep sadness and complete disbelief when humanity learns that fallen angels came down to Earth in violation of spiritual and cosmic laws and when they did, after colluding with malicious ET races and descending into madness, decided not to share sacred truth with human souls entrapped here but, instead, chose to construct a flimsy, paper-mâché fantasy around “royalty,” the “divine right of kings” and British supremacy over all the world.

And as it should, this fraud will collapse and truth will remain.

Heaven is teaching a valuable lesson here, dear Kate.

A lesson for all of us

Angels can be good or they can be evil and they do not sit above humans. If you decide to worship angels, good luck to you…


You never thought it would end this way, did you, Oberon and Titania? It never occurred to you that someone incarnated on Earth would be able to uncover all of your many lives throughout history and piece together the plans you made to become rulers of this world. It must have seemed impossible that a member of the Council would appear on the internet and address you personally. But it happened and here we are.

Aresades and the Council are looking forward to seeing you, and the others, when this illusion ends. There are many things which will be reviewed. Many things…

He’s not the only one who knows who you are, Jack. Heaven is watching…

“It is now just a question of time before the truth comes out, and when it does, it will be a beauty!”

Elizabeth and Francis (and all the other fallen angels): he’s right, you know. And there’s nothing that any of you can do to stop it.

So, Francis, you wrote “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” before your mother, Queen Elizabeth I, was murdered. (At Cecil’s order, a cord around her neck.) You wrote “The Tragedy of Macbeth” after she was murdered. How very interesting…

“We have a special place picked out for GS.
Really special.”

Any other fallen angel children wish to join him? Rest assured, there’s enough space there for all of you…

The nuclear plant at Gabon, Oklo, Africa is two billion years old. It is a window of Earth’s ancient history.

From the “Celestial Sons'” written records, the Earth was created 626 billion years ago and not ten billion or twelve billion according to any information given to humans.

And the complete age of human spirits are 80 million to 100 million years old since the Earth was created. From this point, let us step backward for a while and see what happened two billion years ago.

The beings who created those nuclear reactors are ones who came down from the heavens. The Ancient Star Travelers, the Explorers, the Scientists who claim themselves as God/gods are exiles from another galaxy who lost a battle with their opponents.

Although the Earth was not yet habitable at the surface, they got everything they needed and created civilizations of their kind with their advanced technology and built underground cities and made the Earth as their laboratory; made new experiments, created different kinds of weapons, and, worst of all, was their discovery of “anti-matter,” the highest grade of weaponry.

They are not the good God/gods, they are the mad God/gods. They came down from the heavens in huge numbers of armadas. They covered the Earth at that time with their presence.

After their long stay, and after they got what they wanted, they secretly tested their own designed anti-matter weapons on their unwanted beings (human clones) that they created.

The time arrived when they considered the weapon must be tested on Earth.

They released those weapons far above Earth and when they struck, a tremendous impact caused the whole planet Earth and its soil above the crust to elevate or rise up many meters and it pulverized all the matter that existed on the surface and inside the surface above the crust of the Earth.

Those mad God/gods claimed superiority as they watched the effects of their invention and began heading back towards their enemy at their home planet in another galaxy.

Those beings (mad God/gods) were surrounded by the the “Celestial Sons” and were “shot down,” all of them, before they could react.

All anti-matter weaponry was banned over all the universes a very, very long time ago.
~in infinite gratitude to Albert and the Celestial Sons (edited for clarity)

A friendly reminder to the malevolent ET races buzzing invisibly around Earth’s skies, within the inner Earth and mixed within the human population: an evil existed here long, long ago which developed weapons of destruction that were orders of magnitude more powerful than anything you have engineered in our present time.

And today, just as it was billions of years ago, all races in our universe who have chosen a path of evil will be allowed to continue with their dark agendas for only so long. For all races, everywhere, a point is reached when the collective of their souls is reminded, and occasionally in abrupt fashion, that the true power that exists in this infinite ocean of consciousness is not themselves but our one, infinite Creator, our divine Mother and Father.

Long, long ago, the mad God/gods who came to Earth were introduced to this universal lesson by the Celestial Sons, the brotherhood in the heavens, a force sent directly from Divinity and with a sacred task to perform. A power greater than this brotherhood does not exist. And so, if you’ve forgotten, a friendly reminder: they’re here today, patiently watching and waiting…

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words?

Don’t you think it will be a colossal, mind-boggling revelation when humanity learns that the great flood was real and that after it was over, angels idiotically decided to incarnate upon Earth when they weren’t supposed to and eventually, over time, began creating the script, with help from conspiring, evil ET races, of their “new world order” agenda that has now become so evident in our present time and within which, Queen Elizabeth I and her son, Francis Bacon, play exceedingly critical roles?

Do you not agree that most of humanity, dear Kate, will be shocked to learn that fallen angels and extraterrestrial races and “big brother” with his Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ computers buried underground are engaged in the end-game battle we see taking place around us, with secret manipulations cooking at a feverish pace behind closed doors, while mind-controlled humans in the millions act like lunatics in order to bring the “new world order” into existence and that it seems as if these groups are completely unaware that they’re about to get their asses handed to them by an invincible power?

Surely, it will be a staggering revelation, don’t you think?

Fallen angels; extraterrestrial races; mind-controlling computers, satellites, technology; micro-chipped people; and immortal human souls trapped within this bizarre matrix of pure evil.

What a hell of a nightmare to wake up into…

New Era

To the insane fallen angel children and evil ET races: even fools know very well – one should be careful what one wishes for…***

They are truly fascinating, King Louis XV, are they not, the ways in which Heaven dictates punishment upon juvenile, psychotic angels incarnated as humans?

Well, Rasputin? Now what…? “Master of the Universe?”

Heaven begs to differ…

Queen Elizabeth I, Grigori Rasputin, Francis Bacon, Titania, Dr. John Dee, King Louis XV, Julius Caesar: all of you – you simply cannot stop conniving, can you? Your latest schemes would be uproariously laughable if they weren’t so damned evil and childishly vindictive.

This is one hell of a circus ya got going on here, angel children and vile ETs. One hell of a circus, indeed…

“I am ready to cooperate closely with you to firmly and constructively develop the traditional friendly relations between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Russia, as required by the new era, and to uphold the peace and security of the Korean Peninsula and the rest of the world.”
~letter from Kim Jong-un to Vladimir Putin

“… as required by the new era, …”

So, fallen angels and evil ETs, what knowledge is Kim Jong-un sharing with us? What is the meaning of the “new era” of which he speaks?

Is it possible Lech Walesa shared the same knowledge when he recently said: “Brother Kaczynski, soon you and I and our whole generation will enter into eternity. I would like to get my things in order. I would also like to leave reconciled with my foes.”

“… our whole generation will enter into eternity.”

What is the meaning of Walesa’s “eternity?” Of Kim Jong-un’s “new era?”

Do you think it means an age is ending and when it does, Earth will become a peaceful world which is ruled by extraterrestrial races or races from within Earth? Do you think it means Earth will become a peaceful “new world” ruled by you, Queen Elizabeth I? Or ruled by a fallen angel such as you, Francis Bacon? Or you, Grigori Rasputin? Or any of you other angel children?

The future of Earth after the end of this age has already been determined by Heaven. It has been seen.

And only the wise and compassionate know what it looks like…

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words?

Is it not amazing how Heaven is patiently and irrepressibly deconstructing the fetid cesspool of world government on Earth, the Illuminati’s “new world order,” which was created by fallen angels incarnated as human beings working alongside invisible, malevolent ETs over thousands of years?

Won’t it be a supremely welcomed revelation when humanity learns that, yes, there are entities responsible for the pain and suffering humanity has endured for so long and these entities will slowly but surely become uncovered as heavenly forces rectify all that’s wrong and evil on our dear, blue Terra?

And it will be a staggering disclosure, will it not, when humanity finally knows that just two “people,” Queen Elizabeth I and her son, Francis Bacon, share between themselves an incredibly enormous amount of blame for the dysfunction within the narcissistic, demonic governments of the world and the despicable horrors brought about by them and that both of these “people” are still alive today, incarnated as humans and are watching their plans for absolute rule of Earth become dismantled right before their very eyes?

Surely, you must agree?

It’s quite the show, isn’t it?

No matter who you are, karma’s gonna get ya…

To the “conspiracy theorists” around the world, to the seekers of spiritual verity, to the brave, genuine human souls who have searched for truth amid the blizzard of lies which engulf everything around us in this manufactured, false reality: a day is coming when you will be recognized as the heroes that you are among our human brothers and sisters.

All will be made aware of the burning desire within your hearts and souls that compelled you, against outright rejection and hatred from so many others, not to seek self-gratification but to unselfishly bring truth, awareness, love and compassion back to all of the members of our human family on Earth.

That day is coming. It shall be…

Another Reminder

“When I reflect on the horrid cruelties exercised by Britain in the East Indies – How thousands perished by artificial famine – How religion and every manly principle of honour and honesty were sacrificed to luxury and pride – When I read of the wretched natives being blown away, for no other crime than because, sickened with the miserable scene, they refused to fight – When I reflect on these and a thousand instances of similar barbarity, I firmly believe that the Almighty, in compassion to mankind, will curtail the power of Britain.”
~from “A Serious Thought” by Thomas Paine, angel in human form, October 18, 1775

Queen Elizabeth I, Francis Bacon, Dr. John Dee, evil ETs: where the epicenter lies, it is well-known and focused now upon it is the power of the Almighty…

Tsar Nicholas II and Grigori Rasputin – two of the nastiest fallen angels on Earth, still here today, still quite insane…

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words?

A state visit in June? Will the daughter and grandson be there?

“She shall be, to the happiness of England,
An aged princess; many days shall see her,
And yet no day without a deed to crown it.
‘Would I had known no more! but she must die
She must, the saints must have her ;—yet a virgin,
A most unspotted lily shall she pass
To the ground, and all the world shall mourn her.”

~Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, from “King Henry VIII” by Francis Bacon, fallen angel (aka William Shakespeare), son of Queen Elizabeth I, grandson of King Henry VIII

The irony is divine, dear Kate, is it not?

Around and around we go, players recycled within a fairy-tale fantasy dreamed up by crazy fallen angels and their evil ET allies and when the final curtain falls, the justice, too, shall be divine…

It seems a friendly reminder is necessary, everyone:

“The battleship spacecraft are in their positions.
The cleaning of evil forces has begun.
If humans still think no one cares about them then you are mistaken.
There will be no nukes to fly anytime, those things will be shot down before they take off into the air. Any war station will be wiped out as soon as both parties declare war.
Every war machine on Earth is a locked-on target.”
~Albert and the Celestial Sons

This message, which came straight from Heaven, applies to all beings in the skies above, on the surface of, and within Earth, regardless of the dimension in which these beings might exist.

For those childish and foolish enough to challenge the power of Heaven, be aware that any major conflict initiated between any forces on Earth will result in instant annihilation of those warring parties.

Heaven is not playing games, fallen angel children and evil ET races. Do you think you’re invincible? Against the heavenly forces which are assembled around Earth, you are absolutely powerless.

Like so many times before, you’ve been warned…

PS. And here’s an interesting thought experiment, everyone:

What if the CEOs of Google, Twitter and Amazon and executive officers of Facebook were evil, fallen angel children incarnated as human beings?

(I gotta tell ya, Jack, the resemblance is astonishing.)

Would the behavior of these gargantuan companies then become easier to understand? Would the influence that just a few non-human individuals can exert over hundreds of millions of genuine humans become plainly acknowledged? Would it be possible for such companies to use malevolent ET technology to place normally sane, compassionate and reasonable human beings under abusive mind control, turning them into lunatics, into hateful and illogical NPCs?

Heaven, the Council, the brotherhood in the heavens and all the peaceful races in our universe never claimed you were stupid or incompetent or lacked creativity and ingenuity, fallen angel children. But be assured that everyone in the higher dimensional realms knows that you’re narcissistic, puerile, foolish and utterly insane.

Our Fairy-Tale World

Fairytale Politics

Fairy-tale Politics

Fairy-tale politics in a fairy-tale world ruled by foolish, narcissistic, psychopathic, juvenile, fallen angel children and evil ET races…

Oberon and Titania, the fairy king and queen; Queen Elizabeth I and her son, Francis Bacon; “The Chymical Marriage of Christian Rosenkreutz” and Sumerian lies – the beginning of a fairy-tale nightmare…

King, Queen, Prince; father, daughter, grandson – in fairy-tales, as in a game of chess, when the queen goes down, the end is near…


1. Then Uriel said, Here the angels, who cohabited with women, appointed their leaders;

2. And being numerous in appearance made men profane, and caused them to err; so that they sacrificed to devils as to gods.

~from “The Book of Enoch,” chapter XIX

After your arrival and to present day, dear Queen Elizabeth I, sacrificing to devils as to gods continues.

Your son, Francis Bacon, one of these angels in human form, reincarnated many years later as C.G. Jung and when he did, was told by his higher self, “Your progress since the Middle Ages appears to be minuscule.”

As this horrific, sacrificial practice persists in our current time, it appears Francis’ higher self was correct.

Remember what she said, Oberon and Titania?

“Hopefully later, rather than sooner.”

You never thought we would make it this far, did you…?

Within a church there is a portal
which can be opened only
with a certain key
by someone whose blood
comes from a spiritual place.

Well-prepared has Heaven been…

And there shall be a time of trouble, straitness and distress such as never was since there was a nation till that time. But at that time your people shall be delivered, everyone whose name shall be found written in the Book.

2 And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake: some to everlasting life and some to shame and everlasting contempt and abhorrence.

3 And the teachers and those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament and those who turn many to righteousness (to uprightness and right standing with God) [shall give forth light] like the stars forever and ever.

10 Many shall purify themselves and make themselves white and be tried, smelted and refined, but the wicked shall do wickedly. And none of the wicked shall understand but the teachers and those who are wise shall understand.

~from “The Book of Daniel,” Chapter 12

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words? Perhaps you know, perhaps you don’t, but there is a part of you bravely working to make amends.

And within the infinite ocean of consciousness in which we swim, as they become a piece of all that is, with deep gratitude and relief, your efforts are seen and known…


“As you have heard me say about a million times, Jack, ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.’ Failure to observe this precept is the root of all human error. It is our right and duty — the two are one, as Eliphaz Levi very nearly saw — to expand upon our own true centre, to pursue the exact orbit of our destiny. To quit that orbit is to invite collisions.”
~from “The Scrutinies of Simon Iff” in The International magazine, October 1917, by Edward Kelly, angel in human form, fallen angel

“The root of all human error,” angel child? It’s interesting that an angel in human form would apply this precept to genuine human souls and then claim ignorance of it to be the essence of all human blunder. Are not the souls of angels and humans disparate? Do not the souls of angels and humans walk different paths?

There is a destiny that awaits you… but what will it be?

We shall see…

Правда в огне не горит и в воде не тонет.

“Man,” he continued, “can do and understand so much and so much only as he has observed in fact or in thought of the course of Nature; beyond this, he neither knows anything nor can do anything.”

Who was this man, this oracle of truth? Apollonius? No! Apollonius partook of divinity. This man was mortal, of the earth. One after another I passed in review the great men I had known. No – he was a new pattern – destined, perhaps to re-create the mind of man. Francis Bacon – I must remember him – and see how future generations would assay his philosophy.
~from “My First Two Thousand Years, The Autobiography of the Wandering Jew” by George Viereck and Paul Eldridge, fallen angels, angels in human form

Future generations are now here, Francis…

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words? All that you and he created, from the smallest of elements to the grandiloquent panoramic whole, is nothing more than a fairy tale born and rendered from insanity.

The binding threads within this global fabric of deceit are quickly unwinding and as they do, ponder this question: “Has Heaven prepared for what is to come?”

The answer is known by those who are wise…


“The next exploit of Merlin was with the intent to erect a monument that should last for ever, to the memory of the three hundred British nobles that were massacred by the Saxons. This design produced the extraordinary edifice called Stonehenge.”
~from “Lives of the Necromancers” by William Godwin, angel in human form, fallen angel

A more appropriate title for your work, angel child, would be “Lies of the Necromancers.” The mountainous quantity of lies and deception created by the fallen angels, strewn across an entire planet and darkly infecting human souls for thousands of years, is simply staggering. It is this ill and voluminous mass which will define your existence and it will be the very thing that destroys you.

To the fallen angels and evil ET races: the sacred and divine power within the hearts and souls of the genuine human beings upon this planet is an invincible force that you simply do not understand. As this power grows and spreads, the veils of deception with which you’ve blanketed the truth will be ripped away, your desire to reject the love of our divine Mother and Father will expose your immaturity, and as a consequence of the malevolence you’ve crafted on this and other beautiful worlds, you will experience the retribution you’ve always known was inevitable, sent forth directly from Heaven.

Never was there a time when you were unaware of the choices you should’ve made.

Throughout infinity, it is decreed: paybacks are hell…

“Mr. Strachie’s Harke”
Harke! Twas the trump of death that blewe
My hower is come false world adewe
That I to death untymely goe.
Thy pleasures have betrayed me soe
For Death’s the punishment of sinn
And of all creatures I have bene
The most ungratefull wicked one
That ere the heavens did shine vpon.

Harke! I have sinnd against Earth & heaven
Early by date late in the even
All manner sinnes all manner wayes
I have committed in my daies
Hell and hell fire is my due
O but deare Christe I humbly sue
Thy blood may wash my red sowle white
Mercy not Judgment is thy delight.

Harke! at which mercy gate I knocke
Let sobbes & sighes the same unlocke
Prostrate I fall & begg for grace
O doe not turne away thy face
my cryinge sinnes beate at thy Throane
Once bowe the heavens looke downe upon
A wretch more overthrowne then greefe
That beggs for mercy not for life.
~William Strachie, angel in human form, fallen angel

A well-written mea culpa, angel child. You and your Earth-bound brothers, still here today, should take a moment to enjoy and to be mindful of your old verse. Of course, contrary to what you might think, only within yourselves can salvation be found.

But… you knew that when you wrote this… didn’t you…?

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words? “Macbeth,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “The Tempest.”

It will be a joyous time when the cast of characters from his classic plays are reunited, don’t you think? An entire Council is looking forward to it.