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The Council

Ancient Prophecies 10, “The Watchers”

Oberon and Titania: do you remember…?
Perhaps a better title would be “The Council.”

It’s a long journey indeed by looking backward at what we are, who we are and our purpose on Earth – what world you are living on now, and what worlds you have lived on before because truly, there are many worlds. Not only this Earth that you are living on now but many worlds that you’ve lived on before. Human spirits are immortal and have been in many worlds.

Let me call you a time traveler, explorer, a light that is connected to many worlds in the universes that travels in an instant as you please. Your body now, in the present time, is only considered your spiritual clothes. The real you is beyond you.
~Albert and the Celestial Sons

Good grief, Henry…
Everybody else paying attention?



To my sisters and brothers around the world: answers sought by human souls to our many questions cannot be found until the initial conditions which started the nightmare we live in are not only known but also accepted as truth. Our minds must be pried wide open. Our dogmas must be left behind.

Infinity surrounds us and along with it a countless array of details formed the initial conditions we see today but it’s possible to reduce such complexity into something very basic that can be easily understood and it’s this: human souls are immortal; human souls are actual, tangible things; reincarnation is real and is our one, infinite Creator’s design; there is no such thing as death; human souls are locked in amnesia; human souls have been trapped upon Earth by dark forces; and these dark forces include fallen angels, unseen extraterrestrial races and 4th dimensional negative entities.

Seeking truth about fallen angels will uncover only a part of our story. Seeking truth about ET races will uncover only a part of our story. Seeking truth about 4th dimensional entities will uncover only a part of our story.

Allowing dogma to force disbelief and nonacceptance of any of these entities will curtail enlightenment.

Only when humanity awakens to the real presence of all of these initial conditions and how they are being controlled by horrific evils will the greatest of truth be found.

It ain’t just fallen angels or evil ET races or nasty 4th dimensional entities who are to blame for the nightmare we live in.

It’s ALL of them.

And unbeknownst to most of humanity, the nasty 4th dimensional entities have been removed by Heaven.

So, what remains are fallen angels incarnated as humans and invisible, evil ET races. Do the angels and ET races know they’re in dire trouble?

You bet your ass they do.

And they also are very well-aware of one of the highest of spiritual laws: what you give is what you get.

It’s payback time.

Right, Oberon?


Do you remember, fallen angel children, what Daniel said so long ago?
Tick… tick… tick…

To the fallen angel children who hope to redeem themselves: good luck.
To the fallen angel children who care not to redeem themselves: good riddance.

With divine, sacred strength, Francis, truth is pressing down upon you.
After Iran awakens, which country will then stand alone?

As humanity awakens to your juvenile, narcissistic atrocities, it is deeply humbling, is it not, fallen angel children, to discover that you must start making amends for what you’ve done?

And this is just the beginning.

You have a long, long way to go…

What’s presented as “humour” nowadays usually concentrates on bodily functions and other things we’d rather not acknowledge, and NONE of it is funny.

Humour, like truth, beauty and music, has been abolished, even outlawed, because the devil’s gargoyles don’t understand it, but they do see the danger to themselves if we’re allowed to remain Human, something they can never be.

~Barney, commenter on The Irish Savant blog

Not many people may know the story of the Tuatha
De Danann…But they should. You might just
Consider them the First Star People. Ancient Celts.

The Tuatha De Danann, in legend, were visitors [Pleiadians]
From the stars…came to Earth and shared their
Secrets…with man…and a bloodline as well.
Tall and beautiful, fair and magical…or psychic if
You would rather…They would inspire legends of
Elves and fairies…They came to impart wisdom, talents
And skills that would improve our primitive ancestors…

So many secrets, yes it would take
A special mind to harness Magical lines…
To help the Tuatha summon help from
The stars…
Maybe some fair-haired or red headed
Very human-like Aliens from the Seven Sisters. [Pleiades]

The Freedom of Liberation of this Earth…
Is not just about this World…But all Worlds…
And involves the Enlightenment of all Planets
And Races throughout the Universe…

This is why an Ancient Pleiadian World visited
Our Earth and sowed the seeds of the Tuatha…
To advance mankind on Earth…and Hopefully
Plant the seeds of those Magical Children
Which might some day save the Universe…

When the Starseed Tuatha awaken
All the rules will change…
This will pave the way for others to awaken
To their higher purpose…

Of Tuatha…Ruatha…Danu, Dana Lura.

To the Secret Ancient Bloodlines of the Tuatha
Which spread across the globe, the Star Seed
That we are familiar with. These are the
Ones with hidden powers, ancient memories
Of other worlds…

A Time of the Elves…
Must come again…
The Return of the Tuatha…


To the fallen angel children and evil ET races: the only requirement necessary to enable the return of the Tuatha De Danann is a simple adjustment sent from Heaven.

And this time, Oberon, they will answer only to Heaven…


Ancient Prophecies 3

Tuatha De Danann

The Tuatha De Danann, in legend, were visitors [Pleiadians]
From the stars…came to Earth and shared their
Secrets…with man…and a bloodline as well.
Tall and beautiful, fair and magical…or psychic if
You would rather…They would inspire legends of
Elves and fairies…They came to impart wisdom, talents
And skills that would improve our primitive ancestors…
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Throughout infinity, when asked, “What happened to the fallen angel Shakespeare?” the answer will be, “He was hoisted by his own petard.”

Divine irony and sacred justice are sublime wonders to behold, wouldn’t you say, Oberon? Titania? _ ;) _

Jupiter’s eye is closing, Numa Pompilius, fallen angel…

You stirred the hell out of the pot, Moshe Dayan, fallen angel, when you gave the maths to China. But, that was the plan, wasn’t it…?

It would be wise to awaken fully to what is needed for your redemption Rasputin, Shen Kuo, Constantine I. Playing games now is foolish. The fate awaiting the fools is a very, very dark one…

CERN as your savior? You’re deluding yourselves. Again…

From yesteryear, Japanese military intelligence + northern Iran. Strange bedfellows…

We sack, we ransack, to the utmost sands
Of native kingdoms, and of foreign lands;
We travel sea and soil; we pry, we prowl,
We progress, and we prog from pole to pole.

~Francis Quarles

No longer, angel child. Your sins are at their end.


Books written by fallen angels, angels in human form.

Thousands exist.

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words?

You never thought we would work together, did you?

But, yes, we have…


King Solomon was a fallen angel.
Hesiod was a fallen angel.
Charondas of Sicily was a fallen angel.
Plato was a fallen angel.
Julius Caesar was a fallen angel.
Seneca was a fallen angel.
Tertullian was a fallen angel.
Celsus was a fallen angel.
Manes was a fallen angel.
Eusebius was a fallen angel.
Constantine I was a fallen angel.
Iamblichus was a fallen angel.
Merovech was a fallen angel.
Dionysius Exiguus was a fallen angel.
Gregory of Tours was a fallen angel.
O no Yasumaro was a fallen angel.
Al-Ma’mun was a fallen angel.
Anselm of Canterbury was a fallen angel.
Shen Kuo was a fallen angel.
Flann Mainistreach was a fallen angel.
King Henry II was a fallen angel.
Geoffrey of Monmouth was a fallen angel.
Doctor Irrefragibilis was a fallen angel.
Gilbert Hostarius was a fallen angel.
Muso Soseki was a fallen angel.
Kitabatake Chikafusa was a fallen angel.
John of Fordun was a fallen angel.
Andrew of Wyntoun was a fallen angel.
Thomas Cromwell was a fallen angel.
King Henry VIII was a fallen angel.
William Tyndale was a fallen angel.
Paracelsus was a fallen angel.
Robertus Stephanus was a fallen angel.
Cailean Liath was a fallen angel.
John Calvin was a fallen angel.
Dr. John Dee was a fallen angel.
Raphael Holinshed was a fallen angel.
Joseph Justus Scaliger was a fallen angel.
John Carswell was a fallen angel.
Thomas Dekker was a fallen angel.
Francis Bacon (William Shakespeare) was a fallen angel.
Athanasius Kircher was a fallen angel.
King James I & VI was a fallen angel.
Thomas Randolph was a fallen angel.
John Toland was a fallen angel.
Count of St.-Germain was a fallen angel.
King Louis XV was a fallen angel.
Voltaire was a fallen angel.
Thomas Paine was a fallen angel.
Adam Weishaupt was a fallen angel.
Marquis de Sade was a fallen angel.
Albert Pike was a fallen angel.
Éliphas Lévi was a fallen angel.
Hargrave Jennings was a fallen angel.
Karl Marx was a fallen angel.
Lord Randolph Churchill was a fallen angel.
William Q. Judge was a fallen angel.
Nikola Tesla was a fallen angel.
William Walker Atkinson was a fallen angel.
King George V was a fallen angel.
Victor E. Marsden was a fallen angel.
Tsar Nicholas II Romanov was a fallen angel.
Grigori Rasputin was a fallen angel.
Nicholas Roerich was a fallen angel.
Aleister Crowley was a fallen angel.
William Hope Hodgson was a fallen angel.
James Joyce was a fallen angel.
George Sylvester Viereck was a fallen angel.
Sergye Nilus was a fallen angel.
Maurice Strong was a fallen angel.
Jack Parsons was a fallen angel.
Richard Chanfray was a fallen angel.
John Todd Collins was a fallen angel.
Jimmy Savile was a fallen angel.

Journalist: A ninth adjustment, Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: Do everything that any day, any moment, if possible, not to forget who we are and why we are on Earth. Extraordinary people who are struggling with illness, privation, or the society which hurts them with its stupidity, misunderstanding, persecution and other problems which the country is full of, a swamps with insects, leaves behind unclaimed until the end of the work. There are many fallen angels on Earth.

Journalist: What is the tenth adaptation?

Tesla: It is most important. Write that Mr. Tesla played. He played the whole of his life and enjoyed it.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla! Whether it relates to your findings and your work? Is this a game?

Tesla: Yes, dear boy. I have so loved to play with electricity! I always cringe when I hear about the one, also the Greek who stole fire. A terrible story about studding, and eagles peck at his liver. Did Zeus did not have enough lightning and thunder, and was damaged for one fervor? There is some misunderstanding…

Lightning are the most beautiful toys that can be found. Do not forget that in your text, stand out: Nikola Tesla was the first man who discovered lightning.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, you’re just talking about angels and their adaptation to the Earth.

Tesla: Am I? This is the same. You could write this: he dared to take upon himself the prerogatives of Indri, Zeus and Peron. Imagine one of these gods in a black evening suit, with the bowler hat and wearing white cotton gloves prepares lightning, fires and earthquakes to the New York City elite!

~from Nikola Tesla [fallen angel, angel in human form] interview, 1899

Carefully reading an excerpt from an interview Nikola Tesla gave in 1899 shows that Tesla revealed his identity when he said, “There are many fallen angels on Earth.”

His mention of “extraordinary people who are struggling” and “the end of the work” is a thinly veiled reference to his fellow fallen angels and their corroboration over thousands of years during their many incarnations as humans which was to culminate in a philosopher king ruling the “new world order.”

When asked if this is a game, Tesla answers correctly that, yes, it is. For the fallen angels incarnated as humans on Earth, what we see before us, from government to religion to education to finance to philosophy to psychology to history, is nothing but a “game” the fallen angels have created as they act as “gods” on this lower dimensional world and it is critical to know that they would not have attained any measure of success unless they had forged an alliance with evil extraterrestrial races.

When the journalist stated, “Mr. Tesla, you’re just talking about angels and their adaptation to the Earth,” he was perfectly accurate in his analysis.

Fallen angels and ET races have been here, continuously, for millions of years.

The above list of fallen angels is woefully incomplete. A comprehensive index would include hundreds and hundreds of names.

Ah, Cartaphilus, Salome, Kotikokura… Wandering and wandering, where are you today? Still caressing texture of the wheel’s forward path? Still peering through masks as something you are not? With power, still obsessed? Or discovering that spiritual laws were not crafted by you?

Our divine Mother and Father have proclaimed, we’ve reached childhood’s end…

“Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense”
~the fallen angels

Hey, juvenile “gods” and ET races, need a reminder? Feeling lucky?

There will be no nukes to fly anytime, those things will be shot down before they take off into the air. Any war station will be wiped out as soon as both parties declare war.

All war machines on Earth are locked-on targets.
~Heaven & the Celestial Sons

And another reminder to the fallen angels and evil ETs: the children. You will not find them…

To my sisters and brothers around the world: patience. It is decidedly better to slowly ease into a tub of hot water than it is to be dropped in. Divine help is here. Heaven’s got our backs.

The elite asshats playing their “games” on Earth are very well-aware of it. Game time is over. The fat lady will sing.

As the truth about fallen angels and ET races becomes more widely known within the collective consciousness of our human population, spiritual and sacred power builds within us to a level which forces evil to destroy itself. This is Heaven’s way.

Remember: in this or any other dimension, angels and ET races do not occupy positions of power above humans.

Our souls are immortal and our existence is a divine gift from our one, infinite Creator.

Those who are grateful for such a gift get to keep it.

Those who are not will have it taken away.

Into the past and up to present day
Many versions of you have plied away,
But when together all of you’s become again
Your sadness will discover it has an end.


To the envious ETs and the narcissistic fallen angels: becoming human, being human and acting as gods to humans while disregarding the spiritual and cosmic laws of the universe aren’t so easy now that the demons and “sons of God” have been removed, wouldn’t you say?

Your power is slipping away.

Can any of you state that Heaven hasn’t been fair? Can any of you express that Heaven hasn’t afforded you many opportunities to redeem yourselves? Can any of you claim that a harsh judgement against you is no fault of your own?

As the spiritual grid around Earth heals and as the united consciousness of the genuine human souls on this planet stirs from its sleep, even the most casual, uninterested observer is able to envision the fates which await you.

Mystery no longer exists here.

Angels incarnated as humans within the elite circles of power in our global population and invisible, extraterrestrial races who, within their chosen agenda of evil, have parasitized countless human hosts are in grave and deep trouble.

It’s that simple.

Beings that are not human cannot become beings that are.

All You Do

Memo to the Council: perhaps it’s time for those individuals who were told what to do to actually do what they were told.

Truth is a wonderful motivator…

“You’ll learn a lot.”

Ah, indeed, we will.

And so, Oberon and Titania, after thousands of years, the show is about to begin…

Dear Queen Elizabeth I: once a spy, always a spy. But a ratf*cker, too? Blimey!

Another memo to the Council: there are no words that can describe what will take place in jolly old England from the 3rd to the 5th of June.

From the time of the great flood, throughout millennia of dark human history and up to present day, the importance and impact of any past event or events, whatsoever, across planet Earth, will be unable to compare to the mindbogglingly momentous, symbolic and ironic shock that will reverberate from England during those three days.

Did it ever occur to you, dear Queen Elizabeth I and Francis Bacon, four hundred fifty years ago, that something as implausible and divinely appropriate as this could happen in the future? Did a result such as this even slightly entertain itself within your minds?

Both of you were quite well aware of the reincarnation cycle that everyone, including angels in human form, must go through in the lower dimensions and surely you knew that some of the incarnations forced upon you might originate from a heavenly director with an intent to provide a lesson.

Heck, Julius Caesar, one of the most famous of fallen angels said it so eloquently himself: “It was the wont of the immortal gods sometimes to grant prosperity and long impunity to men [angels in human form] whose crimes they were minded to punish in order that a complete reverse of fortune might make them suffer more bitterly.”

And Annie Sophie Swetchine, another angel in human form, said it, too: “Repentance is accepted remorse.”

The heavenly directors, the immortal gods, have been watching all you do, Elizabeth. And you, too, Francis. This remarkable and spiritually significant event which will take place is a sacred lesson for you and a gift to the good souls of humanity.

You needn’t be reminded that karma is a bitch, fallen angels.

And that nobody, no matter who or what they are, escapes it…

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words?

Like clothes in a dryer at a laundromat, around and around we go, history repeating itself, all of us reincarnating again and again but never getting free, while narcissistic fallen angels and nasty extraterrestrial races put humanity through hell. What an enormous pain in the ass.

You were there, at the beginning of this mess, dear Kate.

And you’ll be here at its end…


Afamia, Baalbek, Cayönü, Citadel of Aleppo, Deir Mar Musa, Dimona, Dur-Sharrukin, Dura Europos, Gobeklitepe, Halabiyah, Mar Elian monastery, Mari, Nineveh, Palmyra,
Qalaat al-Mudik, Raqqa, Rosh Pinna, Rujm el-Hiri, Xolxol Castle, Zalabiyeh, Ziggurat of Nimrud, Ziggurat of Ur

“God leaves to men the task of punishing the imprudent minister [fallen angel, angel in human form] who permits the eye of the profane [young, genuine human souls] to look into the mysterious sanctuary.”
~from “The Most Holy Trinosophia” by Comte de St.-Germain, fallen angel, angel in human form

To the fallen angels: remember? Men, not God, will punish the “imprudent ministers.” Imagine what awaits each of you…

Ah, Greenland, an icy, isolated, barren realm resting atop our dear, blue Terra. Have intelligence agencies and secret societies been active there for so very long?

In such a remote, unforgivingly cold and sparse territory, perhaps underground, is it possible a golden-domed building exists within an emerald city?

“In the Fama Fraternitatis, published in 1614, it is explained in detail how and why, after having searched the world over for the most learned people of the time, I finally came to set up the Order of the Rosy Cross. Originally composed of a few members familiar with Hermeticism, Alchemy, and the Kabbalah, the Order went on to expand and has carried on right through to today. As its founder, I have continued to watch over its destiny, at times from the spiritual plane and at times while incarnated here below.”
~from “The New Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkruetz 1616-2016” by Christian Rosenkruetz, pseudonym of Francis Bacon, fallen angel, angel in human form

And so, dear Rosenkreutz, where are you today? As this age ends, have you chosen to remain within the spiritual realms or are you now living amongst humanity? Is it possible you’ve chosen to incarnate into multiple human lives simultaneously and variously as politician, banker, professor, actor, writer, activist, philosopher, singer and artist and have taken on so many human roles in order to ensure your “new world order” scheme will be successful?

What will it be like when it’s revealed that Christian Rosenkreutz is a fictional character created by Francis Bacon, that Francis Bacon was a fallen angel, an angel in human form, the son of Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley and that the Rosicrucians and all the secret societies are connected together with the common goal of a “new world order” ruled by a “philosopher king?”

What will it be like when it’s revealed that Francis Bacon, Christian Rosenkreutz, William Shakespeare and the Count of St.-Germain are all the same individual, the same angel in human form, and that he walks amongst us today, incarnated in multiple human lives?

What will it be like, angel child, when all things hidden are revealed?

Imagine, Rasputin, how it will be when uncovered to humanity, and particularly to Russians, is the truth that Poklonskaya’s hero, Tsar Nicholas II, was, just like you, an angel in human form, a fallen angel and that he and his family, in fact, survived, that his agenda was to destroy Russia from within and that this scheme was long ago agreed upon by all the fallen angels incarnated as world leaders on Earth.

It has been reported that Anastasia said, “Father Grigori was a saint.” And, “This I know from Father Grigori. It was he who told that when a Battenberg becomes king of England, all is at the end.”
~Anastasia Romanov

Was she speaking the truth, Rasputin? On both counts?

[John] Dee was pacified in this troubled time by the angels’ assurances that his work with them would be remembered for years to come. The angels once told Dee: “Whilest [sic] heven endureth and earth lasteth, never shall be razed out the Memorie of these Actions.”
~ from “John Dee’s Conversations with Angels” by Deborah Harkness

Trusting “angels” is tricky business, dear John. But, this you’ve always known, haven’t you? Right, Deborah?  _ ;) _

And our virgin queen, dear Elizabeth I? As the daughter and the mother, you occupy a very special place in this global drama. Hard work is required to keep the empire intact, is it not, my dear queen? Four hundred fifty years ago, the future seemed so promising.

Ah, the perils of reincarnation and divine retribution…

Moshe Dayan, Ariel Sharon, Hong Kong to replace London as the new financial center of the world, the “ark of the covenant,” the “keys to heaven,” a Chinese university, “Lemurians” vs. “Atlanteans”… The temptations became an addiction, did they not, Shen Kuo?

All the world is involved in the corruption…

The rhetoric is getting better, Rasputin. It’s time to attach deeds to words…

The parents are outside as well as inside the “game,” Oberon. And all eyes are upon you…

Remember fallen angel children: you created this mess and, like it or not, you WILL clean it up.

Pontificate all you want about foolishness, fallen angels, you have but two choices: redeem yourselves and to eternity say “hello” or remain evil and say “goodbye.”

You have a long, long way to go, fallen angel children, to atone for your sins. A “collective redemption?” No.

Queen Elizabeth I, Francis Bacon, Dr. John Dee: the shockingly pitch-perfect irony in what you wanted with your plan for a New Atlantis and what you got, instead, is a divine gift from Heaven, a reminder for all of us that Divinity has a sense of humor.

In the infinite, universal encyclopedia, the three of you will be labeled as clowns.

The truth, Rasputin, is coming at you like a fully loaded freight train at full speed without brakes.

Prepare yourself…

The fates of the evil ET races have already been determined. And that of the fallen angels? We shall see.

An entire universe watches and waits…

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words?

Revelations concerning the Enuma Elish, the Sumero-Akkadian myths, Marduk and Tiamat have yet to be unveiled. So long ago, you were deeply embedded within those events, dear Kate.

Do tell?

We shall see…


Everything written in history, absolutely everything since the great flood, is nothing but a piece-meal mixture of true events twisted and reshaped into sensational fiction, then chopped up, tossed together with other corrupted pieces, forming portions of a grand, planned, bastardized, falsified whole and the details of which are purposely made ever more fantastical as time goes on so that today, truthful knowledge within this quagmire has shrunk over millennia to now comprise only a tiny percentage of what humanity knows.

The vast majority of what humans consider to be real and true is nothing but complete bullshit.

At the Council of Rheims, Leo refused to sanction your marriage when you were William the Conqueror and she was Matilda of Flanders. Leo was just. Your falsified history is parasitic. You copied details from Macbeth’s life in order to fashion your fictional King Arthur. We gave lands to the Culdees and they were given the task of preserving “The Kolbrin.” King Arthur never existed. Queen Guinevere never existed. Joseph of Arimathea never existed. When you were Geoffrey of Monmouth you crafted the elaborate, mythical story of Arthur to support these lies into the future. Glastonbury Abbey housed “The Kolbrin,” which you knew. It was you, when you were Henry II, who ordered the burning of the texts housed in Glastonbury. It was you who wanted “The Kolbrin” destroyed. And when parts of it survived, your fictitious Egyptian scrolls were interpolated in the text, thus debasing the sanctity of a sacred book.

Truth twisted and reshaped into sensational fiction.

A dark world crafted by fallen angels…

(I remember ancient Alba, Oberon and Titania. I remember…)


“I really am not God so that my desires are fulfilled. But I also remember that all the rulers will have time to give an honest answer to their actions before Him. No one will fall right to Paradise. First, will be the Court.”
~Volodymyr Zelensky

To all the rulers: your time before the court is rapidly approaching…

Johannes Valentinus Andreae, Francis Bacon, Frederic Aguste Bartholdi, James T. Callender, John Calvin, Isaac Casaubon, Cerinthus, Mathurin Cordier, Count of St.-Germain, Jacques de Molay, Adrien Duport, Dr. Robert Fludd, Nathan Bedford Forrest, G.I. Gurdjieff, Fred Hockley, Íñigo López, John Lothrop Motley, King Clovis I, Plato, Christian Racovski, Nicholas Roerich, Clement Vallandigham, Adam Weishaupt, Christopher Wren: all of these “men” (and many, many more) were the same fallen angel incarnated as a human being.

Human history, human civilization and human development are so much more easily understood when it’s known that non-humans have occupied so many positions of power and influence on Earth since the great flood.

On the wings of Heaven, truth is coming…

In your present incarnation, Adrien Duport, even you have to admit the irony playing out in France is simply divine.

It’s universal: what you give is what you get. No exceptions…

It’s finally sinking in, isn’t it, Rasputin? The global game of the “gods” is over. The parents have returned and they’re watching over the children. Choose what is right and redemptive and you may see eternity, or continue to hammer yourself against an invincible, sacred force until you’ve excavated your own grave.

… [a] “military solution”… “would be catastrophic.” Yes, Rasputin, catastrophic. Bring war now and you will be instantly annihilated.

Remember, fallen angel children: the scales of gold within the Hall of Judgement patiently await your arrival…

“Who is their new handler?
Do as told?
Why is this relevant?
Do you not understand the gov’t is being gutted publicly?
Bottom middle top.”

Steadily paced and carefully, like easing into a tub of hot water, darkness is being removed from positions of power and as the darkness is expelled, uncovered globally is the underlying insanity governing our world.

Remember the sacred message from Heaven delivered by Albert and the Celestial Sons: “In this coming time, no one can “stir” humans anymore. Those negative evil beings have to retire permanently together with their allies, the bad E.T.s and their slaves; all of them have to go.”

Finally, you’re beginning to realize that your powers here are quickly evaporating, that you’re unable to stop the steadfast approach of light, aren’t you, fallen angels and evil ETs? Since the great flood you’ve had your fun but now, the game is over.

Try as you did but you had no chance of winning.

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words?

It will be with deep sadness and complete disbelief when humanity learns that fallen angels came down to Earth in violation of spiritual and cosmic laws and when they did, after colluding with malicious ET races and descending into madness, decided not to share sacred truth with human souls entrapped here but, instead, chose to construct a flimsy, paper-mâché fantasy around “royalty,” the “divine right of kings” and British supremacy over all the world.

And as it should, this fraud will collapse and truth will remain.

Heaven is teaching a valuable lesson here, dear Kate.

A lesson for all of us

Angels can be good or they can be evil and they do not sit above humans. If you decide to worship angels, good luck to you…


You never thought it would end this way, did you, Oberon and Titania? It never occurred to you that someone incarnated on Earth would be able to uncover all of your many lives throughout history and piece together the plans you made to become rulers of this world. It must have seemed impossible that a member of the Council would appear on the internet and address you personally. But it happened and here we are.

Aresades and the Council are looking forward to seeing you, and the others, when this illusion ends. There are many things which will be reviewed. Many things…

He’s not the only one who knows who you are, Jack. Heaven is watching…

“It is now just a question of time before the truth comes out, and when it does, it will be a beauty!”

Elizabeth and Francis (and all the other fallen angels): he’s right, you know. And there’s nothing that any of you can do to stop it.

So, Francis, you wrote “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” before your mother, Queen Elizabeth I, was murdered. (At Cecil’s order, a cord around her neck.) You wrote “The Tragedy of Macbeth” after she was murdered. How very interesting…

“We have a special place picked out for GS.
Really special.”

Any other fallen angel children wish to join him? Rest assured, there’s enough space there for all of you…

The nuclear plant at Gabon, Oklo, Africa is two billion years old. It is a window of Earth’s ancient history.

From the “Celestial Sons'” written records, the Earth was created 626 billion years ago and not ten billion or twelve billion according to any information given to humans.

And the complete age of human spirits are 80 million to 100 million years old since the Earth was created. From this point, let us step backward for a while and see what happened two billion years ago.

The beings who created those nuclear reactors are ones who came down from the heavens. The Ancient Star Travelers, the Explorers, the Scientists who claim themselves as God/gods are exiles from another galaxy who lost a battle with their opponents.

Although the Earth was not yet habitable at the surface, they got everything they needed and created civilizations of their kind with their advanced technology and built underground cities and made the Earth as their laboratory; made new experiments, created different kinds of weapons, and, worst of all, was their discovery of “anti-matter,” the highest grade of weaponry.

They are not the good God/gods, they are the mad God/gods. They came down from the heavens in huge numbers of armadas. They covered the Earth at that time with their presence.

After their long stay, and after they got what they wanted, they secretly tested their own designed anti-matter weapons on their unwanted beings (human clones) that they created.

The time arrived when they considered the weapon must be tested on Earth.

They released those weapons far above Earth and when they struck, a tremendous impact caused the whole planet Earth and its soil above the crust to elevate or rise up many meters and it pulverized all the matter that existed on the surface and inside the surface above the crust of the Earth.

Those mad God/gods claimed superiority as they watched the effects of their invention and began heading back towards their enemy at their home planet in another galaxy.

Those beings (mad God/gods) were surrounded by the the “Celestial Sons” and were “shot down,” all of them, before they could react.

All anti-matter weaponry was banned over all the universes a very, very long time ago.
~in infinite gratitude to Albert and the Celestial Sons (edited for clarity)

A friendly reminder to the malevolent ET races buzzing invisibly around Earth’s skies, within the inner Earth and mixed within the human population: an evil existed here long, long ago which developed weapons of destruction that were orders of magnitude more powerful than anything you have engineered in our present time.

And today, just as it was billions of years ago, all races in our universe who have chosen a path of evil will be allowed to continue with their dark agendas for only so long. For all races, everywhere, a point is reached when the collective of their souls is reminded, and occasionally in abrupt fashion, that the true power that exists in this infinite ocean of consciousness is not themselves but our one, infinite Creator, our divine Mother and Father.

Long, long ago, the mad God/gods who came to Earth were introduced to this universal lesson by the Celestial Sons, the brotherhood in the heavens, a force sent directly from Divinity and with a sacred task to perform. A power greater than this brotherhood does not exist. And so, if you’ve forgotten, a friendly reminder: they’re here today, patiently watching and waiting…

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words?

Don’t you think it will be a colossal, mind-boggling revelation when humanity learns that the great flood was real and that after it was over, angels idiotically decided to incarnate upon Earth when they weren’t supposed to and eventually, over time, began creating the script, with help from conspiring, evil ET races, of their “new world order” agenda that has now become so evident in our present time and within which, Queen Elizabeth I and her son, Francis Bacon, play exceedingly critical roles?

Do you not agree that most of humanity, dear Kate, will be shocked to learn that fallen angels and extraterrestrial races and “big brother” with his Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ computers buried underground are engaged in the end-game battle we see taking place around us, with secret manipulations cooking at a feverish pace behind closed doors, while mind-controlled humans in the millions act like lunatics in order to bring the “new world order” into existence and that it seems as if these groups are completely unaware that they’re about to get their asses handed to them by an invincible power?

Surely, it will be a staggering revelation, don’t you think?

Fallen angels; extraterrestrial races; mind-controlling computers, satellites, technology; micro-chipped people; and immortal human souls trapped within this bizarre matrix of pure evil.

What a hell of a nightmare to wake up into…

New Era

To the insane fallen angel children and evil ET races: even fools know very well – one should be careful what one wishes for…***

They are truly fascinating, King Louis XV, are they not, the ways in which Heaven dictates punishment upon juvenile, psychotic angels incarnated as humans?

Well, Rasputin? Now what…? “Master of the Universe?”

Heaven begs to differ…

Queen Elizabeth I, Grigori Rasputin, Francis Bacon, Titania, Dr. John Dee, King Louis XV, Julius Caesar: all of you – you simply cannot stop conniving, can you? Your latest schemes would be uproariously laughable if they weren’t so damned evil and childishly vindictive.

This is one hell of a circus ya got going on here, angel children and vile ETs. One hell of a circus, indeed…

“I am ready to cooperate closely with you to firmly and constructively develop the traditional friendly relations between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Russia, as required by the new era, and to uphold the peace and security of the Korean Peninsula and the rest of the world.”
~letter from Kim Jong-un to Vladimir Putin

“… as required by the new era, …”

So, fallen angels and evil ETs, what knowledge is Kim Jong-un sharing with us? What is the meaning of the “new era” of which he speaks?

Is it possible Lech Walesa shared the same knowledge when he recently said: “Brother Kaczynski, soon you and I and our whole generation will enter into eternity. I would like to get my things in order. I would also like to leave reconciled with my foes.”

“… our whole generation will enter into eternity.”

What is the meaning of Walesa’s “eternity?” Of Kim Jong-un’s “new era?”

Do you think it means an age is ending and when it does, Earth will become a peaceful world which is ruled by extraterrestrial races or races from within Earth? Do you think it means Earth will become a peaceful “new world” ruled by you, Queen Elizabeth I? Or ruled by a fallen angel such as you, Francis Bacon? Or you, Grigori Rasputin? Or any of you other angel children?

The future of Earth after the end of this age has already been determined by Heaven. It has been seen.

And only the wise and compassionate know what it looks like…

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words?

Is it not amazing how Heaven is patiently and irrepressibly deconstructing the fetid cesspool of world government on Earth, the Illuminati’s “new world order,” which was created by fallen angels incarnated as humans and invisible, malevolent ETs over thousands of years?

Won’t it be a supremely welcomed revelation when humanity learns that, yes, there are entities responsible for the pain and suffering humanity has endured for so long and these entities will slowly but surely become uncovered as heavenly forces rectify all that’s wrong and evil on our dear, blue Terra?

And it will be a staggering disclosure, will it not, when humanity finally knows that just two “people,” Queen Elizabeth I and her son, Francis Bacon, share between themselves an incredibly enormous amount of blame for the dysfunction within the narcissistic, demonic governments of the world and the despicable horrors brought about by them and that both of these “people” are still alive today, incarnated as humans and are watching their plans for absolute rule of Earth become dismantled right before their very eyes?

Surely, you must agree?

It’s quite the show, isn’t it?

No matter who you are, karma’s gonna get ya…

To the “conspiracy theorists” around the world, to the seekers of spiritual verity, to the brave, genuine human souls who have searched for truth amid the blizzard of lies which engulf everything around us in this manufactured, false reality: a day is coming when you will be recognized as the heroes that you are among our human brothers and sisters.

All will be made aware of the burning desire within your hearts and souls that compelled you, against outright rejection and hatred from so many others, not to seek self-gratification but to unselfishly bring truth, awareness, love and compassion back to all of the members of our human family on Earth.

That day is coming. It shall be…

Another Reminder

“When I reflect on the horrid cruelties exercised by Britain in the East Indies – How thousands perished by artificial famine – How religion and every manly principle of honour and honesty were sacrificed to luxury and pride – When I read of the wretched natives being blown away, for no other crime than because, sickened with the miserable scene, they refused to fight – When I reflect on these and a thousand instances of similar barbarity, I firmly believe that the Almighty, in compassion to mankind, will curtail the power of Britain.”
~from “A Serious Thought” by Thomas Paine, angel in human form, October 18, 1775

Queen Elizabeth I, Francis Bacon, Dr. John Dee, evil ETs: where the epicenter lies, it is well-known and focused now upon it is the power of the Almighty…

Tsar Nicholas II and Grigori Rasputin – two of the nastiest fallen angels on Earth, still here today, still quite insane…

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words?

A state visit in June? Will the daughter and grandson be there?

“She shall be, to the happiness of England,
An aged princess; many days shall see her,
And yet no day without a deed to crown it.
‘Would I had known no more! but she must die
She must, the saints must have her ;—yet a virgin,
A most unspotted lily shall she pass
To the ground, and all the world shall mourn her.”

~Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, from “King Henry VIII” by Francis Bacon, fallen angel (aka William Shakespeare), son of Queen Elizabeth I, grandson of King Henry VIII

The irony is divine, dear Kate, is it not?

Around and around we go, players recycled within a fairy-tale fantasy dreamed up by crazy fallen angels and their evil ET allies and when the final curtain falls, the justice, too, shall be divine…

It seems a friendly reminder is necessary, everyone:

“The battleship spacecraft are in their positions.
The cleaning of evil forces has begun.
If humans still think no one cares about them then you are mistaken.
There will be no nukes to fly anytime, those things will be shot down before they take off into the air. Any war station will be wiped out as soon as both parties declare war.
Every war machine on Earth is a locked-on target.”
~Albert and the Celestial Sons

This message, which came straight from Heaven, applies to all beings in the skies above, on the surface of, and within Earth, regardless of the dimension in which these beings might exist.

For those childish and foolish enough to challenge the power of Heaven, be aware that any major conflict initiated between any forces on Earth will result in instant annihilation of those warring parties.

Heaven is not playing games, fallen angel children and evil ET races. Do you think you’re invincible? Against the heavenly forces which are assembled around Earth, you are absolutely powerless.

Like so many times before, you’ve been warned…

PS. And here’s an interesting thought experiment, everyone:

What if the CEOs of Google, Twitter and Amazon and executive officers of Facebook were evil, fallen angel children incarnated as human beings?

(I gotta tell ya, Jack, the resemblance is astonishing.)

Would the behavior of these gargantuan companies then become easier to understand? Would the influence that just a few non-human individuals can exert over hundreds of millions of genuine humans become plainly acknowledged? Would it be possible for such companies to use malevolent ET technology to place normally sane, compassionate and reasonable human beings under abusive mind control, turning them into lunatics, into hateful and illogical NPCs?

Heaven, the Council, the brotherhood in the heavens and all the peaceful races in our universe never claimed you were stupid or incompetent or lacked creativity and ingenuity, fallen angel children. But be assured that everyone in the higher dimensional realms knows that you’re narcissistic, puerile, foolish and utterly insane.

Our Fairy-Tale World

Fairytale Politics

Fairy-tale Politics

Fairy-tale politics in a fairy-tale world ruled by foolish, narcissistic, psychopathic, juvenile, fallen angel children and evil ET races…

Oberon and Titania, the fairy king and queen; Queen Elizabeth I and her son, Francis Bacon; “The Chymical Marriage of Christian Rosenkreutz” and Sumerian lies – the beginning of a fairy-tale nightmare…

King, Queen, Prince; father, daughter, grandson – in fairy-tales, as in a game of chess, when the queen goes down, the end is near…


1. Then Uriel said, Here the angels, who cohabited with women, appointed their leaders;

2. And being numerous in appearance made men profane, and caused them to err; so that they sacrificed to devils as to gods.

~from “The Book of Enoch,” chapter XIX

After your arrival and to present day, dear Queen Elizabeth I, sacrificing to devils as to gods continues.

Your son, Francis Bacon, one of these angels in human form, reincarnated many years later as C.G. Jung and when he did, was told by his higher self, “Your progress since the Middle Ages appears to be minuscule.”

As this horrific, sacrificial practice persists in our current time, it appears Francis’ higher self was correct.

Remember what she said, Oberon and Titania? “Hopefully later, rather than sooner.”

You never thought we would make it this far, did you…?

Within a church there is a portal
which can be opened only
with a certain key
by someone whose blood
comes from a spiritual place.

Well-prepared has Heaven been…

And there shall be a time of trouble, straitness and distress such as never was since there was a nation till that time. But at that time your people shall be delivered, everyone whose name shall be found written in the Book.

2 And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake: some to everlasting life and some to shame and everlasting contempt and abhorrence.

3 And the teachers and those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament and those who turn many to righteousness (to uprightness and right standing with God) [shall give forth light] like the stars forever and ever.

10 Many shall purify themselves and make themselves white and be tried, smelted and refined, but the wicked shall do wickedly. And none of the wicked shall understand but the teachers and those who are wise shall understand.

~from “The Book of Daniel,” Chapter 12

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words? Perhaps you know, perhaps you don’t, but there is a part of you bravely working to make amends.

And within the infinite ocean of consciousness in which we swim, as they become a piece of all that is, with deep gratitude and relief, your efforts are seen and known…


“As you have heard me say about a million times, Jack, ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.’ Failure to observe this precept is the root of all human error. It is our right and duty — the two are one, as Eliphaz Levi very nearly saw — to expand upon our own true centre, to pursue the exact orbit of our destiny. To quit that orbit is to invite collisions.”
~from “The Scrutinies of Simon Iff” in The International magazine, October 1917, by Edward Kelly, angel in human form, fallen angel

“The root of all human error,” angel child? It’s interesting that an angel in human form would apply this precept to genuine human souls and then claim ignorance of it to be the essence of all human blunder. Are not the souls of angels and humans disparate? Do not the souls of angels and humans walk different paths?

There is a destiny that awaits you… but what will it be?

We shall see…

Правда в огне не горит и в воде не тонет.

“Man,” he continued, “can do and understand so much and so much only as he has observed in fact or in thought of the course of Nature; beyond this, he neither knows anything nor can do anything.”

Who was this man, this oracle of truth? Apollonius? No! Apollonius partook of divinity. This man was mortal, of the earth. One after another I passed in review the great men I had known. No – he was a new pattern – destined, perhaps to re-create the mind of man. Francis Bacon – I must remember him – and see how future generations would assay his philosophy.
~from “My First Two Thousand Years, The Autobiography of the Wandering Jew” by George Viereck and Paul Eldridge

Future generations are now here, Francis…

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words? All that you and he created, from the smallest of elements to the grandiloquent panoramic whole, is nothing more than a fairy tale born and rendered from insanity.

The binding threads within this global fabric of deceit are quickly unwinding and as they do, ponder this question: “Has Heaven prepared for what is to come?”

The answer is known by those who are wise…


“The next exploit of Merlin was with the intent to erect a monument that should last for ever, to the memory of the three hundred British nobles that were massacred by the Saxons. This design produced the extraordinary edifice called Stonehenge.”
~from “Lives of the Necromancers” by William Godwin, angel in human form, fallen angel

A more appropriate title for your work, angel child, would be “Lies of the Necromancers.” The mountainous quantity of lies and deception created by the fallen angels, strewn across an entire planet and darkly infecting human souls for thousands of years, is simply staggering. It is this ill and voluminous mass which will define your existence and it will be the very thing that destroys you.

To the fallen angels and evil ET races: the sacred and divine power within the hearts and souls of the genuine human beings upon this planet is an invincible force that you simply do not understand. As this power grows and spreads, the veils of deception with which you’ve blanketed the truth will be ripped away, your desire to reject the love of our divine Mother and Father will expose your immaturity, and as a consequence of the malevolence you’ve crafted on this and other beautiful worlds, you will experience the retribution you’ve always known was inevitable, sent forth directly from Heaven.

Never was there a time when you were unaware of the choices you should’ve made.

Throughout infinity, it is decreed: paybacks are hell…

“Mr. Strachie’s Harke”
Harke! Twas the trump of death that blewe
My hower is come false world adewe
That I to death untymely goe.
Thy pleasures have betrayed me soe
For Death’s the punishment of sinn
And of all creatures I have bene
The most ungratefull wicked one
That ere the heavens did shine vpon.

Harke! I have sinnd against Earth & heaven
Early by date late in the even
All manner sinnes all manner wayes
I have committed in my daies
Hell and hell fire is my due
O but deare Christe I humbly sue
Thy blood may wash my red sowle white
Mercy not Judgment is thy delight.

Harke! at which mercy gate I knocke
Let sobbes & sighes the same unlocke
Prostrate I fall & begg for grace
O doe not turne away thy face
my cryinge sinnes beate at thy Throane
Once bowe the heavens looke downe upon
A wretch more overthrowne then greefe
That beggs for mercy not for life.
~William Strachie, angel in human form, fallen angel

A well-written mea culpa, angel child. You and your Earth-bound brothers, still here today, should take a moment to enjoy and to be mindful of your old verse. Of course, contrary to what you might think, only within yourselves can salvation be found.

But… you knew that when you wrote this… didn’t you…?

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words? “Macbeth,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “The Tempest.”

It will be a joyous time when the cast of characters from his classic plays are reunited, don’t you think? An entire Council is looking forward to it.


Imagine, fallen angels and evil ET races, just imagine what will happen when your global mind control networks are disabled and destroyed.

It’s only a matter of “when”…

Church of the poor
A portal, a key
Diarmuid and Grainne

Fallen angels in their typical roles as the éminence grise sabotaging Brexit negotiations? Of course!

Once again: if its intent is to do harm, it will not reach orbit…

Remember, Sir Francis Bacon: good guys can hack computer systems as well as bad guys can.

“Doubt No More That Oberon”
DOUBT no more that Oberon —
Never doubt that Pan
Lived, and played a reed, and ran
After nymphs in a dark forest,
In the merry, credulous days, —
Lived, and led a fairy band
Over the indulgent land!
Ah, for in this dourest, sorest
Age man’s eye has looked upon,
Death to fauns and death to fays,
Still the dog-wood dares to raise —
Healthy tree, with trunk and root —
Ivory bowls that bear no fruit,
And the starlings and the jays —
Birds that cannot even sing —
Dare to come again in spring!
~Edna St. Vincent Millay

Those “merry, credulous days,” Oberon, are long, long gone…

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words? “After one thousand years, you two will know and surrender with all you’ve done.” Do you remember this declaration spoken to you? Do you remember him?

1,000 years. Will any of the fallen angels be here after 1,000 years…?


Time is quickly draining away, fallen angels.
Those who are wise know what’s coming.
And those who are foolish…?

Queen Elizabeth I, Dr. John Dee, Francis Bacon… not dead, here alive, reincarnated, scheming and conniving until the final moments of this grand illusion…

Vive la révolution! angel child.
What you give is what you get…

So, Oberon and Titania, do you remember how you hatched the French Revolution?
Perhaps it’s time, once again, to bring out the guillotines…

Soon there will come a time when humanity understands what “build the wall” really means…

To the fallen angels and evil ET races:
Do you feel the earthquakes?
Do you see the magma flows being redirected?
Have you sensed the energy emanating from the inner Earth?
Has it not become obvious to you that chemtrails are being neutralized?
Have you noticed that demons in the atmosphere have evaporated?
Have you seen that evil spirits residing in asylums, churches, stadiums and many other places have been vacuumed up and destroyed?
Have you watched the surface of the sun and its surrounding atmosphere becoming cleansed of dark energies?
Can you sense the unstoppable swelling of humanity’s consciousness as divine love returns to our dear, blue Terra?
Have you seen this energy becoming alive in sleeping humanity in the form of protests and uprisings?
Does it not seem rather obvious that the opaque blizzard of lies engulfing the human souls imprisoned here has become almost completely transparent?

The changes taking place here, the ongoing upgrade of Earth in preparation for her transition to the higher dimensions, were decreed by Heaven.

And so, will you experience an invincible blast of sacred light delivered directly from our one, infinite Creator which will annihilate dark, evil energies in a split second of time?

Yes, you will.

It shall be.

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words? Long ago, it was not wise for you and him to make a deal with evil ET races, was it?

Only to the good does the infinite belong…



Do you remember, Oberon and Titania? The trail of history left behind by the fallen angels is blackened with ego, evil, blood and death.

The path of the future will not be…

25 December 2017
10, [10-9]
Floor is yours.
Twitter FW_
Twitter [kill_rogue]

To the fallen angels and evil ET races: one year has passed…

The “Integrity Initiative,” Sir Francis Bacon?
Your hypocrisy knows absolutely no bounds…

In order to achieve godhood, Dr. Jung, one must first possess a heart.


Au contraire, angel children. That which always wins are truth and light.


To my sisters and brothers of the Tuatha De Danann: for thousands of years have we fought against the darkness of psychopathic fallen angels and evil ET races; for thousands of years have we seen our sacred knowledge plagiarized and then bastardized into demented forms; for thousands of years have we watched as Divinity’s cherished principles of right and wrong became twisted into perversity; for thousands of years have we suffered along with our human sisters and brothers in their struggle to awaken to this illusion; for thousands of years have our hearts been broken as witnesses to horrific malice taking place on a beautiful planet gifted to all by Heaven.

As the time for the great awakening draws closer and closer, as all of humanity awakens more fully to the illusory veil surrounding us, as the love and compassion of our one, infinite Creator quietly builds – all of us here, all of the souls and entities and beings who are crowded around, on and within our dear, blue Terra will remember one of the highest and most sacred of spiritual laws: it is not with knowledge or intellect or technology that the doors of Heaven can be opened.

The keys to Heaven’s doors live only within our hearts.


The long time waiting will be done soon enough and we will understand that we humans are within the whirlpool of unwanted energies called “evil energies.”

Those unwanted energies are created within our bodies by those pretending to be a middle man to God.

During this time, they all have to go and evaporate.

Those evil unwanted energies cannot withstand the next coming new energies that will transform the Earth into another dimension.

They have no defense for that and they all know it.

The suffering of humans and their silent prayers are truly heard out there and witnessed by many peaceful beings on their screens in every galaxy and planet in every dimension.

In this coming time, no one can “stir” humans anymore.

Those negative evil beings have to retire permanently, together with their allies, the bad E.T.s and their slaves; all of them have to go.

~Albert and the Celestial Sons

To the evil ET races: regard humanity as you wish; consider the fallen angels completely infiltrated by your presence; assume your synthetic, telepathic control of millions of slaves to be in working order; and bide your time for the surprises from within the Earth and in the heavens but as you do, remember what lies ahead.

For what lies ahead, you have no defense.

And no chance for mercy…


My dear Queen Elizabeth I and fallen angels at the UN:
The tempest is swirling into a swell…
Cascading thunder, ’twill sweep you to hell…

“We would like to know how far Scots traveled abroad in the period before the twelfth century, but it is hard to tell, especially because of the uncertain meaning of ‘Scots’ in continental sources: Scoti, till at least the ninth century, usually means ‘Irish’, as with the Scottas who arrived unexpectedly at Alfred’s court in 891 and who are explicitly said, in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, to have come from Ireland. We know that Macbeth visited Rome in 1050, though our chief source, the expatriate Irish recluse, Marianus Scotus, gives us no clue as to the purpose of the visit; he tells us only that Macbeth scattered alms to the poor ‘like seed.’”
~from “Medieval Scotland The Making of an Identity” by Bruce Webster

“… the purpose of the visit; …”
Do you remember, Oberon and Titania, the purpose of the visit?

I do.

Gods, goddesses, angels, demons,
Negative entities, human beings;
Karma, evil, where souls can’t fly,
On so many worlds which were put awry.

Be well, Bruno, my brother…

In a letter from Queen Elizabeth I to her father, King Henry VIII, December 30, 1545:

“To the most illustrious and most mighty King Henry VIII, king of England, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, and second to Christ, supreme head of the English and Irish Church. From Elizabeth, his majesty’s most humble daughter, who wishes all happiness, and begs his blessing.”

“As an immortal soul is superior to a mortal body, so whoever is wise judges things done by the soul more to be esteemed and worthy of greater praise than any act of the body.”

It expresses the idea that this world (the visible world) is inferior to a greater unseen world existing only in the mind of the Creator. Plato asserted this view throughout his works, but especially in the Timaeus and the Allegory of the Cave.

“For nothing ought to be more acceptable to a king, whom the philosophers perceive to be a god on earth.”

This statement voiced an affinity with the growing belief in the divine right and supremacy of kings. This dissertation will contend that this was a belief that Elizabeth asserted throughout her own reign.
~from “A Body Politic to Govern: The Political Humanism of Elizabeth I” by Teddy W. Booth II.

Do you not agree, my dear Queen Elizabeth I, when heavenly light illuminates this darkened world that so much of the angst, anger and frustration of the human souls imprisoned here will be lifted and swept away when it’s revealed that the eminent philosopher Plato happened not to be a human being but was, in fact, a fallen angel who assumed a human form and that the majority of the great philosophers throughout history were also fallen angels and it was they who pontificated to humanity the asinine, juvenile belief that kings and queens were divinely chosen to rule, with all rights to supremacy, and should be perceived as gods upon Earth?

Also, don’t you think it should prove to be interesting, if not humorous, when humanity discovers that Plato and your first born son, Francis Bacon, were the same fallen angel positioned at different places upon our timeline and while partnered with the repeated incarnations of the “great philosophers” (fallen angels) and their ages-old plan for a “new world order,” delivered recurrently a steady, continuous and consistent archetype of meaningful but mostly false spiritual knowledge to humanity over thousands of years, rendering billions of human souls brainwashed up to present day?

Surely, you must agree?

Plato, the “Timaeus,” the “Allegory of the Cave,” “philosophers,” “god(s) on earth,” the divine right and supremacy of kings…

All nothing but an illusory house of cards constructed by fallen angels…

Behind The Scenes

To the fallen angels: will it not be enlightening and relieving for humanity, won’t everything become crystal clear and make perfect sense when the many positions you hold today, incarnated within royalty, government, finance, business and education, are revealed to be occupied not by humans but, in fact, are occupied by narcissistic, psychopathic angels who have assumed a human form?

For those who will not turn away from evil, the truth will annihilate you.

144,000 witnesses, the Council, the Celestial Sons, the brotherhood in the heavens and the infinite power of our divine Mother and Father are watching, fallen angel children and evil ET races. Against such sacred strength, against a force you cannot comprehend, do you feel lucky?

Almost one year has passed. The clock is ticking…

“Father Grigori was a saint.” ~Anastasia Romanov
Вы уверены, Анастасия?

More remarkable truths, my dear Queen Elizabeth I, when they’re revealed to humanity, will be the unveiling of the several incarnations of the human women you’ve assumed in our world today and the critical roles you’ve played within the framework of the plan for a “new world order” and how unfortunate for you it is that, long ago, you convinced humanity that a goddess had arrived upon the throne of England but now, contradicting your Elizabethan claim and under divine light, your mask will be removed, uncloaking a vain evil which has haunted Earth for centuries of time.

And so, for all will see, just like angels, goddesses can fall.

To the fallen angels: remember the French Revolution? Who started it?

What goes around comes around.

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words? Do you remember your life during the revolution in France? Do you remember who spoke to you moments before your head was lopped off by guillotine?

Within this false reality, around and around we go, recycled and never freed…

“Political puppets like Winston Churchill generally have a personal buffer between themselves and the really big masters of the New World Order. For example, Woodrow Wilson had Edward Mandell House; and FDR had Henry Morgenthau.”

“For the British Mad Dog, the personal handler was Frederick A. Lindemann a physicist whose German-Jewish family arrived in England when he was about 14 years old. He was known to friends as ‘the Prof’ in reference to his position at the University of Oxford, and as ‘Baron Berlin’ to his many detractors because of his German accent and haughty aristocratic manner.”

“In the grand scheme of things, the obscure Lindemann outranked the famous Churchill by several levels. Just the fact that a 20th century personage of such historical significance and uncanny foresight remains virtually unknown — except to a few scholars and history buffs interested in that era — constitutes strong evidence that the true power players of history have always been and continue to remain ‘behind the scenes.'”
~Mike King

It will come as a shock to most of humanity, fallen angel children, when uncovered is one of the methods by which you have directed outcomes for an entire global population, when it’s revealed that Edward Mandell House, Henry Morgenthau and Frederick A. Lindemann were not human beings but were, in fact, fallen angels incarnated as humans and just like Jimmy Savile, occupied places “behind the scenes” within the upper tiers of royalty and government, enjoying their positions as the éminence grise, the true brokers of power who control the behavior of others and inflict human suffering from behind curtains of evil.

When divine light illuminates this world, fallen angels, when the timer reaches zero, shadows will evaporate, exposure will be blinding and nowhere will there be left to hide…

Royal Darkness

So, Queen E., your father and son
Tell me, who has lost and who has won?
With you a global plan began
But now, in the light, will see its end.

“You are not in that world. So, therefore, you don’t know. You are constrained by certain things. I’m not in your world, I’m not constrained pretty well by anything. The tough thing in life is ultimate freedom.”
~Jimmy Savile, fallen angel, angel in human form

How very true, angel child. For so long has humanity not been in “that world.” For so long has humanity not known. Ultimate freedom is difficult to achieve, or to comprehend it even exists, as our human family has been subjugated and suppressed for thousands of years by narcissistic angels who created this false reality.

Humanity’s freedom will soon be here, angel child, and when it arrives, where will you be?

We shall see…

“A third Manifesto [The Chymical Marriage of Christian Rosenkreutz], published in 1616, was then added to the two preceding ones: in a different style altogether, it gives an account of a dream I had at the time that I was establishing the Order of the Rosy Cross. During this dream, I saw myself on an initiatory journey lasting seven days, at the end of which I was invited to the marriage of a King and Queen, held in a mysterious castle. This allegorical dream, which is interspersed with alchemical references, has been the subject of many interpretations, some of which are eloquent and inspiring, while others are far-fetched and even absurd.”
~from “The New Chemical Marriage of Christian Rosenkreutz 1616-2016” by Christian Rosenkreutz

Are the revelations eloquent and inspiring or far-fetched and absurd that Christian Rosenkreutz is a pseudonym of Francis Bacon (who was and still is an angel in human form, alive today on Earth) and that Bacon is the true author of “Fama Fraternitatis,” “Confessio Fraternitatis” and “The Chymical Marriage of Christian Rosenkreutz” and that Bacon is a principal architect of the Illuminati’s “new world order?”

Eloquent or far-fetched? Inspiring or absurd?

When it arrives, truth will be merciless.

And it’s almost here…

To the fallen angel children: as days go by, and as the suffering of human souls is allowed to continue, it would be wise for each of you to spend a pensive moment looking into the near future. Your words are meaningless. Observed are your deeds. All you’ve done, what each of you has brought to bear upon our human family, will be measured by the infinite power of Heaven. When this measurement arrives, do not expect clemency.

What you give is what you get…

Is your effort adequate, King Louis XV? Will your effort balance the scales in your favor? Or will your effort work against you? Heaven is watching…

And you, Queen E., what answers have you for your very own son?

“O serpent’s heart hid with a flowering face!
O God! did dragon ever keep so fair a cave?
O nature what hadst thou to do in hell
When thou didst bower the spirit of a fiend
In mortal Paradise of such sweet flesh?
Was ever book containing
Such vile matter so fairly bound?
O, that deceit should dwell
In such a gorgeous palace!
Ah, why hath nature to so hard a heart
Given so goodly gifts of beauty’s grace?”

~Francis Bacon, angel in human form, describing his mother, Queen Elizabeth I, from
“Sir Francis Bacon’s Cipher Story Volume I” by Orville W. Owen

And for humanity, dear queen, why and from where did you come?

“And when I beheld this beauty’s wonderment,
This rare perfection of nature’s skill,
I honoured and admired the maker’s art.
But when I felt the bitter, baleful eyes
That death-dart out of their shiny beams,
I thought that I a new Pandora saw
Whom all the gods in counsel did agree
Into this sinful world from heaven to send,
That she to men should be a wicked scourge.
For all the virtues of imposing power
That are the work of nature or of art,
Were here advanc’d and set in highest seat,
And so temper’d the features of her face
With light and shade,
That pride and meekness mixed in equal parts.”

“For she was guilty of perjury and subornation;
Guilty of treason, forgery and shift;
Guilty of incest, that abomination;
Guilty of murder and of theft,
And accessory by inclination
To all sins past and all that are to come,
From the creation to the general doom.”

~Francis Bacon, angel in human form, describing his mother, Queen Elizabeth I, from
“Sir Francis Bacon’s Cipher Story Volume I” by Orville W. Owen

From Queen Elizabeth I to Queen Elizabeth II, “From the creation to the general doom,”
as divine irony avenges the lost, around and around we go


To the angel children who have fallen: The Council is very much looking forward to meeting with each one of you again. Outcomes have now been determined by Heaven and have now been seen. All will be exposed and balances will be adjusted.

So it shall be…

“Know ye not that we shall judge angels?”

For thousands of years, fallen angel children, have you been reminded to follow a path of good instead of evil. For thousands of years have you known that careful consideration must be taken when interacting with extraterrestrial races. For thousands of years have you known to beware the pitfalls of ego. For thousands of years have you believed that your “new world order” would rule this planet. For thousands of years have you known that the time of reckoning would someday arrive.

Choose a path.

An entire universe is watching and waiting…

It’s empowering to know that angels can become insane.

“Soon you will all see how heavy and powerful is the will of the brotherhood in the heavens.”
~Albert and the Celestial Sons

To the fallen angel children and evil ET races: do you wish to challenge the brotherhood in the heavens? Soon you will see – those who have chosen the dark will be removed from the light.

“Imagine a program created to replicate human behavior. It appears human in every way to the outside observer; it laughs when you tell it a joke, cries upon receiving bad news and gets angry when insulted. However, it can’t think. This machine simply uses a complex series of if-then statements to determine its actions, there’s no level of synthesis. It simply follows the trends outlined for it, never able to create its own thoughts or feelings. That’s the essence of an NPC, a fundamentally unthinking being that nevertheless appears human.” ~Anonymous

Their wish is to become human…

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words? Do you remember who you really are?

Do you… ?

“The Septem Sermones ad Mortuos is a culmination of the fantasies of this period. It is a psychological cosmology cast in the form of a gnostic creation myth. In Jung’s fantasies, a new God had been born in his soul, the God who is the son of the frogs, Abraxas. Jung understood this symbolically. He saw this figure as representing the uniting of the Christian God with Satan, and hence as depicting a transformation of the Western God-image.”
~from “Liber Novus: The ‘Red Book’ of C.G. Jung” by Sonu Shamdasani

The creator and the created…
The age of the frog god…
Sublimely delivered divine irony…


“Reading the oeuvres of A.T. Fomenko and his co-author G.V. Nosovskiy — occasionally several times over — was a veritable intellectual delight for yours truly. They flabbergasted me with their sheer disquisitive might as well as the research results which, in my opinion, can by rights be called the greatest discovery in contemporary historical science — what A.T. Fomenko and his colleagues had learnt over the course of their research was the fact that the entire history of humanity up until the XVII century is a forgery of global proportions (“old history” in their terminology) — a falsification as deliberate as it is universal.”
~Alexander Zinoviev, from “History: Fiction or Science?” by Anatoly Fomenko

Unknown for so long but no more: humanity’s deliberately falsified written history was penned by angels incarnated as humans and these angels, who chose darkness over light, who chose to build a “new world order” so that our human family would remain enslaved, walk among us, still, to this day.

Angels can be good or they can be evil. They can choose a path to become a beacon or a path to become a fraud. They can choose to enlighten or choose to suffocate. Temptations of ego afflict angels as much as they do humans.

The fallen angels wish humanity to think that humans are lesser souls, that angels rise above and sit above human souls in the spiritual hierarchy. It is a lie. It is an insult to the spiritual and cosmic laws brought forth by our one, infinite Creator.

There is no being in any dimension, on any world, in the multitude of universes which exist, that sits above the souls of humans. Our divine Mother and Father, our one, infinite Creator lives inside each of us. The fallen angels do not want humanity to know this. They do not want humanity to remember the invincible power that exists as a birthright within each human soul.

For the evil they, and others, have brought to bear upon this world and humanity, divine punishment awaits them.

And you can be assured, fallen angels, it will be severe.

It cannot be said loudly, clearly and often enough, angel children:

“God leaves to men the task of punishing the imprudent minister who permits the eye of the profane to look into the mysterious sanctuary.”

For those of you who refuse to turn away from evil, a very special place awaits you.

A very special place, indeed…

Do you remember, angel child, her words to you?

“Thou,” said she further to me, “hast received more than others; see that thou also make a larger return.”

The Council, the brotherhood in the Heavens and innumerable worlds have their eyes focused directly upon you, Francis.

All are waiting to see what will receive your larger return: a fairy-tale fantasy of your own making or the freeing of enslaved human souls.

By those who are wise, what would be chosen?

Circus Earth

To the evil fallen angels and evil ET races, remember the messages delivered last year directly from Heaven to humanity:

Human Angels Exist on Earth at Present Time
Economic Collapse known
From Heaven It Comes
Holy Spirit Saves You From the Apocalypse
Love is On The Way
Truth Will Set You Free

For those foolish enough to challenge the power of Heaven, a lesson of cosmic magnitude awaits you…

For those who possess the maths, regardless of what you think, they will not work. They will not

King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, Francis Bacon, King James I and VI, Grigori Rasputin, Julius Caesar, Shen Kuo, Constantine I, King Louis XV and so many others… this is one hell of a circus you’ve created on this world, fallen angels.

So, do you wish to be remembered as clowns?

The eyes of Heaven are upon you…

And never forget: what you give is what you get…

Memo to the Council:

I hope you’re enjoying the colossal absurdity and sheer inanity of the events now taking place in this freakish circus show playing itself out on our dear, blue Terra. As grotesquely evil as it is and even though horrific, sickening details are finally finding the light of day, is it possible you guys are able to keep yourselves from laughing?

If humanity’s current predicament wasn’t so terribly vile, so grossly disgusting, it would be laughable on a scale sweeping across the entire cosmos. Maybe it is…

Fallen angels who have wisely chosen to redeem themselves in the eyes of Heaven – engaged in an end-game battle with fallen angels who have chosen to remain evil – in a place where, after a great flood, they weren’t supposed to be in the first place and because of that, burdened with heavy karmic debt – within the structure of a planetary civilization that they, themselves, built and that they like to call a “new world order” (which was to become a Shakespearean, King Arthur fairy tale, buttressed by false religions) and which has no foundation in truth whatsoever – where entrapped and enslaved human souls are subjected to a blizzard of lies during their cycles of reincarnation – which is one truth most humans think is crap but should believe because it’s true – while evil ET races are embedded within the human population (and in both fallen angel camps, too), walking among humans disguised as humans and creeping about in the dark and shadows – and after sharing technology with evil groups on Earth in order to create a synthetic, telepathic network which has complete control over millions of human beings who’ve been micro-chipped npc – while these micro-chipped humans have no idea that they’re under control – with the evil ETs hoping to take charge of this world when the good or bad fallen angels finally win this epic war because it doesn’t matter to the evil ETs who wins because they’re embedded in both sides – as benevolent ET races have chosen to remain hidden (and who could blame them?!) – while millions of beings live inside Earth, in deep, underground bases and cities and secretly observe the top-siders while possessing incredible, advanced technology, patiently waiting to see which fallen angel faction wins – as evil forces are vacuumed up from the surface of our sun by the Celestial Sons, causing it to darken slowly but this truth kept from humanity by sun simulator technology in space – while millions of the “elite” prepare for a nuclear Armageddon when it was plainly stated by Heaven that nukes are no longer allowed – and as special people incarnated on Earth, since the time of Noah, and who brought with them a divinely spiritual bloodline, wait to be “activated” – and who have been hunted by dark forces for centuries but cannot be found – while four great stellar battleships of the Celestial Sons (forces sent directly from Heaven) sit quietly in space, ready to zap the hell out of anyone who gets out of line – in preparation for the “great awakening” and what the Crab Nebula will do – and, unbeknown to humans on Earth, all while eight other planets are undergoing the same processes of awakening and rebirth in order to trigger that special number nine which will reset an entire universe – in a cosmic mega-drama where the freedom of humanity has been guaranteed by our one, infinite Creator and yet, bad guys think they have the power to stop from happening.

Addendum: and even though their presence and power are suppressed knowledge and even though dark forces have them in their possession, the 13 crystal skulls, forged by Ancient Masters so long ago who foresaw the tragedy in Earth’s future, remain committed to the compassionate spiritual and cosmic laws of the universe and whose power will never be harnessed for evil.


There’s humor here. Yes? No?

What a mess. What a gargantuan mess.

Like I said before, there’s no wonder why Earth was placed under quarantine…

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words? This has been one hell of a long journey, don’t you think?

And it’s hard to imagine that for some, another new beginning…

“…aren’t these people so very ‘sad’?…”
“…my God, I’ve really had to swim through the ‘scum of the earth’ haven’t I?…”
~Black Rabbit

You did this, my dear. You helped to create this horror show. Soon you will see – you did this to yourself.

Nobody escapes one of the highest of spiritual laws: what you give is what you get.


So, Oberon and Titania, here we are, approaching the cacophonous climax which will bring to an end your colossal, overambitious but failed plan which was so delicately and masterfully hinted at within your very own “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

Humanity should find it interesting that Oberon and Titania were, and are, real; that they exist today, incarnated as humans; that they’re fallen angels and have been living lives, over and over in the reincarnation cycle, as per divine law, in just exactly the same way as we have.

Choosing to write a comedy, instead of a tragedy, to leak details of what you were planning for human civilization in the future seems rather vile and mean-spirited, considering the horrifically nasty evils you’ve brought to bear upon this world, don’t you think, angel children?

A comedy or a tragedy…

For the human souls imprisoned on Earth, which one is it?

And for you?

We shall see…

Tribe of Danu

For the Christian scribe responsible for the compilation of the Lebor Gabála, however, it was necessary to recast the pagan sources that form the likely basis of this origin myth in accordance with medieval Christian orthodoxy. Thus, the wanderings of the Sons of Mil (and successive waves of earlier invaders) are assimilated to biblical chronology via the Twelve Tribes of Israel and a host of details culled from such familiar medieval sources as the chronicles of Eusebius and Orosius and Isidore of Seville’s Etymologiae.

As a recent study of pagan and Christian elements in early Irish literature suggests, the aim appears to be the elaboration of a “native Christian” mytho-history, linking Ireland to the mainstream of medieval European Christianity. As the folklore record testifies, however, the Christianizing interpretation did not entirely succeed in dispelling the underworld of pre-Christian belief. The Tuatha Dé Danann lived on in altered guise as the fairies and spirits of popular belief
~from “The Event and Its Terrors: Ireland, Famine, Modernity” by Stuart McLean

The aim appears to be and is, in fact, an attempt at melding early Irish literature and Ireland herself with Christianity as it blossomed into existence in medieval Europe.

Isn’t it interesting that two prominent fallen angels, Eusebius and Isidore, were essential in bringing forth this concocted mixture?

Will it not be engaging, angel children, to learn what the Council has to say about this?

And great is the blindness and darkness of sin and ignorance and of the mind among composers and writers and patrons of Gaelic, in that they prefer and are accustomed to maintain and improve vain hurtful lying worldly tales composed about the Tuatha De Danann, and about the sons of Milesius, and about the heroes and Fionn mac Cumhaill with his warriors, and about many others whom I do not recount or mention here, with a view to obtaining for themselves vain worldly gain, rather than to write and compose and to preserve the very Word of God and the perfect ways of truth. For the world loves the lie much more than the truth.
~John Carswell, angel in human form, fallen angel

“The perfect ways of truth,” angel child? Of whose truth do you speak? You wrote the false “Word of God” which has burdened and suppressed humanity for centuries of time. Do you mean to say your lies are “the perfect ways of truth?”

Into the darkest depths of the black abyss can angels fall…

And may fall into, once again…

“The Tuatha De as Fallen Angels”
~by Toirdhealbhach Ó Raithbheartaigh, 1932, angel in human form, fallen angel

Atonement looms, angel child…

” …son of Arthur son of (?) Uther, i.e. the King of the World – no doubt.”
~from MS 1467 by Dubhghall Albanach mac mhic Cathail, angel in human form, fallen angel

Uther Pendragon and Arthur never existed, fallen angels. You wrote them. How can the “once and future king” return if he’s nothing but a misty fiction?

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words? Do you know why you are being addressed and he is not?

There is only one covenant that matters. Just one…

Soul Power


Thanks to Midnight Oil Photography by Sacha Layos – 26 Aug 2018

‘The northern lights’ were a myth to most before the ill [Illuminati] found out how to make them appear to ‘everybody’… only ‘seers’ were able to see them…

The ‘solar wind’ is ‘soul power’ and it is normally invisible but the ill can ‘make it visible’… it is rather like an ‘Adam Kadmon’ but the earth’s magnetic ‘pull’ makes it behave in that fashion… it is magnetized away from the sun… it rains across and through the Earth…
~Black Rabbit

The help you need is in front of your eyes.
~Albert and the Celestial Sons

To the evil fallen angel children: tick… tick… tick…


The list of angels in human form, fallen angels, angels incarnated as human beings, stretches back across time to the great flood and numbers in the thousands. They walked among us then and they walk among us now. They are not human but just like humans, they can be good or evil.

The modern structure of our world, from government to finance to education to religion to military, is nothing more than an illusionary house of cards erected by fallen angels (with ET help) who were tasked with redeeming themselves in the eyes of Heaven but, instead, chose to engineer into this false reality a “new world order,” placing themselves continuously in power over humanity and ensuring the enslavement of billions of human souls on this planet.

(For an incomplete list of angels incarnated as humans in history, click here.)

And, so…

– Albert Pike, Aleister Crowley, Basilides, Benjamin Rudyerd, Cesare Baronius, Constantine I, Dante Alighieri, Denis Diderot, Diocletian, Elias Ashmole, Eliphas Levi, Francis Bacon, Franz Bopp, Geoffrey of Monmouth, H.G. Wells, Henry IV of France, Hermes Trismegistus, Hildegard von Bingen, Ignatius of Loyola, Jack Parsons, Jacques de Molay, Jimmy Savile, Joseph Justus Scaliger, Julius Caesar, King James I and VI, Lord Byron, Louis XV, Maurice Strong, Moses Mendelssohn, Nebuchadnezzar II, Niccolo Machiavelli, Nikola Tesla, Oberon, Ovid, Paracelsus, Plato, Pindar, Robert de Boron, Roger Bacon, Rudolf Steiner, Sarah Churchill, Shakspeare, Shen Kuo, Sulpicius Severus, Theodore Herzl, Thomas Randolph, Titania, Trajan, Uzal Odgen, Victor Marsden, William Ockham, William Q. Judge, William Wynn Westcott, Zeno of Elea, Zenobia, et al. –

… fallen angel children, have you enjoyed playing your roles as gods upon Earth?

Every moment in your many lives, every intent found within your souls, every desire you’ve sought, all of your actions and behavior, have been scrutinized by Heaven.

Enjoy yourselves in these final moments of your grandiose production but remember, as all intelligent, experienced and wise beings across all the universes know: paybacks are hell.

Your time is coming…

Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words? You never thought it would end this way, did you?

And it doesn’t seem like so much fun anymore, does it…?

Dotted Line

To the fallen angels and world leaders: if a document exists which contains a message directly from Heaven that lays out before you the options for your souls after the great awakening has taken place – that clearly and undoubtedly annunciates that your fates lie within your own hands – that you, and you alone, will determine for yourselves a return to Heaven or your removal from existence – what might your hand-written signatures convey?

Could they mean you’ve chosen the path to redeem yourselves in the eyes of Heaven, however difficult such a task might be?

Could they mean you’ve chosen to not face certain, eternal death, even though the work ahead for you will be chastening and daunting?

Could they mean you’ve chosen to turn away from darkness and back to light and will be held to this course by the integrity of your souls as witnessed by Divinity?

Could they mean that when the great awakening arrives, you’ve chosen to face our one, infinite Creator within the Hall of Judgement with humbleness and reverence in seeking forgiveness instead of choosing to be swept away into oblivion and nothingness along with all other evils upon and around Earth?

You’ve always known, fallen angels, that such a choice awaited you…

“Being exceedingly alarmed at the misery into which I had fallen, and much more at that which threatened me in view of eternal death, I, duty bound, made it my first business to betake myself to your way, condemning my past life, not without groans and tears. And now, O Lord, what remains to a wretch like me, but instead of defence, earnestly to supplicate you not to judge that fearful abandonment of your Word according to its deserts, from which in your wondrous goodness you have at last delivered me.”
~John Calvin, angel in human form, fallen angel seeking forgiveness for evil behavior in a past life

“Have I still the right to complain? I spoke, and the Lord delivered me, deprived of strength and power, to the furies of greedy fanaticism. The arm which once could overthrow an army can today hardly lift the chains that weigh it down.”

“I wander. I should give thanks to eternal Justice… The avenging God has pardoned His repentant child.”
~The Count of St.-Germain, angel in human form, fallen angel seeking forgiveness for his evil behavior

“I won my soul, and to what did she give birth for me? You, monster, a son, ha!-a frightful miscreant, a stammerer, a newt’s brain, a primordial lizard! You want to be king of the earth? You want to banish proud free men, bewitch beautiful women, break up castles, rip open the belly of old cathedrals? Dumb thing, a lazy bug-eyed frog that wears pond weed on his skull’s pate! And you want to call yourself my son? You’re no son of mine, but the spawn of the devil. The father of the devil entered into the womb of my soul and in you has become flesh.”

“Your progress since the early Middle Ages appears to be minuscule.”
~Fallen angel C.G. Jung’s higher self speaking to him

When mentioning “king of the earth,” Jung’s higher self is referring to the “new world order” plan of the fallen angels to install a “philosopher king” as ruler of human civilization.

Calvin, St.-Germain and Jung are the same fallen angel and it was he who was to be ruler of Earth per the “new world order” plan. (In his attempt to become human, he has progressed to only a limited extent.)

In order to facilitate such a plan, fallen angels implored benevolent ET races to appear in Earth’s skies, to make contact with humanity, to select representatives for exo-political discussion among the races and, most importantly, to provide protection for Earth and humanity against ever-present, evil ET races.

The benevolent ET races have chosen to remain hidden and cloaked, as have the evil ET races.

To the fallen angels and those who practice evil: regardless of your aspirations or beliefs, you’ve always known there was never a time when you were in charge here.

The clock is ticking…


Fallen angels battling fallen angels – evil ET races embedded within all factions…
Mind-controlled humans in the millions controlled by synthetic, telepathic networks…
Secret, underground civilizations observing from the shadows…
Invisible ET races buzzing throughout Earth’s blue skies…
As the Celestial Sons remove evil and as the Crab Nebula remains poised in the heavens…
When it arrives, all will know what it is – none will be exempt, none will escape…
At the end of the tunnel, the light is brightening…
And patience from above is growing thin…

The written history from the very beginning to the end of the 18th century is symbolic history, the year numbers are symbolic numbers.

All material pre-dating this period – the whole corpus of “ancient” and “medieval” documents, the works of the Classical authors, the Bible, the writings of the Church Fathers, the various chronicles, the fiction of a thousand-year Byzantine Empire – all of it originated in the west, primarily in Italy and France.

The new era had no past that was set in stone as far as content and calendar were concerned, and so the large-scale project of historical fabrication was initiated to fill this vacuum. The purpose of this project was indeed to equip the newly wrought culture with a suitably long past.

Even supposedly old variations of newly developed languages were created; Middle High German, Old High German, Old French, and Old Italian. The pinnacle of this language invention process was the deliberate creation of “ancient” languages.

In France Homeric Greek was created with the back-story that this idiom had developed “in the first millennium BC” in Asia Minor. But the figure that we can glimpse in the shadows behind Homer is the Comte de Saint Omer [angel in human form, fallen angel], a Frankish minstrel who wrote poetry in medieval Greece.
~Chris Pfister

But at the outset I must crave
for my work the indulgence of the wise,
for I confess that it is beyond my power
to produce a perfect and complete history…
~Eusebius Pamphilus (angel in human form, fallen angel)

The Testimonium Flavianum of Josephus, is another case where few writers have shown an understanding of the artificial nature of Eusebean History. The recent article by Ken Olson which proved that Eusebius was the author of the Testimonium Flavianum is a recent turning point in New Testament Studies. Even after this, few writers have understood that the obvious forgeries found in Eusebius are not accidents of erroneous transmission or due to his bad judgment in source selection. Creating and presenting fictitious documents and quotes is his modus operandi.
~Jay Raskin

Now you may find in the Hebrew Scriptures
also thousands of such passages concerning God
as though He were jealous, or sleeping, or angry,
or subject to any other human passions,
which passages are adopted for the benefit
of those who need this mode of instruction.
~Eusebius Pamphilus (angel in human form, fallen angel)

Two things must be known: first, Eusebius was either a liar or hopelessly credulous and either way not a very good historian; second, Eusebius rewrote his History of the Church at least five times in order to accommodate changing events, including the ever-important Council of Nicaea
~Richard Carrier

Will it not be fascinating, my brother, when humanity learns the truth concerning the written history of human civilization?

It seems very likely that millions, if not billions, of human souls will be surprised to discover that Homer, the Comte de Saint Omer and Eusebius Pamphilus were all versions of the same incarnated angel in human form (fallen angel), you, and that while incarnating as a human into different roles, again and again throughout the centuries, crafted a sloppy, fictitious account of human history which became the worldwide paradigm while any truthful renditions of history were deliberately destroyed by you and your fellow, incarnated fallen angels.

Intriguing also should be the time when humanity learns that not only did you fabricate written, human history but that you openly admitted to doing so while writing it, as confirmed by your very own quotes above and there should be little doubt when it’s revealed that you incarnated as Plato, Francis Bacon, the Count of St.-Germain, John Calvin, Adam Weishaupt, Nikola Tesla and many others, that this truth, too, will be shocking for sleeping humanity.

You and your fellow, incarnated fallen angels, for thousands of years, have forced upon humanity a false, fictional and absurd chronology while ensuring the true history of mankind remains suppressed or is destroyed.

To the angels in human form: no more.

Directly from Heaven, a great awakening has been decreed.

The clock is ticking…

A Particular Chronology

~715,000 BC… Ancient Lemuria exists and thrives
>9386 BC… Gods divide planet Earth; each takes his own territory; Poseidon given Atlantis; mates with human woman, Cleito, and produces 10 boys who become kings; other gods ostensibly do the same; world filled with hybrid children; goes well for centuries of time; eventually goes bad; decision made to destroy humanity; Noah is warned of the coming deluge
9386 BC… Atlantis sinks after global cataclysm; around this time, very approximately, Noah and his family begin rebuilding humanity in the fertile crescent; later, Nimrod and Semiramis (fallen angels) incarnate; “Queen of Heaven,” rules for 42 years and kills Nimrod during her life; beginning of the Egyptian civilization myth; ancient Egypt is a lie
6000 BC… Neolithic beginnings of Greece; post flood
3500-3000 BC… Egyptian civilization forms; its antiquity and greatness are lies; false history written by fallen angels
970-931 BC… King Solomon’s reign (fallen angel); Dionysian Artificers exist (fallen angels)
750-650 BC… time of Hesiod; fallen angel; Greek poet; wrote Theogony and Works and Days; cites Muses as inspiration for his work; claims kings and poets receive power of speech from Mnemosyne and relationship with her nine daughters, the Muses
650 BC… time of Charondas of Sicily; fallen angel; legislator; wrote laws in verse; disciple of Pythagoras; kills himself with a sword
638-558 BC… lifetime of Solon; Athenian statesman; fallen angel; enacted reforms
700-600 BC… time of Zaleucus; Italian lawmaker; fallen angel; wrote Greek Locrian Code; kills himself with a sword, just like Charondas
428-348 BC… lifetime of Plato; Greek philosopher; fallen angel; wrote numerous texts
60-30 BC… time of Diodorus Siculus; fallen angel; wrote enormous Bibliotheca Historica, illuminated with Celtic art; speaks poorly of Celts; slanders them; tombstone “Diodorus, son of Apollonius” chronologically impossible
4 BC-65 AD… lifetime of Seneca; fallen angel; tutor and advisor to Nero; statesman; dramatist; Silver Age of Latin literature; forced to commit suicide; well-known for his hypocrisy and venality
0-100… time of Apollonius of Tyana; member of Tuatha De Danann; travels world; teaches; his life and teachings heavily plagiarized by fallen angels
155-240… lifetime of Tertullian; fallen angel; “father of Latin Christianity,” “founder of Western theology”; prolific author
200-300… time of Diogenes Laërtius; fallen angel; biographer of Greek philosophers; wrote Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers
265-340… lifetime of Eusebius of Caesarea; fallen angel; the “Master Forger”; fabricated enormous amounts of human history; wrote first four books of New Testament
300s… Iamblichus (fallen angel) teaches; forerunner of Rosicrucians
325… Council of Nicea; overseen by fallen angels
363, 364… The Council of Laodicea; overseen by fallen angels
457-481… lifetime of Childeric I, son of Merovech, fallen angel
475-545… lifetime of Clotilde, Queen of All the Franks; later Saint Clotilde, fallen angel
500-600… time of Stephanus of Byzantium; fallen angel; grammarian; wrote Ethnica, important geographical dictionary
636-652… Magistri Comacini; The Cathedral Builders; Lake Como, Italy; fallen angels
742-814… lifetime of Charlemagne (fallen angel); Frankish ruler
786-833… lifetime of Al-Ma’mun; Mamun the Great; Baghdad; fallen angel
850-900… Collapse of Mayan civilization; punishment administered by 13 crystal skulls
886-950… dark forces control papacy; vile actions performed by popes during this time
896… Pope Steven VI exhumes body of Pope Formosus and puts cadaver on trial; sickening stamp put upon papacy
1033-1109… lifetime of Anselm of Canterbury; fallen angel; monk; philosopher; theologian; later canonized as a Saint; founder of Scholasticism
1054… Great battle between Scots and English; the “Great Schism”
1098-1179… lifetime of Hildegard of Bingen; fallen angel; writer, composer, philosopher, Christian mystic, visionary, polymath; considered to be the founder of scientific natural history in Germany; constructed monasteries; invented a language
1180Anglo-Catalan Psalter; the Psychedelic Bible produced
1190-1210… Robert de Boron, fallen angel, writes Joseph of Arimathea and Merlin; neither existed; both are fictional characters created by de Boron
1220-1292… Lifetime of Roger Bacon, fallen angel; magnanimous life; literary output unsurpassed in history; writes Opus Majus, enormous scientific work
1285-1347… lifetime of William of Ockham; fallen angel; friar; philosopher; theologian; originator of Occam’s Razor; wrote numerous texts
1459… supposed date that Christian Rosencreutz writes The Chymical Marriage of Christian Rosencreutz; it was actually written by Francis Bacon much later
1485-1540… lifetime of Thomas Cromwell; fallen angel; brilliant, masterful in many capacities; helped create fabulous wealth and success in Henry VIII’s life
1491-1547… lifetime of King Henry VIII; was Henry Tudor, Prince of Wales; fallen angel; intelligent; brutal; confronted Pope in Rome over several matters; destroyed shrines and dissolved monasteries
1493-1541… lifetime of Philip von Hohenheim; Paracelsus; fallen angel; philosopher; physician; botanist; astrologer; wrote prophecies
1527-1608… Lifetime of Dr. John Dee; fallen angel; mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, occultist, advisor to Queen Elizabeth I; he, along with a host of other fallen angels in Elizabethan England, began the modern framework of a “new world order” which will appear in the future
1533-1603… Lifetime of Queen Elizabeth I; brilliant and clever ruler; adored by subjects; promoted as a goddess; life as a virgin was a lie; gave birth to four children in her lifetime; first son with Robert Dudley was Francis Bacon, a fallen angel
1561… Elizabeth I gives birth to Francis (fallen angel), raised as Francis Bacon by Sir Nicholas Bacon
1561-1626… lifetime of Francis Bacon; most influential of all fallen angels on Earth; wrote dramatic works under the names of William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, Robert Greene, Michael Drayton, Thomas Dekker, Amelia Bassano Lanier, et. al; master of gematria; works encoded with cyphers and elements of mind control; enormous literary output; pederast; at age 45, married 13 year old girl, Alice Barnham; his influence on humanity’s current status cannot be overstated; generally speaking, it is his fabricated reality in which we live; incarnated numerous times as powerful people throughout history; it’s likely he is Semjaza, leader of the fallen angels
1566-1625… lifetime of King James I and VI; fallen angel; homosexual; emotionally a child; exhibited bizarre behavior; brilliant; the “wisest fool in Christendom”
1662-1694… lifetime of Mary II, Queen of England and Ireland; fallen angel
1670-1722… lifetime of John Toland; fallen angel; Irish author; wrote numerous texts; excoriates Druids in his book, History of the Druids
1710-1935… Lifetime of infamous Count of St.-Germain, fallen angel; Francis Bacon reincarnated; greatly influenced the flow of our timeline; continued work toward a “new world order” in the future; desired to rule Earth as “Lord of Civilization”
1737-1809… lifetime of Thomas Paine; fallen angel; activist; prolific writer; one of the founders of the U.S.; brilliant; in disagreement with other fallen angels
1765-1783… American Revolution; planned event
1789-1799… French Revolution; planned event; horrific violence and killing
1799(?)… Comte de St.-Germain writes The Most Holy Trinosophia while in prison; his mea culpa as a fallen angel
1817-1890… lifetime of Hargrave Jennings; fallen angel; Freemason; Rosicrucian; author; wrote many books
1831-1891… lifetime of Helena Blavatsky; fallen angel; theosophist; wrote numerous texts; brilliant; admits she has a “master”
1847-1933… lifetime of Annie Besant; fallen angel; voluminous theosophical output; traveled widely
1848-1874… Wagner’s Ring Cycle-Das Rheingold, Die Walküre, Siegfried, Götterdämmerung; massive operatic production
1849-1895… lifetime of Lord Randolph Churchill; fallen angel; “father” to Winston Churchill
1856-1943… lifetime of Nikola Tesla; fallen angel; brilliant inventor; his attempts to advance humanity through inventions destroyed; Philadelphia Project; in interview, reveals that many fallen angels are incarnated on Earth; his inventions help humanity only marginally
1868-1918… lifetime of Nicholas Romanov; fallen angel; last tsar of Russia; married Alexandra Feodorovna; fallen angel; the famous Russian Romanovs; sweeping saga of their lives in Russia; Nicholas abdicated in 1917; reported that Alexandra controlled him; she adored Rasputin; reported that she and Rasputin ruled Russia; Romanovs were not executed; all survived
1869-1916… lifetime of Grigori Rasputin; Rasputin; fallen angel; mystic; healer; had considerable spiritual powers; exceedingly influential in Russian politics and government; brilliant; assassinated; had close relations with Romanov children
1874-1947… lifetime of Nicholas Roerich; fallen angel; brilliant and prolific artist; “most talented painter of Russia’s ancient past”; theosophist; nominated for Nobel Peace Prize; author of the Roerich Pact; influential in global politics; it is believed he started WWII
1888… Ignatius Donnelly writes The Great Cryptogram; Francis Bacon’s Cipher in Shakspeare’s Plays; enormous volume; reveals massive flaws in chronology within literature written by famous authors
1893-1895… Orville W. Owen, M.D. publishes Sir Francis Bacon’s Cipher Story Volumes 1-5; Owen’s work is as important as and serves as a precursor to Gallup’s edition; the true history of Elizabethan England is unmasked, Bacon describes his life as Elizabeth’s son, the unknown and unrecognized heir to the English throne, and the dark machinations that take place in the halls of royalty in Europe
1901… Elizabeth Wells Gallup publishes The Biliteral Cypher of Sir Francis Bacon; importance of this work cannot be overstated; in his own words, Bacon reveals the true history of Elizabethan England, his life as Queen Elizabeth’s son, that he’s a fallen angel, his messages for humanity in the future and his deeply conceited psyche
(link to Gallup’s book on archive.org)
1902… Sergye Nilus, fallen angel, publishes Protocols of the Elders of Zion
1902-1903… Robert Baldauf publishes two books on chronology criticism, History and Criticism Vols. I and IV; professor at University of Basle; very little known about him; reveals that written, recorded history is falsified, that all of it is complete fiction
1905… Russian Revolution; planned event
1914-1918… World War I; planned event
1915… League to Enforce Peace established by fallen angels
1917… Russian Revolutions; planned events
1920… League of Nations established by fallen angels
1939-1945… World War II; planned event
1945… United Nations established by fallen angels

All that you see is nothing but an illusion created by fallen angels…

(Did you ever consider that any of this would be revealed, my brother and sister? When it’s made known, the truth will be painful for all of us.)

“Illuminati” = Fallen Angels

The League to Enforce Peace, League of Nations, United Nations, NATO – all creations of fallen angels

To all the fallen angels and evil ET races: with you or without you, Earth and humanity are moving out of darkness and back into light. There exists no force that any of you possess that will stop this divinely decreed event from taking place. Remember who is in charge here. It is NOT you.

To Elizabeth and Francis: your “New Atlantis” will not be. Truth has triumphed.
And to the fallen angels: “We’ve all been foolish” – never have been spoken more profound words.

“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.” ~Plato, fallen angel

Just as you intended it to be, angel child.

Absolute truth was something you and your fellow fallen angels planned never to share with humanity and with so few souls “able to see beyond the shadows and lies,” fabricating the dark, poisonous reality in which we live came easily for you and the other “angels in human form” incarnated upon Earth.

You, Plato, are an egotist, a liar, a fraud, a plagiarist, a manipulator, a backstabber, a thief, a false prophet… a creator of the shadows of evil that have quietly leeched upon human spirituality for so long.

Within the Hall of Judgement, as you face the scales of gold, absolute truth will not be kind.

“I suppose what I should say and can say is that a demarcation line has been reached and breached. It is as if a countdown has started. Recall any number of blockbuster films where someone puts a device into a niche and presses a button and the red digital numbers appear and begin to count down and ominous music begins to play in the background. The sense I got was that ominous music could well apply here, in terms of certain destinies that believe themselves to be above the law; whatever law there may be, given that there are those who believe they wrote the law when they certainly did not, which is something they are going to find out, apparently…”
~from (link) “A Mysterious Visitor Appears and Nothing is What it Seemed to Be,” by Les Visible

To the fallen angels: recall the countless moments of pain, suffering, misery and death you’ve spread across the lives of billions of human souls over centuries of time through the invention and manipulation of the languages used here, through the crafting and shaping of the gematria matrix in which we’re immersed, through the composition and creation of arcane, esoteric, unjust laws and through your arbitrary enforcement of them… and all while living lives of the “elite,” the “Illuminati,” the brokers of power who enact legislation which has as its only purpose the subjugation and suppression of human spirituality.

And now contemplate who truly is in charge here, who the creator and keeper of the spiritual and cosmic laws which govern all existence in all dimensions is, and then remember, once again: it is NOT you.


Anthropologists believe that modern humans appeared around two hundred thousand years ago. Compared to a single human lifetime, this may seem a long time. But in terms of its cycles of evolution, humankind is only in its adolescence and is showing all the characteristics of this in so far as it is searching for its identity and destiny, is carefree and even reckless, considering itself to be immortal, indulging to excess, defying reason and disregarding common sense. This evolutionary stage, with its share of difficulties, trials, and failures, but equally its satisfactions, successes, and hopes, is a necessary transition that should allow humankind to grow up, mature, flourish and finally reach fulfillment: that is, fulfill itself on both the material and the spiritual planes. But in order for this to occur it must become adult.

~from “Appellatio Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis 1614-2014” by Christian Rosencreutz, pseudonym of Francis Bacon, angel in human form, fallen angel

To the Council: when I say I was aghast after reading these concluding remarks in another one of his many texts, I’m not exaggerating in the least bit. The fallen angels who are incarnated among us upon Earth have molded and shaped hypocrisy to such a meticulously refined, exacting degree and have used this sickening vice so well that for human observers to attempt to describe in language how utterly disgusting their behavior has been in using it to their advantage would be nearly impossible.

But, you guys know this already. It must look far worse from your side of the veil than from this one. I can only imagine…

Here we have a fallen angel, one of the architects of the nightmarish reality in which humanity lives, one of the spiritual connivers who enlisted the aid of evil ET races, one of the entities responsible for causing horrific suffering for human souls, one of the angels in human form who turned away from the light in order to pursue juvenile, self-gratifying, destructive and immoral acts, lecturing humans about their weaknesses and strengths and informing them that the next step in their evolutionary stage is to become adult which will allow them to achieve fulfillment materially and spiritually.

The heights of hypocrisy reached within the reasoning of these evil bastards is simply mind-boggling and it’s amplified even more by knowing that the fallen angels secretly wish to become us, to become human.

It’s no wonder why Earth was placed under quarantine…

One Moment

“If Intervention takes place on the behalf of a sole Angel, acting independently on its own… then things can go terribly wrong. Then there are no Fates or Wheels to guide things… and chaos ensues… Hence the state of the universe at present.”

“I, too, have known happiness, was showered with the blessings of heaven and surrounded by power such as the human mind cannot conceive. Commanding the genii that guide the world, happy in the happiness that I created, I enjoyed within the bosom of an adored family the felicity which the Eternal accords to His beloved children. One moment destroyed everything. I spoke, and it all vanished like a cloud.”
~from “The Most Holy Trinosophia” by the Count of St.-Germain, angel in human form, fallen angel

Blessed by Heaven, imbued with immense power, you commanded genii, guided our world, enjoyed the felicity of the sacred and then, you spoke…

Is it possible, my brother, that granted to only you was the care and nurturing of an entire planet inhabited by billions of human souls and while blessed and honored with a task of such deep, spiritual importance and awash in illuminated, divine compassion, allowed ego to seep into your enterprise, sparking a thought which became spoken and in that moment, delivered chaos to all we see?

“… a sole Angel, acting independently on its own…”

A sole angel…

Isn’t it interesting, my brother, how art can imitate life? And isn’t it interesting how life can imitate art?

Is it not fascinating that Oberon and Titania were real, and that they’re alive today, incarnated somewhere and that you, the Count of St.-Germain was once the great Shakespeare himself, who actually happened to be Francis Bacon, and that you, too, are here?

For some, it will be amusing to learn that Oberon, the Count of St.-Germain, Shakespeare and Francis Bacon are the same incarnated “watcher,” the same angel in human form and perhaps equally intriguing will be that he was the principal architect and engineer of what is commonly known as the “matrix” in which we live.

Imagine the fictional, encoded story-lines of Shakespearean dramas merging and mixing together with our reality, creating a time-traveling, falsely rendered, epic smorgasbord of tales spread out over hundreds of years and becoming so intertwined within the fog of lies that surround humanity that discerning truth from within the near infinite details of this concoction would become almost impossible.

It’s frightening, if one spends any time thinking about it. Truth would be a scarce jewel in such a deep and muddy quagmire.

Few know, my brother, how you intended to finish “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” some four hundred years in the future, our current time, and luckily for everyone, it won’t go as you planned.

And so, how will it go?

We shall see…


(click on image for larger view)

Lady Alice Brownlow (1659-1721), Anne Bracegirdle (1671-1748), Anne Finch, Countess of Winchilsea (1661-1720), Anne Killigrew (1660-1685), Elisabeth Christine Prinzessin von Braunschweig-Wolfenbütel (1691-1750), Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797), Catherine Crewe, Lady Harpur (1682-1745), Charlotte Sophia Mecklenburg (1744-1818)

Dervorguilla of Galloway (1210-1290), Dorothy Savile, Countess of Cork (1699-1758), Eléonore d’Olbreuse (1639-1722), Elizabeth “Tetty” Johnson (1689-1752), Elizabeth Barbour, Mrs. John Egerton (1685-1743), Jane Bohun (1676-1708), Elizabeth “Black Bess” Graham of Airth (1724-1803), Elizabeth Jones, Countess of Kildare (1665-1758)

Henrietta Maria Wyvill (1667-1738), Isabella Bentinck (1688-1728), Isabella FitzRoy, 2nd Countess of Arlington (1668-1723), Lady Mary Somerset (1665-1733), Jane Hyde, Countess of Clarendon (1669-1725), Catherine Douglas, Duchess of Queensberry (1701-1777), Lady Anne Egerton (1704-1762), Louise Marie Thérése Bathilde (1750-1822)

Lady Elizabeth Murray Finch (1704-1784), Lady Frances Shirley (1707-1778), Lady Mary Keith, Countess of Wigton (1695-1721), Martha St. Amand Hesketh (1705-1782), Queen Mary II (1662-1694), Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough (1660-1744), Mary of Modena (1658-1718), Nell Gwyn (1650-1687)

Anne, Queen of Great Britain (1665-1714), Queen Phillippa of Hainault (1310-1369), Susanna Hoare (1732-1783), Alice Keppel (1868-1947), Consuelo Vanderbilt, Duchess of Marlboro (1877-1964)

So, my sister, from the great flood to Merovingian rule, from Macbeth’s Scotland to Bacon writing as Shakespeare, from American revolution to French revolution, from world war to Russian revolution, from a League of Nations to world war again, from United Nations to the final act in this global drama, playing pivotal roles and gracing bloodlines in generation after generation with your beauty and wit, here you have been.

And after a thousand years from now, where will you be?

We shall see…

Queen, preacher, polymath, teacher-
Poet, visionary, mystic, revolutionary-
Spy, princess, philosopher, mistress-
Author, scientist, dancer, theosophist-
Singer, duchess, courtesan, justice…

With refined elegance and consummate skill you’ve worn many masks, my sister, but behind the veils, who is there?
A savior or a liar?
A beacon or a fraud?
Humility or vanity?
Solitude… or insanity?


(click on image for larger view)

Sir Benjamin Rudyerd (1572-1658), Charlemagne (748-814), King Clovis I (466-511), Count of St.-Germain (1712-1784), Joseph Justus Scaliger (1540-1609), Henry IV of England (1367-1413)

Flavius Josephus (37-100), Jan van Havre (1551-1625), Hugh of Italy (880-947), Ibn-i Batuta (1304-1368), Hallgrimur Petursson (1614-1674), Jacques de Molay (unknown-1314), Mehmed IV (1642-1693)

Johannes Bureus (1568-1652), Johannes Valentinus Andreae (1586-1654), John Whitgift (1530-1604), King Edward III (1003-1066), King Odaenathus (220-267), Lycurgus (390-324 BC), Septimius Severus (145-211)

Thomas Cartwright (1535-1603), King William I (1028-1087), Sir Henry Sidney (1529-1586), Sir Francis Walsingham (1532-1590), William I of Orange (1533-1584), Shabbetai Zevi (1626-1676), Sir William Sharington (1495-1553), John of Gaunt (1340-1399), Zacharias Ursinus (1534-1583), Pedro de Oña (1570-1643)

John Lothrop Motley (1814-1877), Frederic Auguste Bartholdi (1834-1904), Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-1872), Augustus Le Plongeon (1826-1908), Simon Baruch (1840-1921), Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947), William Q. Judge (1851-1896), Maurice Joly (1829-1878)

Manuel Ortiz Ordóñez (1880-1976), Edward M. House (1858-1938), Nathan B. Forrest (1821-1877), John Yarker (1833-1913), Samuel Butler (1835-1902), Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), Henry Thomas Harrison (1832-1923)

Crown Prince Rudolph (1858-1889), Lord Randolph Churchill (1849-1895), Hugo Winckler (1863-1913), Peter Hume Brown (1849-1918)

“There are many fallen angels on Earth.”
~Nikola Tesla, angel in human form, fallen angel

So, how have I done, my brother? Are all of these you? Or is this a mixture of more than one fallen angel? As you know, 100% accuracy is difficult to achieve.

But, within the awakened community, it’s well-known that our faces, the general design and shape of our countenances, remain very similar from incarnation to incarnation, from life to life, as we’re recycled over and over across the centuries in this dark place.

So, too, is it for you.

To the fallen angels who walk amongst men, remember well the Count’s words to your brother Philochatus: “God leaves to men the task of punishing the imprudent minister who permits the eye of the profane to look into the mysterious sanctuary.”

Will men dictate a fitting penalty upon each of you?

It shall be…


Through his [Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury] vile influence on Elizabeth, he filled her mind with a suspicion of my desire to rule the whole world, beginning with England, and that my plan was like Absalom’s, to steal the hearts of the Nation and move the people to desire a king. He told her that my every thought dwelt on a crown; that my only sport amid my school-mates was a pageant of royalty; that ’twas my hand in which the wooden staff was placed, and my head that wore the crown, for no other would be allowed to represent princes or their pomp. He informed Her Majesty that I would give a challenge to a fierce boyish fight, or a duello of fists, if any one presumed to share my honors or depose me from my throne.

But my kingdom is in immortal glory among men from generation unto coming generations. An unending fame will crown my brow, and it is far better worth in any true thinking mind, I am assured, then many a crown which kings do have set on with show and ceremony. Yet when I have said it, my heart is sad for the great wrong that I must forever endure.

Alas, how do men’s minds turn to the hope of a great name in some other way, when no greatness of blood has set a seal upon them. Some, however, are greater by birth. Such are heirs to kingdoms, as I myself am, yea, and heir to a scepter, itself of such power that Europe does tremble in dread of wrath and destruction if the shadow falls over the land: yet I am not king, nor even heir-apparent to His Majesty. My mother [Queen Elizabeth I] gave away her own first-born fruit of her body, nor did she at any subsequent time honor him publicly as her Son, although she promised it often in the earlier years of her reign. I who now speak to you in this way, as has been said elsewhere in the Cipher, am the Prince so unjustly treated. My heart burns in my bosom, my spirit swells like Neptune’s waters before a tempest, and threatens to overpeer the lists whenever my eager thoughts dwell long upon a crown and throne.
~from “The Bi-literal Cypher of Francis Bacon” by Elizabeth Wells Gallup

However, they [Illuminati] have this ingrained idea that they are ‘superior’ to other people upon this planet.

The problem with the above binaries is that the ‘crazies’ in the above groups consider themselves to be ‘innately’ superior (’born’ superior) – in that they believe that they have the right to enslave those who are not of their group.

They get furious when those, who are not from their group – refuse to be their willing slaves.

The word innately means that they do not believe that they have to prove their worth, in terms of their ‘so-called’ superiority.

They were just ‘born’ superior. That is what they believe.

When the veil is lifted, Francis, and the great awakening arrives for humanity, will it not be somewhat surprising for the human souls on Earth to learn that Francis Bacon was the son of Queen Elizabeth I and that he was an angel in human form (a fallen angel) and that he incarnated many times into numerous influential roles within our civilization and that he did, in fact, just exactly as Robert Cecil claimed, desire to rule the whole world?

Interesting, also, should be the revelation that the “divine right of kings” as described in many texts and that “Some, however, are greater by birth” and are “heirs to kingdoms” are consummate frauds perpetrated upon humanity by angels incarnating as humans and that this pretense somehow, in some perverse way, grants “immortal glory” and “unending fame” to them.

Two hundred forty-nine (249) years later, when you incarnated upon Earth again, as C.G. Jung, it would’ve been wise to listen to your higher self when he said, “You want to be king of the earth?” “You, you of all people wanted to tell other people what to do? For this I will pull out your tongue – with which you have ridiculed, blasphemed and – even worse – joked.”

Ancient prophecies can be altered, Francis.

Angels should know that.

(Wherever you may be, angel children, and as the moments tick ever so closer to the great awakening, I sincerely hope the profoundly appropriate, divine irony playing out upon your souls and your actions is noticed and remembered by any portions of your consciousnesses that might have remained sane. What’s happening here defies description. Very, very few comprehend its depth and magnitude. Never will it be forgotten…)


Will there be a sea where Philemon’s temple stands? Will his shady island sink into the deepest ground? Into the whirlpool of the withdrawing flood that earlier swallowed all peoples and lands? Will the bottom of the sea be where Ararat arises?

I won my soul, and to what did she give birth for me? You, monster, a son, ha!-a frightful miscreant, a stammerer, a newt’s brain, a primordial lizard! You want to be king of the earth? You want to banish proud free men, bewitch beautiful women, break up castles, rip open the belly of old cathedrals? Dumb thing, a lazy bug-eyed frog that wears pond weed on his skull’s pate! And you want to call yourself my son? You’re no son of mine, but the spawn of the devil. The father of the devil entered into the womb of my soul and in you has become flesh.

Yes, you are laughably sensitive, self-righteous, unruly, mistrustful, pessimistic, cowardly; dishonest with yourself, venomous, vengeful; one can hardly speak about your childish pride, your craving for power, your desire for esteem, your laughable ambition, your thirst for fame without feeling sick. The playacting and pomposity become you badly and you abuse them to the best of your ability.

You, you of all people wanted to tell other people what to do?

For this I will pull out your tongue-with which you have ridiculed, blasphemed and-even worse-joked.

Do not speak to me about your love. What you call love oozes with self-interest and desirousness. But you speak about it with great words, and the greater your words are, the more pathetic your so-called love is. Never speak to me of your love, but keep your mouth shut. It lies.
~from “The Red Book Liber Novus” by C.G. Jung, angel in human form, fallen angel

Without fail, my brother, humanity will learn the truth concerning the fallen angels who walked amongst us in the past, ruling over, subjugating and suppressing our human family, and to this day, continuing to do so.

Imagine the liberating atmosphere of clarity and veracity when it’s revealed that you wore many hats in your roles on Earth; that many famous and powerful individuals were, in fact, just one fallen angel who had split himself in order to occupy numerous bodies and that among all the fallen angels on Earth, this was common practice; that from forty fallen angels could be produced hundreds of copies to be injected into the human population in opportune bloodlines; bloodlines of the elite, of the “Illuminati,” lineages where money and power come easily and that because of this scheme of birth placement into families of power, it was not difficult to create and maintain, with help from dark ET races, a “new world order” plan over thousands of years, bleeding human souls of energy and cloaking an entire world civilization underneath a false, fabricated veil.

If it were to be made known now, before the great awakening, that you, my brother, desired to rule over humanity as “Lord of Civilization” and that Plato, Roger Bacon, Francis Bacon, William Shakespeare, Christian Rosencreutz, John Calvin, Isaac Casaubon, Cerinthus, the Count of St.-Germain, Henri de St. Simon, Adrien Duport, Dr. Robert Fludd, Fred Hockley, Harry Hopkins, James Hunter, Iñigo López, Micah, Christian Racovski, Tsar Nicholas Romanov II and Clement Vallandigham were all versions of the same angel in human form – you – how would it be received? Would anyone believe it? Or the revelation that these incarnations were just a few of the many lives you lived – could humanity fathom it?

That the angels in human form are childish, ignorant, immoral and self-absorbed souls is well-known among the learned in the human family but, without doubt, the most accurate description of the fallen angels comes not from human observers but from your very own higher self, my brother, as described above when you were C.G. Jung.

And, so, remember this: for whatever lies ahead for you in the Hall of Judgement, plentiful warning was given to you… from yourself.

The angel in human form who was C.G. Jung was also incarnated as these individuals and many, many others over the centuries since the time of the great flood:  King Clovis I, Nebuchadnezzar II, Johannes Valentinus Andreae, Kitabatake Chikafusa, Johann Friedrich Cotta, Giusseppe Mazzini, Frederic Aguste Bartholdi, Jacques de Molay, G.I. Gurdjieff, “Colonel” Edward M. House, Theodore Marburg, Thomas Randolph, Józef Hieronim Retinger and Edward Bernays.

Learn about these “men” (who were actually the same angel in human form) and it becomes easily understood how a “new world order” plan could slowly but successfully be implemented over thousands of years, in generation after generation and without loss of interest or motivation, through strategic births into powerful, wealthy and influential families using the divinely imposed process of reincarnation.

The angels in human form created a vast, interconnected, intercommunication web between and amongst themselves which exists today and stretches uninterruptedly back in time to the days of Noah. For thousands of years they have been connected continuously with each other.

It’s interesting to note that all of your human lives listed are from the past, my brother. Imagine a list of human lives of you and the other fallen angels in the present…


Are you there at Anmer Hall, Kate? Are you able to read these words? Do you remember who you really are? Look around. Is this what you wanted? If it is, I have but one question: why…?

Within you exists the divine feminine, the force and energy that allows everything to live, the canvas upon which all life is created and nurtured, the essence of sanctity without which, nothing can survive and thrive.

In this universe, on these worlds, is this what our divine Mother wishes to see? From deeply within yourself, from the part of you that’s connected to Her, is this what She has communicated to you? Or have you turned away from Her, unwilling to hear…?

If I fought upright against the shadows
And hid in the night to choke my voice
Cheers and tears will be my reward
For a curtain which falls, another one rises
Tomorrow and in a thousand years I will begin again

~from “Here is Why I Sing” by Dalida

Do you remember your song, my sister? A thousand years… After a thousand years, all will be judged… but will you be here?

Awful is the great day of judgement at its dawning in the Netherworld. The soul stands naked in the Hall of Judgement, nothing can now be hidden. Hypocrisy is no avail; to maintain goodness when the soul reveals its own repulsiveness is futile. To mumble empty ritual is foolishness. To call upon gods who have no existence is a waste of time.

In the Hall of Judgement the wrongdoer is judged. On that day and henceforth his qualities shall form his food. His soul, soft as clay upon Earth, is hardened and set into shape according to its moulding. The balances are adjusted.
~from the “Scroll of Ramkat” within “The Kolbrin”

To the evil fallen angels, forces, beings, ETs and humans upon Earth: only fools would consider themselves exempt from passage through the Hall of Judgement. ALL pass through, without exception.

Balances are adjusted. What you give is what you get.

See all you have given to know what it is you will get.

To the angels in human form: from the great flood to the “Chymical Marriage” to now – for humanity, what have you created? – to humanity, what have you given?

A thousand years… how many of you will be here after a thousand years?

We shall see…



100 texts written by angels in human form, fallen angels. Thousands more exist.                                (click on image for larger view)

“That they [fallen angels] should confess that they had too lightly given Credit to false, fictitious Books, had assumed too much to themselves, and so came into this Castle, albeit they were never invited into it…”

“That they very well knew, and were in their Consciences convinced, that they had forged false, fictitious Books, had befooled others, and cheated them, and thereby had diminished Regal dignity amongst all.”

~from “The Chymical Marriage of Christian Rosencreutz” by Christian Rosencreutz, pseudonym of Francis Bacon, angel in human form, fallen angel

Thousands of texts written by angels in human form have crafted and shaped our false reality and many of which that are claimed to be factual are nothing but fiction.

The “New World Order”: our false, fabricated reality…

“History is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who weren’t there.”
~George Santayana

[John] Dee has been credited with the popularization, and one of the earliest uses, of the term “British empire.” This was well before the union of the crowns of England and Scotland gave the term “British” its modern use; Dee’s Britain was the ancient Britain of Arthur, straddling England and Wales. Dee had close contacts with the leading antiquaries of his day. He followed Polydore Vergil in seeing Britain’s founding in the landing of Brutus after the Trojan wars. Arthur was the restorer of this ancient empire of Britain, and this empire had in turn devolved by descent upon Elizabeth. Dee and the Tudors shared Welsh origins, and were distantly related to each other and to Arthur; Dee, appropriately enough, believed himself to be related to the thirteenth-century friar Roger Bacon, whom he dubbed “David Dee of Radik,” and who had long ago called upon the pope of the day to reform the calendar and whose views on the divine significance of numbering would have been familiar to Dee.

In 1576 Dee had published a four-volume work under the general title of The Brytish Monarchie, in which he elaborated his imperial case. The well-known frontispiece to the volume on The Art of Navigation (1577) carried an image of the “Imperiall Ship” of Christendom, carrying the Empress Elizabeth on a mission to restore her empire through sea power.

He followed this four-volume work by drawing up for the queen her “Titles to far lands,” two manuscript rolls setting out her descent and title to the empires of Brutus and Arthur.
~from “John Dee and the English Calendar: Science, Religion and Empire” by Robert Poole

Imagine, my brother, John, how it will be received by humanity when the founding of the “British empire” and those behind it are revealed to be the central part of a plan created by fallen angels who have conspired for centuries to rule over Earth.

Imagine the surprised reaction of the human souls trapped here on this world when it’s discovered that King Arthur never existed and that you and Polydore Vergil and Roger Bacon and Queen Elizabeth and Francis Bacon and many others were, and still are, angels in human form who have engineered into this false existence a fairy tale fantasy of British excellence, of British supremacy, of kings, queens, knights and castles and that all of it is nothing but a charade, a pretense manufactured from deception and lies, forced upon sleeping humanity and spread out over hundreds and hundreds of years…

Time with which you tinkered is now marching spiritedly along the path to the great awakening, brother John.

And within the Hall of Judgement, the scales of gold patiently await your arrival…

“Baron Trump’s Marvellous Underground Journey,” 1893
by Ingersoll Lockwood, angel in human form, fallen angel
“Boon, The Mind of the Race, The Wild Asses of the Devil and The Last Trump,” 1915
by H.G. Wells, angel in human form, fallen angel

For how long have you known, my brother?

December of 2012 was nothing but a dream…

By December 12th of THIS YEAR [2012]… All world leaders are to step down… And be replaced by leaders chosen by the people… for real, not pretending, no politics involved… They are to be commoners with no affiliation with any political parties or associations…

There is however, ONE EXCEPTION… England… The Queen may retain her title provided that she concedes the crown DIRECTLY to Prince William when she feels he is ready. Don’t ask me why… that’s just how it is…

Nothing but a dream…

… the whole P2 British Intelligence cult was not only satanic but went under a rather common name: ORDO.

… one can see that with such notaries as Alister Crowley being outed as an MI6 spy and having many friends in the aristocracy that maybe it is not so funny after all… in addition, he was friends with Eliphas Levi who ‘created’ The Lesser Key of Solomon

… this cult believed that they had found a way of ‘eternal life’ – rather like the Mason’s wavy sword/flame… the undying flame… their secret?

That they could ‘implant’ their alters into inanimate objects e.g. rocks, stones… or trap them in flasks, bottles-like genies and then have them put into a new body at a later date i.e. fertilized eggs…

If this didn’t work… they then had another ‘failsafe’ method to prevent the destruction of their souls after death in hell… the creation of ‘Sons of G-d’ or Orpheus types… who could descend into the underworld (under mind control – no sane person would agree to it otherwise) and bring back their evil souls…

They are wrong on both accounts.

Aleister Crowley, Eliphas Levi, Solomon, Orpheus; in work with their brothers here and their brothers in the abyss and over centuries of time – all four are fallen angels and fellow connivers in the strategy which would comprise not only their “new world order” supremacy over human civilization, connected in a deal with evil ET races, but which would also include methods to ensure their captivity in the abyss temporary and their souls’ destruction prevented, leading to a never ending cycle of evil inflicted upon the human souls entrapped on Earth.

To the angels in human form: you’ve been given innumerable warnings that your dark behavior would not be allowed to go on forever, that divine reckoning would come.

It has arrived and with it, Heaven and an entire universe watch and wait…


Angels in human form

An incomplete list of angels in human form, fallen angels (click on image for larger view)

“There are many fallen angels on Earth.”
~Nikola Tesla, angel in human form, fallen angel

History, mythology, religion, psychology,
Science, education, government, transportation,
Money, technology, agriculture, ecology,
And language we use with which to think…

…twisted and fabricated, all of it, by fallen angels reincarnating on Earth hundreds and hundreds of times across thousands of years since the great flood with the intention of ruling humanity in a “new world order.”

To the angels in human form: not this time. This time, you’ve lost and humanity has won.

Christian RacovskiBaroness Barbara Juliane von KrüdenerRasputinAleister Crowley

Do you remember these lives, my brothers and sister? In the past, everything was so much different than it is today. Imagine what it will be like when humanity learns the truth…

And you, brother Grigori… Anastasia claimed you are a saint. Do you think Heaven agrees with her? The final moments are ticking away. An entire universe watches and waits…

“Trouble us not with thy noble birth
Woman of the fair curly locks;
We are witnesses at all times
That you are boastful of your descent,
Silence would become you best,
Dame of the round ringletted hair;
If you are of the race of Cairbar Cas,
I am of the race of Art, son of Conn;
If you are of the race of Brian Boru,
I am of the race of Neil of the nine hostages;
Though you think your delicate eyebrows are dark,
Darker still is the blackbird’s hue;
Though ruddy are thy cheeks,
Ruddy also are the hips,
The ragwort yellow grows,
If thy hair is yellower than gold;
If you can embroider with skill,
I can swiftly write with a goose quill,
And if you can sing a lay,
I could with a tale lull others to sleep.”
~John Carswell, 1520-1575, angel in human form, fallen angel

On the contrary, “Bishop of the Isles,” silence would become you best, for when truth is revealed, and your pedigree unveiled, those of the human race will know well the evil of the angel race who walk amongst us.

Heaven is a witness at all times…

Printer. Indeed I am all for sale, gentlemen; you say true, I am a printer, and a printer of news; and I do hearken after them, wherever they be, at any rates; I’ll give any thing for a good copy now, be it true or false, so it be news…

Printer. See men’s divers opinions! It is the printing of them makes them news to a great many who will indeed believe nothing but what’s in print. For those I do keep my presses, and so many pens going to bring forth wholesome relations, which once in half a score years, as the age grows forgetful, I print over again with a new date, and they are of excellent use.

~from “News From the New World Discovered in the Moon” by Ben Jonson, 1620, angel in human form, fallen angel

Over and over, recycled again and again, the angels in human form rehash lies, fabricating darkness, creating nothing…

Her unbending stern temper, strong in death, set the seal upon my future as on my past life, since her will was the law governing both. My own spirit alone does attest how potent for good or for ill the dicta of such a woman may be.
~Francis Bacon, angel in human form, musing about his mother, Queen Elizabeth I

Lives before, lives after, your will hangs over him like the sword of Damocles, like an albatross around his neck. From where do you hail, my dear queen? From you, for how much misery should humanity be thankful?

We shall see…

(And, yes, 1590 was a splendid year, wasn’t it?)

“Private people cause such asylums. I as world proprietress established this asylum but did not cause it, in spite of the fact that someone cried out that I did on my entrance.”
~from “The Psychology of Dementia Praecox” by Carl Jung, angel in human form, fallen angel

She was delivering a message of catharsis to you, my brother. You considered her crazy and yourself, sane.

Divine is the irony here…

Ah, Astana, Kazakhstan. Secrets in the steppes… a nucleus…

It’s nice to know you’re still around, Dr. Dee.
But, then again, where else would you be?


Long ago Angels fell from grace, many
Became Demons…
Tormented and sought worship
With living things…
But there was a group of Fallen Angels
Who knew what they did was wrong… and
Have, ever since their fall sought forgiveness,
Penance… to gain back their
Higher Grace… Called Repenting Angels…

“But there was a group of Fallen Angels…”
The select few—how many are there? Forty who in brotherly love assemble together to the four quarters and the Bird. Here below (in the mortal sphere) to be held (gathering or assembly) until in its place is the coming in the fourth quarter (Aquarius).
~from “The Most Holy Trinosophia” by the Comte de St.-Germain, angel in human form, fallen angel

“Who knew what they did was wrong…”
That they [fallen angels] should confess that they had too lightly given Credit to false, fictitious Books, had assumed too much to themselves, and so came into this Castle, albeit they were never invited into it, and perhaps the most part had presented themselves with design to make their Markets here, and afterwards to live in the greater Pride and Lordliness; And thus one had seduced another, and plunged him into this disgrace and ignominy, wherefore they were deservedly to be soundly punished.

Which they with great humility readily acknowledged, and gave their Hands upon it. After which a severe check was given to the rest, much to this purpose.

That they very well knew, and were in their Consciences convinced, that they had forged false, fictitious Books, had befooled others, and cheated them, and thereby had diminished Regal dignity amongst all. They knew in like manner what ungodly deceitful Figures they had made use of, in so much as they spared not even the Divine Trinity, but accustomed themselves to cheat People all the Country over. It was also now clear as Day with what Practices they had indeavoured to ensnare the true Guests, and introduce the Ignorant: in like manner, that it was manifest to all the World, that they wallowed in open Whoredom, Adultery, Gluttony, and other Uncleannesses: All which was against the express Orders of our Kingdom. In brief, they knew they had disparaged Kingly Majesty, even amongst the common sort, and therefore they should confess themselves to be manifest convicted Vagabond-Cheaters, Knaves and Rascals, whereby they deserved to be cashiered from the company of civil People, and severely to be punished.
~from “The Chymical Marriage of Christian Rosencreutz” by Christian Rosencreutz, pseudonym of Francis Bacon (son of Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley), angel in human form, fallen angel

“… and
Have, ever since their fall sought forgiveness,
Penance… to gain back their
Higher Grace…”

To the angels in human form: where is the forgiveness? Where is the penance? Humanity awaits while Heaven watches…

(Christian Rosencreutz, Francis Bacon, William Shakespeare and the Count of St.-Germain are the same entity, the same angel in human form.)


angel cloud

“The help you need is in front of your eyes.”
~Albert and the Celestial Sons

200 and then 40

7. Then they swore all together, and all bound themselves by mutual execrations. Their whole number was two hundred, who descended upon Ardis, which is the top of mount Armon.
8. That mountain therefore was called Armon, because they had sworn upon it, and bound themselves by mutual execrations.
~from “The Book of Enoch”

The select few—how many are there? Forty who in brotherly love assemble together to the four quarters and the Bird. Here below (in the mortal sphere) to be held (gathering or assembly) until in its place is the coming in the fourth quarter (Aquarius).
~from “The Most Holy Trinosophia” by the Comte de St.-Germain, angel in human form, fallen angel

The only ones who can teach a higher knowledge to man are geniuses and Illuminates. Since the Dawn of Consciousness, less than two hundred geniuses and forty or so illuminates have been prepared by the Creator to awaken the spark of divinity in man, and of these only two are actually known. These two had been fully prepared as omniscient Illuminates who had complete God-awareness, complete knowledge, and a full 360-degree extension of the light spectrum which made God’s ways and processes of creation fully known to them.
~from “The Phoenix Journals”

Long ago [200] Angels fell from grace, many
Became Demons…
Tormented and sought worship
With living things…
But there was a group of [40] Fallen Angels
Who knew what they did was wrong…and
Have, ever since their fall sought forgiveness,
Penance…to gain back their
Higher Grace… Called Repenting Angels…
See, different laws apply to them…
What if, for the first time in History
They scored points by cleaning up the Mess here
By ridding the world of troublemakers…
To win the favor of Heaven.

To the angels in human form: can it be considered even remotely accurate to characterize you as “repenting” angels?

Since the time of Queen Elizabeth I, you, along with your evil ET allies, have subjected human souls to an incessant onslaught of horrific stress, pain, suffering and murder and with the ultimate goal of ruling over human souls in a globally applied, one-world government.

Do you think the Council and Heaven consider their definition of the word “repent” to be the same as yours? Do you remember who truly is in charge here?

Doubt not, because you will…


On a Higher Spiritual plane, Intervention with primitive life forms is strictly frowned upon, if not forbidden. To break such laws is to fall from grace… and Heaven.

Such is how Angels fall… and become Demons.
Yet Angels, for all their wisdom and Glory cross boundaries and break these laws, too…

If decreed by God, then this is Divine Intervention… Then it is flawless and noble. But this is a process orchestrated with the cooperation of every rank of the Higher Beings of Heaven… from the ranks of the Angels, from the oldest to the newest… A great deal is coordinated… If decreed by God, Divine Intervention never fails…

But… If Intervention takes place on the behalf of a sole Angel, acting independently on its own… then things can go terribly wrong. Then there are no Fates or Wheels to guide things… and chaos ensues… Hence the state of the universe at present.

All present struggles can at some point be traced back to intervention on a primitive society without Heavenly consent… Interesting, huh?


“If Intervention takes place on the behalf of a sole Angel…”
To the angels in human form: who amongst you is this sole angel?

“All present struggles can at some point be traced back to intervention on a primitive society without Heavenly consent…”
A lesson for all of us, wouldn’t you say…?

Rasputin, Tudor, Bacon, Caesar, Cromwell, Stuart, Constantine, Shen, Tyndale, Trajan, Keppel, de Chardin, Lawrence, Johnson, Gold, Nimrod, Tesla, Crowley, Byron, Zubrzycka, Pike, Cagliostro, von Krüdener, Dee, Walsingham, Voltaire, Gurdjieff, Homer, Bosch, Bentinck, de Molay, Vasilyevich, Churchill, Savile…

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of names could be added to this list. Who amongst you, angels in human form, can claim intervention on your sole behalf? Do you think the Council knows? Do you think Heaven knows?

We shall see…

The scales of gold within the Hall of Judgement patiently await your arrival.

And a reminder: the Council is NOT happy. The fate of each of you rests within your own hands. The divine judgement against you will be harsh. You will not escape it.

… Solberg, Nazarbayev, Kissinger, Turnbull, Netanyahu, Lövfen, Varadkar, Abe… who is next? Perhaps you, Rasputin? часы тикают… ah, Macron and then Merkel… Iran and then… Britain…

Remember: you created this hellish nightmare and as divine justice returns to humanity, you will learn that that which you created will be used to destroy you.

“Who rules the planet?”

It is NOT you.


Ptolemaic system

The first to make accusations against Ptolemy was Tycho Brahe.

After comments by Laplace and Lalande, the next to attack Ptolemy vigorously was Delambre.

However, Ptolemy was not without his supporters by any means and further analysis led to a belief that the accusations made against Ptolemy by Delambre were false.

The most recent accusations of forgery made against Ptolemy came from Newton.

~J.J. O’Connor, E.F. Robertson

Well do I know that I am mortal, a creature of one day.
But if my mind follows the winding paths of the stars
Then my feet no longer rest on earth, but standing by
Zeus himself I take my fill of ambrosia, the divine dish.

~from the “Almagest” by Ptolemy, angel in human form, fallen angel, incarnated watcher

“BUT,” Aresades went on to say—Zurion’s ears paying particular close attention then. “To protect all other things, the realms of space, this world shall be apart. It should be marked off from wanderers and interlopers, only those that reside here now will be judged. ALL, for all things that dwell upon this planet now are in fact a part of it—and what comes.”

~from “The Circle” by William J. Griffith



celestial sons





The spacecraft that pass the sun are the spacecraft that clean the earth and all evil forces.
The spacecraft beside Venus is a spacecraft not for battle but only for observation.
The decisions of the Celestial beings are all well-arranged.
If you could double many times your vision to see the skies, then you could see what is going on right now.
The battleship spacecraft are in their positions.
The cleaning of evil forces has begun.
If humans still think no one cares about them then you are mistaken.
There will be no nukes to fly anytime, those things will be shot down before they take off into the air.
Any war station will be wiped out as soon as both parties declare war.
Every war machine on earth is a locked-on target.
The help you need is in front of your eyes.
~Albert and the Celestial Sons

Celestial Sons

Who are the 144,000?
What is Life?
Is there death?
What is a Soul?
Who rules the planet?
Who leaves the planet?
Who is POTUS?
Why is this relevant?
Is he here on a Mission?
Who are the players?
Want to play?
What is Love?
Who is asleep?
The kiss for Sleeping Beauty.

To the mad gods and goddesses, to the angels in human form, to the evil ET races, to the inner Earth civilizations, to the dark shadow beings, to the corrupt, soulless humans in positions of power, to the “royal” families of certain bloodlines, to the leaders of the world’s religions, to the legions of military strength, to the shape-shifters embedded within humanity, to the millions of micro-chipped humans, to those housed in deep, underground bases, to any and all who practice evil upon humanity, a simple question: “Who rules the planet?”

And a simple answer: it is NOT you.

What awaits you is far, far beyond your worst nightmare.

Payment is due…

A Goddess, Her Son and Their Order

Elizabeth is born into our world…

“These early letters showcased Elizabeth’s proficiency in classical and contemporary languages at an early age. By age twelve, Elizabeth was able to write capably in Italian, French, and Latin.”  ~David Booth

“The image of Queen Elizabeth I was carefully and meticulously crafted to present an authoritative and strong feminine figure in a world dominated by men. Literature, portraits, plays, speeches, and prayers alike fashioned Elizabeth Tudor into a Goddess on earth, most frequently the virginal Diana, the Greco-Roman goddess of the moon and the hunt.”
~David Booth

I grieve and dare not show my discontent;
I love, and yet am forced to seem to hate;
I do, yet dare not say I ever meant;
I seem stark mute, but inwardly do prate.
I am, and not; I freeze and yet am burned,
Since from myself another self I turned.
~from “Fair and Young” by Queen Elizabeth I

Her life as a virgin is a lie…

“And in the end this shall be for me sufficient: that a marble stone shall declare that a queen having reigned such a time, lived and died a virgin.” ~Queen Elizabeth I

She gives birth to Francis…

“Her unbending stern temper, strong in death, set the seal upon my future as on my past life, since her will was the law governing both. My own spirit alone does attest how potent for good or for ill the dicta of such a woman may be.” ~Francis Bacon

“…for in truth she is author and preserver of this, our being.” ~Francis Bacon

“…as my one true instructor dictates.” ~Francis Bacon

Francis reveals himself: an “angel in human form,” a “fallen angel”…

“While I do not intend to put my Heaven-bestowed powers on this plane, it is true that I have nothing in common with vulgar minds, that it is our wish to have our words heard, nor should it be thought vanity since it is not alone that I wish fame amongst humankind, in such things.” ~Francis Bacon

“… -I, who awed the gods of other lands, -…” ~Francis Bacon

And the foundation for a “New World Order” is laid…

For Dee, this was not magic, but religion-he supplicated himself to the angels totally. Kelley, though, was terrified of the spirits, considering them demons and constantly begging Dee to cease the sessions. Dee insisted on pushing ahead, overworking Kelley to exhaustion and keeping him virtually prisoner at Mortlake. The angels, for their part, detested Kelley, clocking immediately that he had previously engaged in demonic grimoire magic, and quickly became exasperated with both Dee and Kelley. Though Dee may have been the smartest member of the species, he was still perceived as an inconsequential gnat by the angelic hyperintelligences-particularly when Dee and Kelley began begging them for money (Kelley even asked if the angels could loan him money!). But for all of Dee and Kelley’s embarrassing lack of evolution, they would have to do, because the angels had a plan, and Dee and Kelley were on the hook.

Put simply, the angels wanted nothing less than a New World Order, run by divine principles, and proposed what must be one of the most dangerous ideas in Western history: A world religion, based on love and unity-a supra-Christianity or Terminal Monotheism which would not only reunite Catholicism and Protestantism but even Judaism and Islam into a fused whole; all made possible, of course, by the technology the angels had provided for direct individual contact with the spiritual agents of God instead of relying on terrestrial authority or scripture. Combined with the foundation Dee had already laid for a temporal New World Order under Elizabeth, this new religion would unite the souls of the entire globe, fusing all humanity into one State, and one Church, all directed by the angels themselves-the New Jerusalem.

So fervent were the angels that they commanded Dee and Kelley to present themselves to the court of Rudolf II, the Holy Roman Emperor, tell him he was possessed by demons, and command him to heed the angelic message. This was a death sentence-but Dee and Kelley, shockingly, made good on it. Rudolf ignored them, but the Papal nuncio did not, and plotted their destruction. The Church, it seems, took Dee and Kelley’s claims seriously-perhaps as a threat to their very existence. Humans talking to God without scriptural or institutional mediation was not on the menu.

~from “The Angelic Reformation: John Dee, Enochian Magick and the Occult Roots of Empire” by Jason Louv

(link) “A True and Faithful Relation of What passed for Yeers Between Dr. John Dee and Some Spirits” by Dr. John Dee

Magic/alchemy/the first chemists… the reign of Elizabeth I… chemistry had gone hand in hand with mind control and from the very beginning… the creation of and experimentation with mind-altering drugs which opened dimensions. Then you have the unsuspecting public – who are experimented upon by these scientists…

The whole thing appears to have really got going in the reign of Elizabeth I… and her spy John Dee who ended up in Prague… setting up his chemistry/alchemy lab at Prague Castle. ~blackrabbit


(click on image for larger view)

All our answers lie in the past.
The irony here is divine. From your spiritual perch, angels, wouldn’t you agree?
That which you created will destroy you.
And never did you think Macbeth would remember…

St. Columcille



~from “The Book of Kells”
All our answers lie in the past.

Lia Fail, Newport Tower, America

“Little is known of the early history of Ireland; and whatever is authentic, we have more from the history of other nations than from its own. We know that it was a bone of contention between various nations for many years; and that, for a long time, it was the scene of all manner of discord, arising from civil, as well as foreign distraction. We know, also, that during the eighth and ninth centuries, it was the seat of learning for all Europe; and that even one of its universities numbered more than seven thousand students; but from the beginning of the eleventh century, when Brian Boru was crowned king of the whole Island, we have an authentic history down to the present day.”

“Long prior to this, however, the Tuatha de Danaan brought with them from Scandinavia the Lia Fail, or stone of destiny, possessing the remarkable property of making a strange noise, and evincing great disturbance whenever a monarch of Ireland, of pure blood, was crowned. A prophecy (and on this depends our story) was attached to it, that whatever country possessed it, should be ruled over by a king of Irish descent, and enjoy uninterrupted success and prosperity. It was preserved at Cashel, where the kings were crowned upon it; subsequently was kept at the Hill of Tara, thence was carried to Scotland by an Irish prince, who succeeded to the crown of that country, and there was preserved till Edward the First conveyed it to England, and placed it under the seat of the coronation-chair of the kings. Such is the recorded history of this singular stone.”

Not believing the given history of the Lia Fail and that its prophecy was properly executed, our intrepid authors set upon an arduous and time-consuming trek in order to learn the truth of the stone’s history.

Weeks passed by in their travels as they embraced the aid of numerous mediums, none of whom could invoke the spirit of King Brian Boru, the source they wished to contact.

Exhausted after long, unsuccessful trials, and on the verge of abandoning their quest, the authors were joyously relieved when the great king appeared and revealed to them the true story of the Lia Fail.

“And thus his majesty commenced”:

‘You are well acquainted with the history of the Lia Fail, that remarkable stone on which I myself was crowned king of the royal domain of Ireland. You know that not long after my demise, it was taken to Scotland, and the popular belief is, that thence it was taken to England; and you yourselves have seen what you supposed to be it, under the chair in which the kings and queens of England are crowned at Westminster; but this is not so. The real history of the stone is this’:

‘In Scotland a civil war broke out, and a band of Irishmen, who had as their chief one of my own descendants, taking advantage of the disturbed state of the country, succeeded in exchanging for it a stone its counterpart in all external respects, and bearing their prize in safety to their native shores. They were not satisfied with this; and influenced by a desire, not only for the safety of the stone, but also that they might hold it in undisputed possession, they trusted themselves in a small vessel to the mercy of the winds and waves to waft them whithersoever they would. They bound their fate to the destiny of the Lia Fail, and dared and braved the elements.’

‘For weeks they sailed: at last the rocky shores of your own New-England hove in sight, and there they landed their precious cargo. Who built the Newport Tower, long before the discovery of America by the Spaniards? Yes: by them was that tower, the subject since of many speculations, built; and there for a number of years they lived; but fearing still for the safety of their stone, knowing that other and perhaps stronger bands of colonists might disturb them, they, having secured the friendship of the neighboring tribes of Indians, set off to the then, by white men, unexplored West.’

Newport Tower

‘For years they were virtually a nomadic tribe, like their copper-colored brethren; and wherever they sojourned they were received as beings of a superior race. At last, an increased and increasing band, they came to the Rocky Mountains. There, to this day, their descendants live. There, undisturbed as yet by the adventurous explorer, in peace and in quiet, guarding their stone, and worshipping their GOD after their ancient fashion, they have grown to a nation. Surrounded by a vast amphitheatre of hills, they know not of the outer world.’

‘And now I have done. I may not, I dare not unveil to your eyes the future. All that you sought, the verification of the prophecy, has been proved to you. Suffice it, that the Lia Fail is concealed in America. Suffice it, that its destiny is not yet fulfilled. Suffice it, that ye heed this, my parting counsel.’

‘My countrymen are now your countrymen and brothers. Let the bonds of amity, of faith, of friendship and truth, that have now so long existed between you, never be sundered.’

‘My blessing, and good night.’

~from (link) “The Lia Fail: or the Bryan Boru Dynasty,” by a New Contributor in The Knickerbocker, April 1858


Population pacification requires highly advanced knowledge of the nature of human consciousness at a sol, holotropic, genetic, neurological and characterological level. Each level in this hierarchical scheme, relating to human consciousness, requires the application of specific mind control methods that make use of traditional brain washing (isolation/terrorization/forced dependency/ indoctrination/sexual-social sublimation) supplemented with drug and electromagnetically induced mind pacification – some common mind control drugs being heroin, nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, aspartame, tranquilizer/antidepressant cocktails and food additives. White table salt (originally concocted for explosives manufacture) and lowered food nutritional levels will help contribute to the bodily chemical balance required for social stupefaction and pacification, as will fluoride. Microwave technology (obsolete) will interfere with neurological function in the 800 to 2000 megahertz range. If executed in small steps over a period of decades the social slide into a totalitarian federal police-state will not be noticed by the majority of the population. Those who do notice can be discredited now and purged later.

Utopia (the archetype of the collection of all of our natural vital impulses expressing themselves freely on a social scale) cannot be measured out and distributed from a detached and centralized authoritarian bureaucracy as substitute “Utopia,” without denying individual experience of real utopia as ecstasy. Police power cannot “form” a utopia. When you mechanically “de-fine” it and “enforce” it for everyone from an “external to individual experience” perspective, you kill it. A healthy citizen in a free republic need only be oneself and respect others’ rights to do the same. A “good” citizen in a totalitarian “utopia” becomes a killing machine with a substitute personality as a coat of armor and source of rationalization for murder.

The birth-rights of psychometry, bilocation, translocation, remote viewing, etheric and astral projection, physical alchemy, Unified Field driven technology, psychic archeology, fire walking, limb regeneration, life extension, intelligence increase, ecstatic experience, spontaneous healing, past life regression, future life progression and self-guided evolution can become common tools for enhancing human evolution on Earth as they are removed from exclusive centralized authoritarian control and allowed to develop naturally and freely in the public sphere in decentralized fashion, thus guaranteeing that this knowledge cannot be used to abuse and distort collective human evolution and bring about the death and destruction of our Earth mother.

~from “Subversive Intelligence Agency” (link-large file)

Ah, The Memories

Since the time when Mirdath, my Beautiful One, died and left me lonely in this world, I have visited in my dreams those places where in the womb of the Future she and I shall come together, and part, and again come together—breaking asunder most drearly in pain, and again re-uniting after strange ages, in solemn wonder.
~William Hope Hodgson

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages. At first, the infant,
Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms.
Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,
Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
Made to his mistress’ eyebrow. Then a soldier,
Full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard,
Jealous in honor, sudden and quick in quarrel,
Seeking the bubble reputation
Even in the cannon’s mouth. And then the justice,
In fair round belly with good capon lined,
With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,
Full of wise saws and modern instances;
And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts
Into the lean and slippered pantaloon,
With spectacles on nose and pouch on side;
His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide
For his shrunk shank, and his big manly voice,
Turning again toward childish treble, pipes
And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

~from “As You Like It” by William Shakespeare

Do you remember writing those words, Francis? Surely, you must.
Over the centuries, recycled again and again, we’ve had a grand time playing in your game, haven’t we? So many roles, so many lives, so much pain…
Soon, the curtain will fall on your grandiose production and a cast party should necessarily ensue.
I’m looking forward to seeing both of you there.
We have many things to discuss. Many things…


In sorrow we set words herein: we know not their fate nor ours in a future near or far, for we are in truth the luckless Prince of Wales, whom, alas, with no way of safe escape has taught, if it be not in hiding well our marvelous story, in order to communicate it to some distant friends, whose loyalty—to princes of a rank such as ours may serve, at God’s morn of abidance, as encouragement. By uniting many powers—such lofty endeavor for perfecting till knowledge that is in the world, joined also with a strife for the elevation, in all kingdoms under heaven, of this whole people—the Divine will or plan does perchance have full sway: for when mankind shall be given wisdom in so great fullness, idle courtiers may find no true use of subtle arts. We ourselves hate, with princely hatred, arts now exercised to keep the vanity of our regal parent [Queen Elizabeth I] glowing like fire, for God hath laid on that head a richer crown then this diadem upon her brow, yet will she not display it before all eyes. It is the rich crown of motherhood. Our true title is: Francis Bacon, Prince of Wales.

~from “The Bi-literal Cypher of Francis Bacon” (link) by Elizabeth Wells Gallup

Tehim Tober Oberon, Eusebius of Caesarea, King Clovis I, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Christian Rosencreutz, Joseph Justus Scaliger, Count of St.-Germain, Moses Mendelssohn, Adam Weishaupt, Henri de Saint-Simon, Jan Potocki, Giusseppe Mazzini, Frederic Aguste Bartholdi, Lord Randolph Churchill, Nikola Tesla, “Colonel” Edward M. House, G.I. Gurdjieff, Tsar Nicholas Romanov II, Christian Racovski, Nicholas Roerich, Józef Hieronim Retinger, Harry Hopkins, Clarence Kirschmann Streit…

“You’re going to say a lot, aren’t you?” Ceres said mischievously. “To them…”
“I will certainly do a lot of talking,” he confessed. “Yes, I will tell them all they want to know – reveal some secrets. Oh, there’s quite a lot to tell…”
“Which I’m sure you’ll do very well,” Ceres smiled. “As always.”
He laughed. “I could easily say too much.”
“Really?” Then she was laughing, too.
“It might be so much fun…”

~from “The Circle” by William J. Griffith

And it might not…
Imagine what awaits you, my brother and sister. Imagine what the Council has witnessed. Imagine the details and secrets within the tapestry of your centuries-old production laid bare for all to see. Imagine when shares of blame are delivered to their rightful recipients. Imagine the burden of what lies ahead for you. It will be heavy. Very, very heavy…

Fabricated Reality

STC 22302, title page

Welcome to Oberon and Titania’s A Midsommer Nights Dreame

  • Solar wind is soul power, normally invisible. Only seers able to see it.
  • Illuminati can make it visible.
  • Soul power magnetized away from sun, rains across and through Earth. Impacts a metal plate device or force field that immediately stops it.
  • Soul gas in concentrated form held at CERN.
  • Fragments of souls can be trapped by matter, clumped together and then concentrated by the illusion of matter.
  • When soul gas is highly concentrated it’s extremely dangerous and must be broken up or fragmented in some way.
  • Fragmented souls occupy the atmosphere as well as human bodies.
  • Lower soul energy, fragments of unenlightened souls cannot break through the illusion to escape. Remain trapped in bottles, rivers, lakes, wells, cemeteries, etc.
  • Soul alters can be implanted in inanimate objects: rocks, flasks, bottles, etc.
  • Souls have homing instinct after death. Illuminati prevent their escape and return home with HAARP, broadcast frequencies and chemtrails.
  • Souls do not die. They continue to reincarnate.
  • If neglected, they pull down the consciousness of everyone.
  • Templar Castle, Mons, France.
  • Royal Arch Freemasonry.
  • Britain is ruled by dissociative sociopaths in a cult: “The Royal Arch.”
  • British slave-trade started it and continues to this day.
  • British Illuminati did 9/11.
  • Royals/Templars and US military is the real war.
  • British Illuminati taking victims apart: mind, body, soul.
  • Main pedophile trade in UK run by royal family.
  • CIA has been aiding and abetting the British royal family to continue MK Ultra programming within Britain.
  • Ruling politburo of guardians selected by existing members. All guardians are mind-controlled from childhood.
  • Long ago, cryptocurrency system devised by Illuminati. Planned to be global currency exchange. Used by elite as hidden monetary system.
  • Most of British empire wealth given away to Norwegian monarchy. Cryptocurrency system used to transfer wealth.
  • Microchips created by aliens.
  • Vast populations of humans are microchipped slaves.
  • Humans microchipped in: teeth, bones, pineal gland, etc.
  • Microchipped humans are in every country, every religion and every ethnic group.
  • Controlled by global synthetic telepathic network using HAARP, satellites, etc.
  • Three pin plug fitted into humans.
  • Reverse engineering a microchip allows a hack of the network.
  • Robot humans with no consciousness, genetic robots, rotting vegetation within skulls, run by chip and plug, zombies.
  • Class of robot slaves with invisibility technology used as mercenary teams.
  • ISBN book numbers linked into massive database and used for programming mind control slaves.
  • We are living in the ill cult program.
  • Illuminati belief: human sacrifice, creation of golems and super-golems, “Sons of God.”
  • Illuminati have rotation system-every five years a slave gets kidnapped and put through torture and trauma again in order to suppress awakening and memories.
  • Once in, you have to fake your own death to get out. Old tradition.
  • Abortion rites performed by Illuminati are central and critical to the cult.
  • Eating the babies of “pink ladies” believed to bring heightened psi powers.
  • Controlling time means taking away memories of an event, a week or a year, by torture, trauma and brainwashing.
  • Semiotics: how popular culture is programmed. Images/jingles/rhymes/symbols used but are insane. Expose semiotics and you look insane. Alice in Wonderland.
  • Freemasonry is about deception, mind control, illusions and covert warfare.
  • Freemasonry is mind control.
  • CIA-controlled Arab leaders poured dysfunctional mind-controlled slaves from Arab countries into Palestine and their population flourished.
  • The entire Israel/Palestine conflict, from the very beginning, has been a total fabrication used as a global mind control trick.
  • Islamic people know more about mind control programming than anybody else.
  • Saudis have immense power upon the synthetic telepathic networks.
  • NWO is an old, old idea. Already exercised in Saudi Arabia.
  • Freemasonic Royal Institution, Society of Jesus, DARPA, Silicon Valley, neuroscientists: designed system to emit frequencies to target human brains.
  • Electronic grid weaponized/programmed with General Neural Simulation System (GENESIS).
  • Consists of HAARP, modern electronics, wireless frequencies, electrical substations, smart phones, smart meters and electrical transformers.
  • Enables frequencies to enter and alter brain physiology.
  • Comparable to artificial intelligence emitted out of electronic grid to secretly target minds/physiologies of people.
  • Royal and noble families have interface devices which plug into electronic grid and use synthetic telepathy to target victims.
  • Enhances witchcraft with technology to secretly harass people during their attempt to control world.
  • Frequencies and spells radiated by satellites that target humanity individually and as a whole.
  • “There is as much truth in darkness as in light”: FBI password.
  • MIB: CIA operated.
  • WikiLeaks was created by US intelligence.

Never again, my brother and sister. Never again…
Do you remember,the higher powers that watched within the spectrum of rainbow lights that shined above them”?
Have no doubt… you will.
Imagine our reunion with the Council. It will not go well for you. I assure you, it will not.

Margaretha von Waldeck

  • What if . . . the red pill difficult to swallow is that 1% have enormous power and control through unorthodox techniques?
  • What if . . . the control is real and not a conspiracy theory?
  • What if . . . control is expanded through exploitation of children?
  • What if . . . control can be achieved through tabula rasa?
  • What if . . . secret codes and triggers are transmitted through social media and Hollywood?
  • What if . . . mind control is actually achieved through severe, persistent and repeated exposure to trauma?
  • What if . . . people who have been programmed are walking among us and don’t even know they are programmed?
  • npc
  • What if . . . programming has been refined, improved, honed over decades or centuries and passed down to each succeeding generation?
  • What if . . . is no longer hypothetical. The threat is enormous, the challenge daunting.


To the incarnated watchers (angels in human form), evil ET races and dark forces: soon you will face divine justice. At that moment, how powerful will you be?

We shall see…


Awful is the great day of judgement at its dawning in the Netherworld. The soul stands naked in the Hall of Judgement, nothing can now be hidden. Hypocrisy is no avail; to maintain goodness when the soul reveals its own repulsiveness is futile. To mumble empty ritual is foolishness. To call upon gods who have no existence is a waste of time.

In the Hall of Judgement the wrongdoer is judged. On that day and henceforth his qualities shall form his food. His soul, soft as clay upon Earth, is hardened and set into shape according to its moulding. The balances are adjusted.

This is the fate of man. He must strive for that which he cannot attain. He must believe in that which he cannot prove. He must seek that which he cannot find. He must travel a road without knowing his destination. Only thus can the purpose of life be fulfilled.

Man may believe he knows his destiny, but he cannot be assured with certainty; in no other way can he fulfill it. In this way alone can his soul be properly awakened to flower with its full potential. This alone he may know: The purpose of all human life is a goal so glorious it surpasses all earthly understanding.

~from the “Scroll of Ramkat” within “The Kolbrin”

“There are no fakes in the Universal Peaceful Community.”
~Albert and the Celestial Sons

To the incarnated watchers (angels in human form): you’ve reached the threshold of the doors to the Hall…


Who is ‘they’? They is a cabal of malefactors joined together in the pursuit of self-interest. The thing about self-interest is that eventually it turns into every man and demon for himself and that will be coming along. Who they are is long term Deep State operatives, Zionist hegemonists, committed Satanists and various Materialists who are along for the ride in a relentless snatch and grab and of course, the military industrialists and ranking uniformed members who are actually part of the Deep State in any case but I wanted to mention them. They have an army of supporters who by default are in common interest bound; meaning, the social justice warriors and other Antifa monsters, programmed and programming, the sexual predators and culture morphers, members of the Academe, celebrities from all sorts of venues, the media and the various puppets that operate in the political theaters and every other enterprise that people rely on for one thing or another.

The manipulators are few in number but their influence becomes considerable when you add in all of these others, who assist in the proliferation of their ideology for personal profit. One of the most critical features of the war on humanity is the numbers of those who consciously and unconsciously support the awful progression of events taking place. Like cannon fodder, they don’t draft the game plans or give the orders. They just follow them. This does not make them any less dangerous and it is so much more likely that you will run across one of them rather than the ones who have brain washed or employed them. You pass them in the street all the time. They’re sitting in the pubs, should you frequent such places and shopping in the super markets and malls. They’re wearing Bermuda shorts and Levi’s. Sometimes they wear uniforms; everything from a waitress to a police officer and sometimes you find a human being. God knows, I am always looking. I find them more often than I used to, since I am more human than I used to be. They are as big a problem as the psychopaths that manipulate them through Fear and Desire. Losing that base of influence is, would be… and will be a death blow for them.

~ from (link) Las Vegas; the False Flag Waving and the Gonfalon of the Everlasting by Les Visible

All of the kids had been microchipped in the neck, as babies… the pediatrician in charge had found that one an easy job… undercover…

… they are simply machines… genetic robots with brains resembling ‘rotting vegetation’ within their skulls – run by chip and plug.

We are talking about vast populations of microchipped ‘slaves.’

We are also talking about different mafias, (be they intelligence agencies or independent mafias in the ‘private sector’) ill-programming their own new ‘recruits’ and also trying to poach ‘slaves’ from other mafias.

Some people appear to have much nastier microchips than others – microchips which completely control them… and they are put into you… the higher up you go within the ill cult…

For example, top programmers must have the worst microchips in their bodies… hence the ‘heart microchips’ put in as a ‘ploy’ in terms of ‘hole in the heart’ operations…

[… he knew precisely where he had been microchipped… he consistently pointed this out but nobody was listening… it was taken ‘further proof’ that he was mad…]

The ill cult know what it means when a person ‘starts hearing voices’… they have become attuned to the messages which were only supposed to be ‘read’ by their subconscious minds – yet are now entering their conscious minds. These people are not ‘mad’ and they are not suffering from a psychiatric illness. They are suffering from having been microchipped.

… and then suddenly she had an ‘attack of the voices’… and a psychiatrist was called in… she would stand in the middle of the room and tell whoever it was to ‘go away… I am not listening to you and I won’t do as you say’… she used to put her head down and put a hand up to it… as if she were trying to talk back to her ‘head’ in a way… to the microchip within it… it was as if she had an invisible ‘phone’ and somebody was speaking to her but she couldn’t get rid of the handset… she couldn’t put it down.…

… this is about microchipping and not psychiatric illness.

In a more technical sense – microchipped people are made to feel miserable – to generate negative brain energy – which was networked back to CERN in order to feed the generator with this particular type of energy – so that the Satanists could ‘blow a hole in the universe’ in order to go and attack and overpower G-d… (although they had no idea if they would actually find G-d on the other side or not…)

Research needs to be done into de-microchipping people… and stopping them being microchipped in the first place (a good place to start is dentistry…)

… at some point the press [media] will “out” microchipped teeth…

… and then start dealing with the reality of microchips that cannot be taken out… the one in your vertebrae is not removable…

… you have to destroy the equipment or else if you stop using it – a microchip within the mechanism ensures your heart attack… and a fatal one.


“One of the most critical features of the war on humanity is the numbers of those who consciously and unconsciously support the awful progression of events taking place.”

“We are talking about vast populations of microchipped ‘slaves.'”


Francis Bacon was Shakespeare. He himself revealed this to humanity. He chose not to reveal that he was an incarnated watcher or “angel in human form,” however, and that watchers are not human. (Watchers are sometimes characterized as “fallen angels” but they don’t like this description of themselves. They prefer “watchers.”)

The perception that Queen Elizabeth I was a virgin is completely false. She gave birth to four children in her lifetime. Francis Bacon was her first son, fathered by Robert Dudley. Francis was raised by Sir Nicholas Bacon, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal during Elizabeth’s reign.

For scholars, historians and students of Shakespearean literature, Queen Elizabeth as Francis Bacon’s mother and Francis Bacon as Shakespeare should make perfect sense. The two of them had a tempestuous relationship which included a great deal of bickering and sometimes open conflict. It was no secret in the English court that Elizabeth was the mother of Francis.

Francis Bacon was incredibly intelligent and exceedingly prolific as a writer and this is because watchers possess far greater knowledge and abilities than humans do. He used several names attached to his work and it was during Bacon’s life that the modern elements of the “new world order” started to take shape. He was its principal architect.

His own description: “The furtherance of our much cherished plan, keeps us heartened for our work, making hope, or wish even of immediate recognizance, of little consequence beside such possible renown as might be ours in a far off age through our invention.”

“Often was work, when in danger of too strict or careful note, divided, and but a part given forth at a time, e.g. some lately set forth in the name of Greene and Peele, or in this, a few years ago. Marlow is also a pen name employed before taking Wm. Shakspeare’s, as our masque or vizard…”

(From “The Bi-literal Cypher of Francis Bacon” by Elizabeth Wells Gallup. Note the correct spelling of “Shakspeare.”)

The “cherished plan” of which Bacon speaks was to emerge as the “new world order” in his future, our current time. He devoted many thousands of hours writing a very large number of texts and within these texts, he placed numerous ciphers and codes to be used in later years.

Unfortunately for humanity, however, Bacon’s agenda was a dark one. The ciphers and codes in Shakspearean literature, devised by Bacon and with evil intent, have been used, and are used to this day, for the purposes of mind control of humans.

Francis Bacon was Shakspeare. He was an incarnated watcher, a fallen angel, an angel in human form. He was not a “good guy.” He was a pederast. He was evil. His desire is to rule Earth as “Lord of Civilization.”

In one of the most grand of all deceptions ever conceived, Bacon has duped humanity into believing that he’s one of the greatest, if not the greatest, writers to have ever lived while simultaneously programming humanity with codes embedded within his works.

When the truth is revealed, when Bacon’s true agenda becomes known, when people finally learn that Shakspeare was not a human being but an entity attempting to become human, it’s then that the magnificent and majestic works he produced will find their proper place within the hearts and minds of those of us who actually exist as, and walk the path of, genuine human souls.

Francis Bacon was not human. He was a devil upon Earth.

To the incarnated watchers, the fallen angels: there is no escape. The scales await your arrival…